A. Time Mafia- Canceled cause not enough people joined.

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Well, I think that by the time I get sign ups for this and it moves up in the schedule I should have enough time for this. So this mafia is Adventure Time themed. It will also feature a couple roles I will create on the spot. I have enough for 28 roles

1. Nabber
2. Smasher
3. PTR
4. Pyro
5. Bop
6. BMB
7. FireEevee
8. Master Crash
9. Epic Nitwit
10. Quizmo
11. Soulmaster
12. Villain
13. Zeuzio
14. Lily
15. Yoshiwaker
16. PokemonMaster
17. Mij
18. CharizardLover
19. epicmario43
20. MG1
21. GS
22. LN1
23. Dry-Petey


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Re: Adventure Time Mafia

I hate this show but who the hell cares this'll be awesome anyway :bowser: :bowser:


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Re: Adventure Time Mafia

Take 4
Re: Adventure Time Mafia

Added you guys, and yes FE I do have a Marceline role, but you only have a 1 in 28 chance of getting it.


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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Re: Adventure Time Mafia

New Super Mario said:
Looks like I will need only 27 now.
1 in 27 chance of getting it now.

yessss at least the chances have increased a bit.


Re: Adventure Time Mafia (Sign Ups/Lounge)

I came here for Lily's mafia game, but I'll join this as well.
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