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Christian Weston Chandler is an egotistical manchild known for the webcomic Sonichu. He has an extremely warped view of the world, even for autistics. He thinks that Sonichu is an ultra-popular franchise, when in reality he's the only person who likes it. He's racist, homophobic, and a complete asshole.

It all started in 1993, when Chris won a contest about Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog. Chris entered other contests, and his ego grew and grew and grew. In 2000, he started drawing Sonichu, and began inserting people who he felt had wronged him into the comic as villains. He quickly became a popular target for trolls, but he continued to think that Sonichu was popular. He is now the target of many a snark on 4chan. Read about him here:


doing whatever since 2011
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Ultraluigi said:
He has an extremely warped view of the world, even for autistics.
Yeah, he makes us look like total *bleep*s.
You're an autistic?

What do you think he meant by "us"? He was obviously saying he and other people suffering from Asperger's.

Ultraluigi, did you JUST NOW discover the internet or something?

PS: Good job linking to a wiki that shows pictures of CWC's private parts.
I knew about this guy for ages, but I didn't discover this forum until December. And the pictures of his genitalia are because he he's obsessed with them.