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Game just ended yesterday, however, still had this planned before we even thought of Awesome Mafia. Everything is basically ready, so why hold off?

Skyward Sword Mafia will feature new and old tactics. New roles will not be as abundant as AM was, but there will be some. Hidden abilities will be a factor in this game as well, but characters will know ahead of time what it is and when it will be triggered. There are some game concepts I'm debating over still, but will alter how players play before.

There is much to look forward to, as well as roles to look foward to! Also, the more people that sign-up, the more roles that can be introduced.

P.S. - To those that went into spirit of changing their names/avatars/signatures to do with something Majora's Mask, you'll be getting a special bonus with something in this game. Don't know what yet, but you will.

Sign-ups -
1. FireEevee (uraniumUmbreon)
2. Bop1996 (Magus)
3. Pokemon Trainer Red
4. New Super Mario
5. Smashie Smasher
6. Nabber (Viceroy Bubbles von Salamancer)
7. Marioguy1
8. LuigiNo.1 (Shoop da Whoop)
9. QuizmoManiac
10. Epic Nitwit
11. Dragonfreak
12. Ralphfan (Sharks Territory)
13. Crackin (Monkey D. Luffy)
14. Lily
15. New Super Yoshi
16. Gamefreak75
17. Crash (apocalypseArisen)
18. Goomba's Shoe (Matlock)
19. Yoshi123
20. Propeller Toad
21. Mijzelffan
22. Villain11
23. Toad85 (Peter Sam)
24. MrConcreteDonkey (Godot)
25. Pyro
26. UltraMario
27. MarioBros777
28. Yoshiwaker (Yoshiwalker)
29. Soulmaster
30. Mario4Ever
31. PokemonMaster (Dex Holder)

* YoshiDude99
* Dry-Petey (Gallade)

BMB Edit: Space below for MG1's red eye-sore of a color complaints.


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Re: Skyward Sword Mafia

First! FE beat me to it :mad:....

Make me the Clawshots. I'll do anything to be the Clawshots.


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Re: Skyward Sword Mafia

why not


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Re: Skyward Sword Mafia

I'm not missing out on this


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Re: Skyward Sword Mafia

I'll try even though I never played it. Actually the only Zelda game I've played is Wind Waker :p


Re: Skyward Sword Mafia

I'm only signing up for this because BMB's a good host. Nothing more.
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