A good ammount of time ago, maybe even a year or 2, there was a part called "User Brawl"

Are there any plans on bringing that back? It was my favourite part by far (No offense) but then it got taken out.

I did manage to get into the final battle (I came 2nd) but I really did love reading them.

I'm gonna guess the answers no, but I'd just like to ask.
Oh :/ Oh well, like I said, I did manage to compete in it once which is good enough, but it was a very nice edition.


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Sounds odd...what was that, exactly?
It was where 4 Users put in a form (Like Super Smash Bros.) with their special attacks, stats and strategy and weaknesses. Then you give a win theme, a character picture & a Stage idea. The one I was in had Monteyaga, FunkyK, Cmario17 & Myself battling in Luigi's mansion.

It was good fun reading it as well as making my character. I came second :D And I had the lowest stats (What I thought was balanced, my average stats was 6, while the rest were 7 or 8) and still did tons. Too bad FunkyK beat me.

It was in like, forever ago, I went back and read it a while ago. Was still really good.