I just beat __

DragonFreak said:
Midna said:
DragonFreak said:
Chrono Trigger.

It took me 20 and a half years to play and beat this but

that was one hell of a game!

Please tell me you're doing new game+

please please please
Maybe someday.


Spiderman (2000) for PS1.

Was talking about it with MK and I haven't played it in like a decade so I decided that it was time to play it again. I completely forgot the ending, which, after experiencing THE HELL that is was, it's probably because I repressed it.

I still love this game.
Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

The game…

It did it…

When I thought my love for Chiaki could not become greater… The game… It did it… It made me love her even more, and I don't even understand what happened. I don't understand this feeling. What I do understand is that Chiaki Nanami, by all definitions of every word contained in the particular string of vernacular I am about to employ, literally did nothing wrong and is a complete saint.

I love Chiaki! She is the best! I want to build my own future!

I love Chiaki!
Pokemon Fire Red

I hate this game so much. >.<
DragonFreak said:
Final boss of Terraria on Expert mode with Meta Knight.

We used cheap tactics and it felt great.

It wasn't cheap, it was using our resouces. If Moon Lord is going to fight dirty why should we fight fair
ok this game just blows earthbound right out of the water holy shit
graphics and sound are amazing by gba standards
I loved the sound battle mechanic (even though I couldn't use it right thanks to my emulator)
dialogue is really funny at times, does it better than earthbound
the locations were awesome, I loved the drug trip on tanetane island
characters were really allowed to develop here. I could really feel a connection to them

but that story...

hot motherfucking damn

that was the saddest story I've ever seen in a nintendo game
hinawa dying and flint raging afterwards made me shed a tear, and the final masked man battle... I wasn't ready for that. that was the first time a game legit made me cry.

all in all...
Mother 3 - 100/100

bravo, nintendo. bravo.
I just 1cced the first Silent Scope.

with a controller


(though I did turn up the brightness of the TV way up at one point, if that counts as cheating)
Tales of Symphonia

A couple of days ago, I need to go back and still do other stuff before doing a new game though.
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Finally for the first time in my life.
Bravely Second


that was just





(will post more thoughts soon concerning said game in le thread for said game)
Quell Reflect is a game I have beaten days ago. I think it builds up enough from the original Quell. Now going through Quell Memento, which introduces a lot of new elements where each of them defines one set of levels (16 each).

Thanks for reading.
9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

Man, this was probably one of the worst endings I could have gotten. Why did Clover have to get left behind? She is the best.
9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

I bet this is the most macabre ending the game has, since I can't imagine an ending worse than LITERALLY EVERYONE DYING. Still, it makes me curious about one thing: who is the murderer?
I finished Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition, but now there are the Hyper levels to tackle, which are harder versions of the normal levels.

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