Mario Generations?


what do you think it'd be like if nintendo did a game like sonic generations but for mario? would something like this have potential? it would be a good way to celebrate all the characters of mario. thoughts, ideas?
Personally I think that Super Mario 3D Land is the Mario series equivalent of Sonic Generations.
No actually that's a 3D version of classic Mario. In a Mario Generations you'd have Modern Mario platforming in 3D, Classic Mario would be platforming in 2D.

Also classic Mario probably would look like this:

uh, if there is really this game, I think the characters should be in bitmaps, like what in Party 8 = =

both Mario and Sonic try to make sequels to their traditional games (Sonic 4-II?)
but I don't know if Sonic can give a good example for Mario
It would be cool. There could be SM64 and Galaxy levels for Modern Mario and SMB and SMB3 levels for CLassic Marrio
Nintendo really shouldn't be copying Sega's ideas if the company doesn't want to get sued. But I guess the best way to depict Classic Mario and Modern Mario is to swap their shirt and overall colors. And of course, the modern Mario is thinner than his classic counterpart.


I think that SM3DL is the "Mario Generations" you would be talking about. But to make an actual Mario Generations would be ripping off SEGA's idea, and Nintendo has already remade some levels. Sonic Generations is to celebrate 20 years of Sonic, and Nintendo doesn't seem to celebrate Mario's anniversary much. (At least, not that I know of.) The only exeption that I've seen is Mario's 25th, and even then the only official 25th thing they did was a port of an old game to the Wii.
It would work but like Nitwit said, it's ripping off Sega's idea's.
MnSG said:
Nintendo really shouldn't be copying Sega's ideas if the company doesn't want to get sued. But I guess the best way to depict Classic Mario and Modern Mario is to swap their shirt and overall colors. And of course, the modern Mario is thinner than his classic counterpart.
uhm.... I thought the classic Mario should be bitmap or something
the first Sonic is just as what he was in the "first" main game Sonic 1

the present designs of Mario is significantly different from the old SMB
as the staff only do improvements in present portraits (just like Sonic)
Not only is it kind of a rip-off if they did that I don't think it works as well as with Sonic. Yes there's technially a Classic Mario but even then the ages still don't look very different between the 2. Classic Mario at least in the artwork is slightly pudgy but that's about it so there's no need for 2 different Marios. Sonic actually had a cutoff enough for a Classic and Modern version since Modern Sonic first appeared in Sonic Adventure and on that was enough of a drastic change to think up a Classic and Modern Sonic. Also Mario games had alot of levels. While I suppose it would be nice to see some classic levels turned into 3D platforming like Super Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy style... I don't know something about "World 1-1" (Considering there's technially alot of World 1-1's in the Mario series) doesn't sound exactly like a tile while in Sonic Generations stuff like Green Hill Zone or Speed Highway does work.

And yeah the 3DS game coming up is sort of that albeit I don't think there will be any classic levels anyway.
I think it has no potential because unlike Sonic, Mario hasn't really changed over the years. There's no divide between classic Mario and new Mario, there was no "good period" and "bad period" like there was with Sonic. Mario's managed to make the jump into 3D with flying colors, and there have been plenty of games that have called-back to the original 2D games, but don't feel the need to go all-out, like with Sonic.

Also, this is probably silly to mention, but people APPARENTLY think that Sonic shouldn't have long legs, green eyes, or a slim figure, and should look more like how he originally looked. Mario, on the other hand, has always looked like how he does now, save for some minor clothes changes.

As for the whole generational thing, as in and older/younger deal, they already did that with Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
yeah, if nintendo actually made a "mario generations", it would be a ripoff of what sega did, so i don't think they would ever actually create it.

but with the rich history of the mario series, having a game like sonic generations would be very fun. just speaking purely hypothetically, what kind of characters do you guys think they should bring back? what levels would they bring back if they made it?

there are many characters in mario who have had big changes over the years, like donkey kong, peach and candy kong. what kind of interactions could old characters have with new characters? and what bosses from throughout the series would it be cool to see again?

yeah, there isn't really a "quality gap" like with sonic that makes a big different between old and new sonic games, but i feel more like it would be cool to see the forgotten elements of many mario games touched upon again, like sonic generations does.
In the regards of seeing classic worlds and stages re-visited, in both 2D and 3D, yeah, I could TOTALLY get behind that kind of game!
We already have a game kinda like Sonic Generations, story and character wise (not focusing on gameplay). It's Mario & Luigi Partners in Time.
Considering they´re now friendly rivals, I don´t think ripping Sega´s idea would be bad, just like Sega did to Mario Kart with all stars racing.

Also, Sonic Generations is a tribute to the whole franchise, which ignores any "bad era vs good era" fight of sorts. The series is a staple of the industry and it has been overly bashed despite some mishaps like the obvious unfinishing of Sonic 2006, which deserved criticism, but not to the point of the whole series turning into the internet´s punching bag. Sega was just smart to turn people´s desires into a single entity, which is classic Sonic, who looks and acts as the embodiment of the oldie´s nostalgia goggles and incapacity to accept any changes at all, rather than how he actually was (just look at how badass he was in Sonic 2 and 3, and how Mickey mouse like he is in Generations). The result is that they made an awesome game and lured haters and oldies in with classic Sonic, and punched them in the face with an awesome game (I´ve read contless examples of this in many forums).

By the same logic, a Mario generations would be just a tribute to the whole series, which wouldn´t imply any separation or bad eras. Besides, while nowhere near to the extent of Sonic, there ARE some Mario fans who are stuck in 2-D games. Not everyone cana dapt to 3d gameplay, and I´m not only refering to forums or the internet: I know some cases personally, who were gamers back then and simply aren´t interested in the more modern and advanced games, so they prefer their games simple as they were back then. That would give a reason for "classic Mario", which would play in NSMB style 2-d stages, while modern Mario would play in 3d just like in the galaxy or 3d land games.

Of course it´s NOT going to happen as Nintendo has it´s own plans but it would be fun if they actually did it and there´s no harm in daydreaming a bit, isn´t it?

If we follow Sonic Generations struture, it would be 3 worlds with 12 or so stages, and 2 bosses (1 rival and 1 mandatory boss) per era. My list:

Classic era (NES-SNES)

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom (SMB1 and Lost Levels)
World 2: Subcon (Doki Doki Panic, SMB2)
World 3: Dinosaur Island (SMW)
Boss 1: Wart
Boss 2: Classic Bowser, SMB3 battle with maybe some gimmick on to shake things a little.

Obviously, in this era, both boss fights would be fought as classic Mario

First 3d era (N64- early GC)

World 4: Any world from SM64 (maybe rainbow road, to have a sky level?)
World 5: Yoshi´s book (Yoshi´s story). This gives the chance for a lot of different levels under a single world (remember, in Sonic Generations, it´s 12 levels per world: 1 mandatory act for each Sonic, and then 10 extra stages per world)
World 6: Any place from the first Paper Mario (maybe the crystal palace?)

From this place, technically every boss should be fought by modern Mario, but since this is the middle era, let´s give one boss each to balance things. So:

Boss 3: Captain Syrup and mecha goom (technically this is a Wario boss, but again, following Sonic Generations logic, Sonic goes through Radical highway in the 3ds version, which was a Shadow stage, yet they counted it too). This boss would be fought by classic Mario.

Boss 4: King Boo. Again, it´s a Luigi boss as it would represent Luigi´s mansion (albeit Mario fought him too in Sunshine and SM64 DS). Modern Mario boss.

Modern era (Wii-DS):

World 7: Gusty Garden Galaxy (SMG 1)
World 8: Toxic forest ( world 5 of NSMB Wii, and this could be the Mario equivalent for planet wisp)
World 9: Any suitable place from SMG2, like Melty Monster, Bowser´s last stage, or even grandmaster galaxy.

Boss 1: Fawful
Boss 2: Giant modern Bowser (SMG2)

And also, there would be the final boss which would be any Mario equivalent for time eater.
Epic Nitwit said:
How about Sunshine? And Super Mario World?

I know but there could be unlockable world with their own set of 12 stages, something that wasn´t on generations. Or maybe referencing them any way or another. I made the list just to show that the idea isn´t that far-fecthed and could be possible. Also, I didn´t put a Sunshine level but I DID put a SMW level.

Unless you´re not replying to me XD
I was just thinking about something like this in school on Friday.

I'll give the idea for my version. Rate, please.

Overview/Hub World:
There would be a total of 120 Power Stars to collect in total, 15 of which could be found in the Hub world (Peach's Castle), 5 of those 15 could be purchased with Blue Coins. The Castle would be larger than it was in SM64; featuring a Toad Town shopping plaza where you could buy items, alternate outfits, and Blue Coin Power Stars (kinda like Omochao's Shop in SG, but larger and deeper). The Castle (bar Toad Town) are in 3D.

There would be 11 worlds in total, with 9 levels in each (4 2D levels, 4 3D levels, and a boss), plus a Star Road when you defeat the game, with 5 levels (2 2D levels, 2 3D levels, and a Boss).

World: Boss:
SMB1/SMB:LL: Mushroom Kingdom (A.k.a. World 1) Bowser
SMB2: Subcon (A.k.a. World 1) Wart
SMB3: Desert Hill Morton Koopa Jr.
SML: Easton Tatanga
SMW: Vanilla Dome Reznor/Koopa Clown Car (2-part boss)
SM64: Tick Tock Clock Bowser in the Fire Sea
SMS: Ricco Harbour Gooper Blooper
NSMB/NSMBW: World 5/3 (Insert Witty Name here) Petey Piranha
SMG: The Bedroom (Gusty Garden, Freezeflame, Honeyclimb) Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
SMG2: World 4 (Supermassive, Flipsville, Starshine Beach) Bowser's Gravity Gauntlet
SM3DL: TBD (it isn't out yet, duh) TBD
SMGen: Final Boss Level (Needs better name) Bowser
SMGen: Star Road (Any ideas?)

(Note: Any item can be made universal by buying it through the Toad Shop.)

Super Mushroom (Makes Mario able to take 1 free hit; Available in all levels; 2D & 3D)
Fire Flower (Makes Mario able to throw fireballs; Available in all levels except 64 and Sunshine; 2D & 3D)
1-UP Mushroom (Gives Mario an extra life; Available in all levels; 2D & 3D)
Star (Makes Mario invincible; Available in all levels; 2D & 3D)
Life Mushroom (Restors all of Mario's health; Available in all levels; 3D only)
Vegetable (Able to be thrown at enemies; SMB2 only; 2D & 3D)
Racoon Suit (Gives Mario a Tail Whip ability; SMB3 only; 2D & 3D)
Tanooki Suit (Racoon Suit + Statue ability; SMB3 and SM3DL only; 2D only)
Hammer Suit (Makes Mario able to throw hammers; SMB3 only; 3D only)
Cape Feather (Same as Racoon Suit; SMW and SM64 only; 2D & 3D)
3-UP Moon (Gives Mario 3 extra lives; SMW only; 2D only)
Wing Cap (Gives Mario flying ability; SM64 and SMG only; 3D only)
Metal Cap (Turns Mario into Metal Mario; SM64 only; 2D only)
Ice Flower (Mario can throw Ice Balls; NSMB and SMG1 only; 2D & 3D)
Mini Mushroom (Makes Mario tiny; NSMB only; 2D only)
Bee Mushroom (Gives Mario wings and limited flight; SMG1 and SM3DL only, 2D & 3D)
Propeller Mushroom (Gives Mario limited flight; NSMB only, 2D only)
Cloud Flower (Mario can produce platforms; SMS and SMG2 only, 2D & 3D)
Yoshi (What do you expect?; SMW, SMS, NSMB and SMG2 only; 2D & 3D)
F.L.U.D.D. (Plays as in SMS, but can be lost if water runs out or if struck by enemy; SMS only; 2D & 3D)


In 2D mode, Mario plays just as he does in SMW. No Ground Pound, no Wall Jump, etc. Mario can do a Spin Jump, however. One hit kills, as always, unless you have a power-up.

In 3D mode, Mario plays just as he does as of SM64. Mario can do a Star Spin in SMG and SMG2 3D levels, but only then. Mario has 6 health in total, and if Mario loses all of them, he dies.


In 2D levels, the music is represented in full 8-bit glory. Nothing is added that could not be performed with an NES's capabilities. In 3D levels, a full (or partial, depending on the level) orchestra a la SMG performs the level theme.

Like my ideas?