List of Alignments/Roles

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Some FAQ's - such as "How many people should be Mafia?" or "How do I know if what roles I have are good?" - are commonly said by hosts both new and veterans. This page's sole purpose to supply those hosts with information that can might be unsure about. The categories below are key elements found in a mafia game, as well as a basic structure for how the game will turn out. It is advised that all hosts check this list before starting their own mafia game.

Alignments ~
The alignments are one of the key factors within the game. Everyone player shall be given an side. Whether knowing each other or not, get the ability of nightkills, or simply voting depends on what side you are on, as well as how the host organizes it. How they vote and use their powers is influenced by their alignment.

List of Alignments:
Innocent -
  • Commonly known as the Villagers; considered the good side as well.
  • Have no recollection/knowledge of each other.
  • In order to win, they must kill of all the mafia.
  • Only means of killing - excluding powers - is through voting during the day.
  • At nighttime, players can use their powers [if available].
Mason -
  • Usually innocent-sided, though not always.
  • Have recollection/knowledge of each other.
  • To win, they must kill of all the mafia/innocents.
  • They can vote during the day, and perform night actions.
Third Party/Independent -
  • Neutral/separate alignment; sometimes can convert to innocent/mafia.
  • Usually no recollection/knowledge of each other.
  • Generally, to win, they must survive to the end.
  • Able to vote during the day and perform night actions.
Mafia -
  • Also known as Werewolf in certain games; refered also as the bad side.
  • Have complete recollection/knowledge of one another.
  • Usually, they must be ≥ a fourth of the innocent population.
  • To win, they must [excluding certain situations] equal or outnumber the innocents remaining.
  • Can vote during the day; can perform night actions.
  • Mafia also sent out a nightkill each and over night.
* Please note that certain rules can be modified to fit the hosts' perferences.
Roles ~
Also known as powers, role enable players to take effect in the game. As with alignments, roles are a key driving force in a mafia game. Many powers will affect either another player, another alignment, or themselves postively/negatively.

List of Roles:
Common -
Cop - Allows player to check someone's role.
Doctor/Medic - Allows player to protect someone.
Necromancer/Reviver - Allows player to revive someone.
Roleblocker - Allows player to stop someone from using their role.
Vigilante - Allows player to instantly kill another player.
Granny - Allows player to kill someone if that someone checks on them.
Bomber - Allows player to kill someone when they are killed.
Godfather - Leader of the mafia; makes player appear innocent under cop checks.
Normal/Vanilla - Player has no powers to be used.

Semi-Common -
Hypnotist/Redirector - Player redirects power of one player to another.
Jinx - Allows a player to "corrupt" other player's roles.
Miller - Makes player appear mafia under cop checks.
Bulletproof - Allows player to survive one attack.
Bodyguard - Has to be killed first in order to kill another person.
Public Speaker - Player has their votes count double.
Martyr - Player sacrifices their lives for someone else.
Watcher - Player finds out a player that had powers used on them.
Tracker - Player finds out who a player used their powers on.
Jailer - Allows player to protect someone but prevents that player from using their power.
Yakuza - Can convert one player for their own life.
Disciplined - Player is unable to vote until certain they clear certain requirements.

Semi-Uncommon -
Silencer/Quieter - Player prevents another player from having their vote count next day.
Copycat - Player can copy someone's role for a (un)limited time.
Medium - Allows player to give dead player ability to vote.
Power Bestower - Gives another player a role of their choice.
Understudy - Allows player to gain a specific player's role after they die.
Drunk - Player's vote don't count.
Insane Cop - Checks someone and will be the opposite of what it really is.
Converter - Enables player to switch alignment of another player.

Uncommon -
Lantern Holder - When killed, sends next day phase to have votes hidden.
Oracle - When killed, will reveal the role of the player that killed them to everyone.
Gallis - Player survives lynch via majority against then, but dies via minority against them.
Salesman - Player is able to sell items to other players.
Shopkeeper - Player is able to buy and sell items to any player.
Wealthy - Player has infinite money to use.
Donor - Gives player money every night.
Lawyer - Player is able to change another player's vote.
Wish Granter - Player is able to perform the actions of a player's desire.
Whisperer - Able to give all innocents a valuable hint.

Rare -
Fairy - Player is able to allow another player to use their power no matter what.
Pyro - Player can turn an entire night phase into a day-esque phase.
Cryo Player can turn an entire day phase into a night-esque phase.
Hydro - Player is immune to Pyro, Cryo, Terra, and Atmo.
Terra - Player can cause select players to use night actions during the day.
Atmo - Player can cause select players to use day actions during the night.
Tattle Tell - Player reveals a false rumor by the mafia that seems correct for the first phase.
Actor/Actress - Player is able to redirect a player's power onto him/herself.

Overpowering -
Princess - When killed, one phase is skipped in the game.
Time Traveler - Can send the phase back one phase, undoing whatever was done.
Lover - If one player that is a lover dies, the other dies at the same time.
Jester/Fool - Wins the game if they are killed.
Traitor - Ex-mafia player; "mafia spy".
Unlynchable - Player cannot be lynched.
Pitiful - Allows player to be spared from Lynch once.
Jack-of-all-trades - Allows player to have multiple roles.
Auto-reviver - Player is able to revive themself after they die.
Phantom - Player can perform actions in the game while still being considered dead.
Con-artist - Player is able to avoid being lynched and kill someone else instead.

Variated -
Sturdy - Allows player to survive vigilante/Granny.
Double Trouble - Player has two lives; when one life is lost, mafia get to have an extra nightkill.
Countdown Public Speaker - Player's votes count is high, but count less each phase.
Randomizer - Every time the player uses their power, a different outcome will take effect.
Old Coot – Granny that has a high chance of killing the wrong player by accident.

*Please note that the duration and strength of the power depends on the host's decision.
*Please also note that some roles fit into other categories as well.

This thread will be locked to prevent any agruments that could start up about what is/isn't on the list. If you feel that there were some roles/alignments listed that you feel should/shouldn't be up there, please contact a Mafia Hosts Guild member via Private Message or Chat so that it can be discussed if it should be added to the list. Please note before confronting a member to understand that some roles/alignments are renames of some of the roles above, or combinations of roles together, or are still being added by mafia members.
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