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Sticky this please.

How to play.

It goes like this.
The innocents are the main team but don't know who each other are so they may end up "killing" their teamates. They're goal is is to kill off the mafia. Mafia must disguise themselves as innocents for a easy win.

Mafia is the other party. Mafia goal is to kill the innocents to a certain number and they win. They have exclusive roles such as Yukaza which can turn an innocent into mafia but only once. Godfatjers can kill someone each night by PMing them who they wish to kill through a list.

Roleblockers can roleblock (prevent other users from using there powers that night.) a user by sending a list as well. Thge first one unprotected that night on the list is killed. Cops can see someone's allaince. Grannys can kill themselves to kill someone if they've visited them that night. Independent's roles are different each time.

Bombers can kill someone if they're killed. All roles are used at "night" by PMing the host.

Public Speakers are special they're vote counts twice. Hypnotists can change someone role usage that night and redirect it. They always specify the user's name.

Votes are used to kill off users by lynching them. You merely bold the name and vote saying Vote: (Insert name here) If one user has the most votes they die and it reveals they're role. Revivers can revive a dead person allowing them to vote and use roles again.

Doctors protect users from dying that night by specifying the person they would like to protect. Fools are independents who try to get themselves killed to win.

Inspired innocents are users who can inherit the role of an innocent who dies.

BTW, "killing" is just a way to stop users from voting and using roles. It doesn't truly mean death.
DO NOT copy and paste your role. You can role claim however. (Claim what your role is) I learned that the hard way.....


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All this is is just a list of common roles and what they do. Role PMs should have those anyways.

(And WE were going to make a role list! :mad:)

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Hey, I played my first mafia game and I killed the godfather Night 2, so this can't be that hard.

Or maybe I just got lucky. Or maybe the godfather was stupid or something. No offense, BMB, but you were pretty incriminating from my objective POV.


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The purpose of this group is to provide Mafia Hosts a place to be able to discuss several ideas for games with each other, to ask for help, and to help enforce several global game policies to promote a good environment for other users' games to take place.

Membership of the Guild is restricted to those who meet the requirements laid out in the application form. Those who do not meet the requirements may not join. Those who do meet the requirements can apply, but as membership is not compulsory, a host doesn't necessarily have to join the Guild. Those hosts that do decide to join must submit an application and be approved by the members of the Guild (a few exceptions being those who were invited to join at the time of the group's creation).

The Guild may collectively decide how to punish a rule-breaker. If a user commits minor offenses in a game or two, then the host(s) of the game(s) may decide to kick the user out of their game(s). If a rule-breaker, however, is constantly breaking the rules of many games or commits major offenses (such as sabotaging a host's game), then the Guild can decide to blacklist that player from all Mafia games and remove their access to the Mafia board.

The members of the Guild will also agree upon and enforce a schedule for Mafia games, and will also review and either accept or deny ideas for Mafia games. This is to ensure that only good Mafia games are scheduled and so that the games scheduled will not all interfere with each other all at once. They can decide whether multiple games will run at once and also determine any changes in the schedule.

Here is the application form for those hosts who are interested in joining. The form must be filled out completely and be sent to the Mafia Hosts Guild Ambassador, Xzealia Exdementia, who will post your application up in the staff board for the members of the Guild to review.

Application Form said:
Please note that even if you meet the requirements mentioned in this application, the Mafia Hosts Guild still has the right to deny your application! When reviewing applications, we also consider your past actions in the community and if you're an overall good member and have the Mafia hosting skills that a Guild member should have. Thank you!

As a member of the Mafia Hosts Guild, one must generally abide by the rules laid out by the host in a game and the rules of the forum in general. Do you promise to uphold these values?

Members of the Guild must have participated in at least five Mafia games before joining, and must have participated in at least three different hosts' games. Please list all Mafia games on this forum that you have participated in and their respective host.
I don't see a guide in there. Perhaps an experienced player could create a separate thread...
The Guild's sole purpose isn't to act as a monitor. The Guild also helps further improve every mafia player with their playing and/or hosting skills.

As I said before, many of the members of the Mafia Hosts guild - have been working quite hard on the lists to help improve both hosting skills and playing skills for people. I plan to post the list someone in the next few hours to the next few days.

I'm sorry PM, but once the list has been posted, we are going to sticky that one over this.
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