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Thank you based god
'Shroom Awards II will be held here in about 2 hours! These awards will showcase the best of our site's newspaper.

Schedule (all times Eastern, UTC-4):
4:35 - Intro - Tucayo
4:40 - S1, Favorite Director - Plumber
4:45 - S4, Favorite Sub-Team Director - Yoshiwaker
4:50 - S3, Favorite Sub-Team - PyroGuy6
4:55 - S8, Favorite Retro Issue - FireKirby
5:00 - S7, Favorite New Writer - MrConcreteDonkey
5:05 - S2, Favorite Sub-Director - FireKirby
5:10 - S5, Favorite Event - QuizmoManiac
5:15 - S9, Favorite Recent Issue - FireKirby
5:20 - S6, Favorite Veteran Writer - Count Bonsula
5:25 - S10, Favorite Section - Super Mario Bros.

Host: Tucayo

You can post general comments here while we wait for the ceremony to begin.


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can't wait for this to start :)
I might be able to make it...probably not though

Paper Yoshi

Jonny Boy
I simply can't miss this. At all.


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We're next, so get ready....

because this...




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5 minutes till the intro
This is fun.
EDIT: Nearly 1,000 posts! :)


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Yoshiwalker said:





Okay just start it now :D
Impatient little *bleep*.


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I'm never going to miss one until I retire.


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Please welcome your host for the 2nd ‘Shroom Awards, Tucayo!

Thank you.
*More applause*
Thank you, thank you.
*Even more applause*
Ok, enough with the applause FX.


It’s great to be back hosting the 2nd ‘Shroom Awards, it seems like it was last year when we decided these would be created. And don’t tell me it was a year, because it was about a year and 3 months. This time of year is great in the MarioWiki, especially since it’s the only time of year we get to see Steve. Just kidding, Steve; you know I appreciate you.

Many things have changed since last year’s awards. The main difference is that I grew wings and that I am now retired, which leaves me with the doubt of why I am here.

Now, talking about the awards themselves, they have changed too. The first years of growth are the most important for babies. And awards. Yeah. This year we have 10 awards, which is the double of what we had past year (For those of you who suck at math, there were 5 last year), a number likely to increase in the following years (unless it doesn’t, which would be plain stupid) seeing the HUGE success the ‘Shroom Awards have been. Really, when I tried to sign up to present no spots remained. Kudos to SMB for getting all the presenters so quickly. What changed this year, you may ask. 3 awards stayed the same, Favorite Director, Sub-Team and Section ; 2 awards were split into 4 (asexual reproduction if you want to call it that way) Favorite Writer was split into Favorite New and Favorite Veteran Writer (being on the veterans makes me feel old) and Favorite Issue was equally split into Retro and New Issue (Retro being before Stooby and me, and New being from us until now). And 3 brand-new awards; Favorite Sub-Director, Sub-Team Director and Sub Event.

And of course, the growth in the awards number reflects on the ginormous growth the ‘Shroom has had. Back from when the ‘Shroom was created in July 2006 by HK47, until July’s 2011 issue, directed by SMB, there have been 7 Directors, 4 Sub-Directors, 7 Editors-in-Chief, 1 Stats Manager, 1 Affiliates Manager, 16 Sub-Team Directors, 54 Issues, 3 Special Issues (including 1 surprise issue), 134 Writers, 1,384 Sections (530 Main and 854 Sub-Team), 397 gallons of gasoline used… And counting. All those numbers are real, I swear it. Ok, perhaps I made up the gasoline one, but the rest are real, I counted all of them myself. Which made me realize 5 fingers on each hand is WAY too few…

Before you fall asleep in your seats with all those numbers, let’s get this started. We have a great show, I am here! And we have Favorite Director presented by Plumber in 5 minutes; so stick around, we’ll be right back!
*Fade out, commercial break*

Plumber will open ‘Shroom Awards II with S1, Favorite Sub-Director in five minutes!
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