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Thank you based god
Thanks to all the presenters who have signed up for the awards. In the next couple days, I will send out the results to the presenters.

Once you receive your results, you have until August 5th to complete your presentations and send them in to me. Do not send them to anyone else, just PM them to me. I will take care of the rest.

Your presentations must be done by August 5th at the latest so they can be proofread and copies can be given out to all the organizers of the show who need to have copies ready.

You may not share the results to the awards you are presenting with ANYONE. I cannot stress the importance of this.

If you want to include any other user in your presentation(s), you MUST ask them for permission.

Lateness will not be tolerated at all. If you do not have them in on August 5th by noon PDT (UTC-7), your presentations will be turned over to a backup presenter unless you have a legitimate excuse. Trust me, you do not want to have one of these excuses, most of them are very tragic. If you cannot complete all your presentations on time, tell us beforehand. You better have a good reason. Saying “I don’t feel like doing them” or “I didn’t think it would be this hard” or any of that will not work and you will be punished by being banned from presenting in future years and possibly being banned from other awards-related activities.

That being said, don’t turn in a crappy presentation either. A short presentation is perfectly OK if it is thorough or funny. You can also have an extremely lengthy presentation where no effort was put in at all is also not OK. We are judging these by quality, not quantity. A brief sprite comic or script can be just as good as a playable game or hand-drawn piece of art if done well. We have never had this problem before and I don’t expect us to have it happen at all this year. Backup presenters may not do such a great job on any backup presentations because they are a bit rushed to do them. They can disregard most of this paragraph. All presenters, including backups, should work to use good spelling and grammar. Not everyone here grew up speaking English, but I trust that all the presenters will spell-check to make sure everything looks nice.

The message that includes your results will also include the time that they will be presented on August 12. This will allow you to tell us if you will be available to post your own awards or if we will need to do it for you. We have a very strict schedule to stick to and if you say you will be able to present but end up late, it will be posted for you by whoever is hosting that segment of the ceremony. If you do not post your presentation within two minutes of the scheduled time, it will be posted for you. It sounds harsh, but if we were to allow more time, the show would run very late. If your presentation ends up taking more than five minutes to read or watch, time will be allotted so that all the users can fully enjoy it.

Once you have sent me your presentation, I will send you back a spell-checked and proofread version. Consider that as a final draft. Do not post your original presentation you send me, post the one I send back to you. The content won’t be changed at all, just the grammar and spelling, and it will include the official result table as well as a notice for the person who will post next.

There will be more than enough people with copies of your presentations in case you can’t post them (things come up like having to take out the trash or whatever, and not being able to post your presentation is perfectly fine). I will have a copy, as will SMB and whoever is hosting that segment of the show (we are still finalizing who is hosting each segment; Tucayo will host the ‘Shroom Awards and I will be hosting a segment as well).

Now that I’ve put all of these things out there for you to worry about, remember that all you have to do is put a bit of effort into your presentation and get them in on time. Punctuality is extremely important and it will get you a long way in life. Some of the things I said may sound scary, but if you get your presentations done now and not at the last minute, it won’t be a problem at all.

Thanks again to all the people who have signed up to present, and thanks in advance for working so hard on your presentations. This will be a great ceremony, and it wouldn’t be so great without all of the individual presenters working on this. You are all doing a great job representing the best the Super Mario Wiki has to offer.

(August 5th!)


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centaursTesticle said:
If you want to include any other user in your presentation(s), you MUST ask them for permission.
Ummmmm, I was finalizing my presentation and making sure it corresponded with the rules, when I noticed this. What if we're doing a Userpedia Award?

Do we have to ask all of those users? Considering Son of Suns was on the ballet for my award, I don't really think I can ask permission from all the users in my presentation...
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