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And I still haven't found, what I'm looking for.
Well, by the time this game gets all the players it needs and makes it to the top of the que I should be finished balancing it. Taking place 5 years after XzMafia 2, everyone is once again invited to the mansion estate recently purchased by the Exdementia Family.

Dear Reader,

You are cordially invited to my mansion estate to attend a ceremony in honor of your great achievements and are implored to stay overnight and

enjoy festivities the next day. You will be accompanied by nineteen other people I deemed worthy of coming, so I do hope that you can make it. Just

sign below and send your intentions to me. I will be looking forward to all of you going.


Xzealio Exdementia

Sign Ups
0 ) Xzealio
1 ) Shyguy
2 ) Ninji
3 ) LilyX
4 ) Pokemon Master
5 ) Yoshiwalker
6 ) NSY
7 ) Smasher
8 ) NSM
9 ) MCD
10) Ralph
11) Pyro Guy
12) Quizmo
13) Garlic
14) Superchao
15) Stooben
16) Mijzelffan
17) MG1
18) FireKirby
19) Gamefreak
20) BMB
20.) Nabber

Here is what you need to know,
1 ) Do not send lists unless your role specifically says lists.
2 ) Basic mafia rules apply.
3 ) If you are doing kills, you have the option to say how the kill will be carried out.
4 ) 3.14 is still in play.
5 ) Previous game events are still game for using.
6 ) There is no fool.
7 ) If you are being lynched, you have the right to ask for a specific death.
8 ) If I think of anything more I will add it.
9 ) If you want to vote no lynch, you must type out NO LYNCH.


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Cool, last spot I think?
Nope, missed the 20 people part.
Maybe I will actually win this time, instead of losing in the last phase.

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Of cawse


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Busy Hypnotising Pokemon


Busy Hypnotising Pokemon
yeah, that's what it meant
this is a re-sign up
i did a good job covering up the fact that i forgot i already signed up here
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