Mario Kart Wii discussion

Nevermind, posted on the wrong topic...

Related to this topic, I haven't unlocked all the characters yet. Challenging stuff, and I read in the guide book that by doing a certain number of races (or playing the game a certain number of times), you unlock characters.
I unlocked him in the end, took me forever to unlock them.
WaLuIgIpInBaLl said:
Well I have to tell my MKW addict cousins how to unlock them instead of them figuring it out themselves/ :mad:
Well I kinda had to use the wiki for some stuff but I got Rosalina ok.
Paper Bowser said:
Yeah. Hey I wonder if you would unlock Rosalina if you had an SMG2 save file but not an SMG one.

Doubtful, since SMG2 was released after Mario Kart Wii.