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Which three galaxies do you want to remove from A13, Favorite Galaxy?

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Thank you based god
It is really ridiculous that it has taken this long to deal with this.

For the last month, we have been dealing with a new award, Favorite Galaxy. We have been deliberating over which galaxies to include for a total of three-plus hours during meetings. This is absolutely fucking ridiculous. I don't see why we can't just pick a reasonable number of the absolute best galaxies, vote on them and go with those. It should have maybe taken one hour. But something has gone on with the committee this year, and I'm not sure what it is. This view is not just coming from me. I have talked to other members of the committee who have also agreed that this is fucking ridiculous.

First, we had people thinking "oh there are too many good ones to choose from let's just nominate all of them durr durr." Then we had some who said it's unfair to the levels that don't get picked and that we should just have a write-in box. However, Polldaddy does not feature polls that consist of just a write-in box, and other poll websites have been nowhere near as good, and I am not paying $200 to get that feature. We pick what we perceive as the best nominees and then we have a write-in box for the rest. Not too hard, right? However, this has taken way too long, and I will take some of the blame for this. I haven't been able to attend every meeting and I haven't done the best job facilitating things, and Gamefreak, turb and SMB have done a great job in my absence. It's still completely stupid that we can't just pick 6-12 nominees and be done with it. I'm really sick of the way the process has gone this year. It's ridiculous that we need this poll in the first place. And while the process hasn't been as extensive for other polls, we went for a ridiculous amount of time debating Favorite MK Course as well. It's just unacceptable.

I love doing this, I really do, but the meetings just haven't been going as well this year. I hope that from here on out, we can be a more functional and productive committee, which will make things more fun for everyone. First of all, once the committee has said no to an idea, shut up about it. Please. Not to single anyone out, but a few weeks ago Mason kept suggesting something and we kept saying no and it kept going. Tonight, NSM kept talking about going to 15 UP Awards after we all said no again and again and again. I hate to single anyone out, and it's nothing personal against you guys, but I'm just using you as examples. Other people have done it as well.

Also, please stop asking for a link to the GoogleDoc. It is called FULL LIST 5. You should have accessed it enough times that typing FULL LIST 5 in the URL bar should bring it up. It's also in the topic and it's linked to all over the forums. You could also just bookmark it. Another thing that has been irritating people are interruptions. People have often been going off-topic or changing the subject while someone is trying to make a point. We do have the ability to carry multiple conversations at the same time (say turb and Smasher are making cases for two different nominees to be added, they can say those at the same time since we are all capable of comprehending them). However, interrupting with something off-topic is seriously annoying and inappropriate.

I think one of the reasons some of you guys are having a bit of trouble with the whole process is that I wasn't very thorough in my explanation (though I tried to be). I highly suggest to all of you that you read through the old Awards boards (not just the ceremonies but some of the other stuff) and hopefully looking at it will help you understand a bit more about how the meeting process works. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of direct examples of what a good, productive and enjoyable meeting looks like because most of the meetings in the first couple years were private and there are no logs around. I will try to indicate more of what is a good discussion and what should be avoided during a meeting. Some of the conversations that Gamefreak, turb, tb, BMB and 22 were having about Locations and Underwhelming Bosses were great examples of how these meetings should go.

To avoid confusion, THIS is the board I was talking about reading.

I am sorry for raging at all of you and slamming you unexpectedly with this giant letter, but I and many other members of the committee feel that this is a problem we need to address. Thanks for staying on board through all of this and I hope to see you all at next week's meeting.

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