Sonic Generations

Pinkie Pie said:
Northern Verve said:
Pinkie Pie said:
Exactly my point. I was expectin' Emerald Coast or Windy Valley.

I personally would of preferred Lost World
That level was a pain in the neck fer' meh. :C.

MrConcreteDonkey said:
That level was awesome. But I love Speed Highway anyway, so I'm okay.

Yeah Lost World is just one of those levels I would of liked to have been remade in this game but not necessary. But imagine what Sega could do to reimagine that level, it being an ancient temple and all. Also the music upgraded to the standards of Video Game music nowadays would be AWESOME.

Also UltraMario you may have got your wish for Emerald Coast.... Though it's on the 3DS

I'd love to see how they're going to handle Classic Sonic's version of Emerald Coast.
Well, Imma not be able to play as much PS3 anyway, as my bro plays it more. I kinda like Sonic Rush's (More like Rush Adventures playstyle) so I'm pretty excited still. :].
It looks like Sonic Rush 4 is on it's way.
There was three before:
Sonic Rush
Sonic Rush Adventure
Sonic Colors (DS)
Paper Bowser said:
Sonic Rush looks good but I don't have it. I've seen a cool screenshot of Sonic hanging from a Crane from it.

Sounds like you've seen Altitude Limit. Decent design, but all the pits and ways to die cheaply make it a pain to pass through.

Also, go read a Sonic Generations Manga book.
The Archie comics? I love those. :]. On topic: I wonder what DLC levels there will be besides Casino Night Zone.
I meant Classic Sonic on the 3DS. Modern Sonic looks perteh cool on the 3DS though. Classic Sonic on the PS3 is pretteh epic.