Pikmin Mafia Lounge!

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Hello NSM here. Yes yet again I am planning a mafia. Also here is a rule:

1. I will not be accepting sign-ups, I will be sending people PM's to join. Reason? I don't have that many roles and don't want a first-come first serve kind of thing.

So, if I invite you, your name will appear below:

1. Villain11
2. Mij
3. BMB
4. Quizmo
5. MCD
6. MG1
7. Stooben
8. Zero777
9. BBY
10. GF75
11. Yoshiwaker
12. Smasher

Extras, for modkills:
1. Rocker64

EDIT: I just invited 5 people so we'll see what happens to the list

EDIT:Villain has been added


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Re: Pikmin Mafia

I wonder who those last legendary spots will go to :eek:
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