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Mario Fan 123

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Welcome! This is the new, epic

Everything is not so ready yet, so please wait and sign up while everything gets done. I copied some things from the Rules section, but whatever.

My first Mafia game! Anyways, this is based in the portable puzzle series made by Level-5, Professor Layton. It stars the arqueology professor Hershel Layton and his "apprendice" Luke Triton, going to strange places and solving all types of puzzles. Now, let's begin.

1. Every player will vote during the day for who they want to kill.
2. Dead players, go to the lounge. If you DARE desrespect this rule, I might cut you in little pieces and serve you as sushi to the other users.
3. Every night, the "mafia" will have their list of orthodox number 4 for who they want to kill. First unaffected dies.
4. Game ends when the mafia equal or out-talent the innocents or when the mafia are destroyed.
5. During the night phase, "innocents" will talk via PM's. "Mafia" will talk via chat (I'm not saying which type of chat ;))
6. No directly quoting your role, as I loosened my anger on that now. You indeed CAN roleclaim.
7. Day phases will end WHEN I SAY and Night phases will end at 10pm Brazil time (don't ask...) I may end it early in some days, however.
8. The game begins when all 20 sign up spaces are filled up.
9. I'm ALWAYS and EVERYTIME right.
10. Any questions? Please go see rule number 9.

1. SpinyMaster347
2. YoshiWaker (twinArmageddons)
3. QuizmoManiac (carcinoGenecist)
4. New Super Mario (Awards Comitee Guy NSM)
5. Mijzelffan
6. Diddy_is_the_monkey
7. Starr
8. Zero777
9. PokemonMaster
10. MG1
11. BaseballYoshi24 (Quokka)
12. Villain11 (Villain)

Enjoy and have fun! :)
Mario Fan 123 said:
9. I am always right.
10. If am I wrong, refer to rule #9.
Hey hey hey, those are my mafia rule gimmick that I do!!!! You can't just go on and steal other people's ideas. It seems you do that quiet often with me...

Mario Fan 123

I'm Mario's crazy fan!
I added everyone who is playing for now, guys!

BMB, sorry for that. Uh, I didn't got lots of ideas, but I'll take that down anyways. :P You playing?

And to everybody, sorry for the delay. It was night here when you posted. But for now, we just need to wait more people to sign up.


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Hey, you skipped me on the list! And Diddy too!

Mario Fan 123

I'm Mario's crazy fan!
Awards Committee Guy NSM said:
MarioGuy1 said:

EDIT: I added the game to the schedule like you to do.
I lol'd when I looked at the schedule.
I just said 'Professor Layton Mafia, please?' in the notify to the moderator message. Now, MG1, you already banned me on Userpedia, so don't make me go mad again.
Just wanna be your friend, geez.

Anyways, I added everyone for now.

Mario Fan 123

I'm Mario's crazy fan!
carcinoGeneticist said:
I just asked him to stop and be my friend... And sorry if I made you mad for that, MG1. :-\

EDIT: Villain joined via PM.


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If I recall correctly, I was the main opposition to the ban, so I object to the comment "you banned me".

And the report post button is not a joke, it's not there so you can play around with it. If you want something on the schedule changed, PM me or another admin; don't abuse buttons.

EDIT: And also,

Mario Fan 123 said:
No, MarioGuy1. That\'s just not better. Now, PLEASE, could you add my Mafia name with a normal letter size? Thanks.
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