Very huge fanfiction: New Littlest Super Mario and New Super Mario


I'm Chivi-chivik M@ngaka!

I'm new here, and this is my first topic :) (if you read this some months later, I'll not be new then. But it will be the first I put here).
I'm showing you my very loved art of my Mario fan-fiction series:

New Littlest Super Mario and New Super Mario!!

I'll begin with the oldest: New Littlest Super Mario:

This series is about Mario when he was going to school (I call him Little Mario there). Here it's shown just when he has 10 until 12 (Mario summary: some details of other drawings of Little Mario and his friends).
He lives a lot of adventures (as always, but more interesting), he meets and makes a lot of friends (Here, Little Mario and friends (including Original characters* made by me)in halloween disguises), but always with a funny and prankster behaviour (Here Little Mario bothering his brother).

Now the newest and the most familiar: New Super Mario:

This shows more than Mario rescuing Peach (It's almost not seen), this shows more adventures and fun things of this lovely plumber and his friends. (Something funny with Daisy.)
But then, after a whole year, It's known that a group of very known Mario Villains begin to live together in the Mushroom World (The Villains Group, this selected group of villains (including 2 Original Characters of mine. Ah! and the Koopalings and King Boo (forgotten here. sorry) in this drawing are missing. They are not so important in this group (except for King Boo), sorry koopaling fans!)). But they don't cause any problem: they join to the fun! Now they behave well (sometimes) and have fun with Mario and Co.

This is the stuff I show for the moment. If this goes well, I'll sow you more things. (If you can't wait, visit my art and stories here, and search NLSM and NSM folders).
enjoy ;)

*Orginal Characters (OC): if you don't know what they are, they are unofficial characters created by you for other creations. They are also charas made by you under your copyright.