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Ok, I have the urge to host a new mafia game to redeem myself after my last one. Basically, I am taking a bunch of random characters and celebrities (sorry SM347, it sounds really similar, but I've been planning this) and creating a game out of them. Some roles are custom made for the celebrity/character, others are random. Also, ALL ROLES ARE COMPLETELY RANDOMIZED, SO DO NOT GET OUT EXPERIENCED PLAYERS BECAUSE THEY HAVE GOOD ROLES!

Also, since there have been fewer and fewer sign-ups, I will only need twelve sign-ups.

If you sign up, you MUST be active. I don't want a repeat of last game.

1. QuizmoManiac (with a space between Quizmo and Maniac)
2. Ralphan (Sharks Territory)
3. SpinyMaster347
4. Rocker64
5. New Super Mario (NSM)
6. Yoshiwaker
7. MrConcreteDonkey (Grand Wheelie)
8. BaseballYoshi24 (Same, but basketball instead)
9. Stooben Rooben (Ren Hoek)
10. Mijzelffan
11. Gamefreak75 (adiosToreador)
12. Zero777 (Nina Einstein)
13. Marioguy1 (Chorus)

If I get more than 12, the most active users will be on the list.


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Quizmo Maniac said:
I'm gonna be active ;)
Your sig is awesome!

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Man, I was planning on hosting a game like this too, lol. I had the perfect role worked out for Beetlejuice. Anyway, I'm game.
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