Is any one else tired of the Luigi better than Mario talk?

I've reached a point where I have gotten tired of hearing how much better luigi apparently is than Mario. And that Luigi should have more games and blah. :rolleyes: I have to say that yes Luigi is a great character and so is Mario just as much. I love them both. Think about this if there was no Mario do you think there would be a luigi. No. And if there was no luigi do you think mario would be as successful as he is today. Probably not. The point is that they are a team a great one at that. They will always be a team. (or at least i hope so :-\) Its that brotherly bond that drives them to do things for good things. And thats what makes the games great. I just hope that no one loses sight of that they are great as a team. Cause that is what really started it all. ;) :mario: :luigi:
I´m pretty much tired of it, yes. Not to mention that with all the "Luigi is a loser" jokes, he gets a crapload of screentime and even some character development whenever he overcomes his fears, whereas there are other truly ignored characters (coughWaluigicough) that don´t get the least bit of appreciation.
I'm also tired of it.
Both of them are great, even if they don't talk, I enjoyed a lot playing Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, there was awesome moves, but I get stuck and never played it again hehe
Luigi is a coward.
He was a cross-dresser in the comics.*
He was a cross-dresser in MLSS.
He claimed to be a cross-dresser in PMTTYD.
Star Door scene in MLPIT... no comment.

But to tell you the truth, he has A LOT more personality than Mario (in the games at least.) Mario is typically silent.

This is why Wario is better than both of them.

*The comics may or may not be canonical.
They're both awesome.

~Easier to control
~I like red better than green
~His moustache is curly
~Started it all as Jumpman
~Not as talkative (which I think is better)

~Jumps higher
~He's taller :)
~Pretty funny at times
~I like his Fire Flower suit better than Mario's
~Better in Brawl

Of course, these are all my opinions. I happen to think they are about equal. Yes, I tend to play as Mario more, but that's only because I'm more comfortable with him.
I am tired. VERY tired.

Just because Mario is fatter and shorter and redder than Luigi doesn't mean he's automatically worse. Mario might have less personality, but at least he's still a happy guy.

BTW, I like playing as both.
I'm getting tired of it as well. I used to be all "Mario's way better than his useless brother" as a way to retaliate against Luigi fanboys/girls who called Mario "good-for-nothing". I still say Mario's better, but I've stopped hating Luigi and started using him more often in spin-offs.
My brother loves to argue this with me. His argument is usually "Mario's overrated!" Or "Luigi's underrated!" I think it's kinda funny.
The only thing I gotta say is that I prefer Luigi over Mario because...I really don't know why. He's always been in my side ever since I started playing video games and I liked both, but preferred Luigi. And no, I didn't prefer Luigi over Mario because Luigi was "neglected". Nowadays, I hate Mario, but I don't compare him to Luigi.
Luigi is my personality type, so I grew closer to him.
I still think Mario is great and probably like them almost equal