1. Tim Lockwood

    SpongeBob Roleplay

    All Roleplay rules apply. My only roleplay specific rule is: Only SpongeBob characters and OC’s only. French Narrator: Ah, the sea. A wonderful place known as Bikini Bottom is home to friends to you and me. Let’s check up on them, shall we? *A dark blue tiki head is next to a rock and a...
  2. The Green Knight

    Triple Strike Academy | Roleplay

    Peni: "Hi! I see you are new here. My name is Peni! The official digital Triple Strike Academy help assistant and guide! I hope you have a wonderful time here and you make the most of it! “Here at Triple Strike Academy, we would love you to make new friends and maybe enemies too!” *giggles*...
  3. Tim Lockwood

    The Mega Market

    If you would like to apply for a job at the market, please tell me in a PM. Follow all roleplay rules and guidelines and have fun! *A red Yoshi opens the double doors and goes into his office, he sits down and presses a button that turns on all the lights.* Yoshter: Ah, another day at The Mega...
  4. Delfino Plaza

    The Fireflower Fables

    The Rules: 1. Write the name of a character speaking next to their speech, ala Basic Rules and Guidelines. 2. No godmodding, op characters, railroading, so on, again just follow all the rules in the Basic Rules and Guidelines thread. 3. I'd prefer you use canon Mario characters, though I'm quite...
  5. Cat Rosalina

    Working at Kirby’s Café

    Rules are: 1. No violence (Harming a lot other people’s characters or killing them without his permission) 2. Only Kirby characters and OCs 3. Please do not godmod 5. Do not use other people’s characters List of claimed characters: Kirby, Waffle Dee, Dribleemon - @Yoshi the Yoshifan I’ll...
  6. Вlitz

    Mario’s House

    Rules: 1. You choose characters by using dashed. 2. You can do anything, The Mario Family and the House cannot be destroyed completely. Some parts CAN be destroyed, but not the full house (it can if the story requieres it). Mario CAN move, but only for needs in the story. 3. ABSOLUTELY. NO...
  7. Tim Lockwood

    Mega Man Roleplay

    This is a roleplay where you are Mega Man characters! Any character from all Mega Man media is allowed! Lets start. Mega Man: This is the end for you Wily!
  8. The Green Knight

    Staged Roleplay

    Hello! Welcome to Staged Roleplay. I decided to try my hand at hosting a Roleplay. Hopefully It will go better than all my other threads that no one liked. So, more than likely you have already done a Roleplay, but this will be different. The characters have already been set, and You can choose...
  9. Flint Lockwood

    The Altonia Files

    So, I'm in the Mushroom City Car Wash roleplay, and I thought it would be neat if I started a roleplay of my own. So, I'm thinking for this one, you must use characters of your own creation. No video game characters, movie characters, anything. Someone like Mr. Y from the Car Wash, I would say...
  10. London Parris

    White Lightning's Roleplay

    Welcome to my roleplay! The rules are: No harassing people. No godmodding. No stalking other users characters No arguing about plot arcs. Have fun! *Hilda, White Lightning, Tim Riley, Sarah, Flora, Felicia, Gordon Ramsay, and Charles III arrives in a new world* Hilda: Finally! I escaped...
  11. Tim Lockwood

    MightyMario’s Old Roleplay

    This is a roleplay based on video games, movies, and TV characters crossing over! (NO CAR WASH CHARACTERS) MOD EDIT: Banned users User Reason The Crowned Boo Continuous godmodding, despite being told to stop.
  12. Han Brolo

    Mushroom City Car Wash

    Rules: 1. Have the Character speaking next to their dialogue. (Edited rule) 2. If you have off-topic comments, use strike-through. like this 3. Don't have Luigi fired or the Car Wash closed or any of that. Without Luigi working at the car wash, there is no plot. There is only one exception. In...