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    How to Smash

    69 fighters. (Nice.) 69 episodes. (Nice.) Every week I’ll post a new episode! You have two days to vote, and I’ll give you four options per episode. (So yeah Mach Speed Mayhem but Smash) Also no DLCs will be included. (Sorry) Also, PLEASE understand that Yoshi and Ice Climbers won’t be so...
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    A project I’m working on. Maybe figure out the name?
  3. Вlitz

    Two Cats and a Mountain

    A small Celeste-inspired game made with Bloxels. I’ll post news and sneak peaks (pun intended) for my game regularly here. The demo is out! Play it here —> Demo
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    Super Smash Quest: The Shadow Crystal

    Details and release date coming January 17th, 2021! Super Smash Quest: The Shadow Crystal will be a massive RPG campaign spanning multiple dimensions, over 80 characters and an extensive story! Stay tuned for more info.
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    Like Metacritic but by Matz Lunne (hence the name Matzcritic) - - - Welcome to Matzcritic, where I review my Switch games! Games need to add the most points by fulfilling certain criteria: Gameplay - How the controls feel and how good is the gameplay overall. Presentation - How the game...
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    Blitz draws his doodles

    Draw-post, draw-post--it is the cycle of this thread. You can--not surprisingly--ask me to draw any crap and my artistic abilities will draw it the best I possibly can
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    Blitz shares his ideas for games and other things

    I’ll be sharing my stupid ideas for games and other crap and see how it goes. You can also ask me ideas about something. I will be your zen master and give you ideas. Anyone want a Luigi game? How about Super Luigi Land? - Story - Tatanga attacks the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario is knocked out in...
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    Play Smash with a Steve main (Arena info. on page 1)

    Play matches with me! I’ll usually use Mario, DK, and Mii Brawler, who are my mains. (Mainly Mii Brawler)
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    Matz Lunne’s YouTube channel

    I’m starting a YouTube channel! It’s not getting done until probably November/December, but I will start posting Smash gameplays with my brother. More info and exclusive content will be posted here too, alongside my videos. You can also comment about them here