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  1. Revin

    Lightning Mafia+: Game Thread - Endgame ~ uh oh its ENDLESS CHAOS

    Welcome to the game thread! For full explainers/refreshers of game mechanics, please refer to the Lounge. Rules There are two factions in this game, the Lawful and the Chaotic. The lawful win by lynching all the chaotic. The chaotic win by equaling or outnumbering the lawful. There are two...
  2. Revin

    Lightning Mafia+: Welcome to Chaos Town - Lounge

    Located near the coast, Chaos Town is home to a populace of citizens that go about their days happily and without much to worry about. Well, until now, that is... Hello, folks, and welcome to the 9th Mafia game I've attempted to host! This game will be a little different from normal, so please...