killing game

  1. Rohan Kishibe

    AKGO: The Tale of Circitus Island - Night 8+ - Sacrifice, For You

    Awards KG Odyssey: The Tale of Circitus Island A MYSTERIOUS TALE OF SURVIVAL AND DESTINY 🏝🪷 Important links Lounge thread - contains rules, and details on mechanics. Interactive map - shows the map and location descriptions Discord server - real-time discussions during the cases 🪪 NPC...
  2. Rohan Kishibe

    Awards Killing Game: Odyssey - Lounge (Replacements welcome! The game has begun!)

    THE GAME HAS BEGUN! View the opening here: The voyage of a lifetime, embarking on a starstruck adventure with a fateful comet. It bathes the sky a sinister crimson as it trails overhead; its gleam beckoning all towards the distant...