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  1. Xgouki

    Super Releasio 64 (cursed SM64 hack where everything is Toad) Basically: You play as what LOOKS like a normal Toad, but his movement is very janky and he accelerates past the game's allowed maximum speed, causing him to randomly hop into alternate dimensions. Every single texture in the game is replaced with...
  2. Xgouki

    Would you want to see a Smash Bros. edition of Monopoly Gamer?

    Given the format of the Super Mario and Mario Kart games, and considering that there are 70+ playable characters, I have a feeling that a Smash edition of Monopoly Gamer could make for an interesting collectible miniatures game of sorts. Granted, I haven't played Monopoly Gamer yet (I own a...
  3. Xgouki

    Does anyone have trouble deciding on a favorite Mario character?

    While sorting through my amiibo collection, I've had trouble deciding on a favorite Mario extended universe character out of several candidates. Other than Samus, Nintendo characters are like my children - I love them all and have so much trouble deciding which ones I love the best. Below are...
  4. Xgouki

    The Future of King K. Rool

    With the rave reception our beloved Kremling King got in SSBU, it's pretty clear that fans can't get enough of K. Rool. In the Metroid franchise, they started pushing Ridley because of his popularity (he was added to Samus Returns despite being absent from Metroid II), so do you think they'd do...
  5. Xgouki

    Peach's wedding dress hairstyle in Mario Odyssey?

    Hi, I might be cosplaying Wedding Peach down the line so does anyone have pictures of her hairstyle in Odyssey? From the looks of it, it's an updo of some kind but isn't the ponytail that she wears with some of her outfits. Thanks so much!