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    Virtual Boy

    Does anyone have a Virtual Boy or know someone who thought they were cool because they had one!? haha, I remember how lame they were. Major fail on Nintendo's part. hahah. --teamxxbowser, yay! :bowser:
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    How do you become a Moderator? What if a random person all of the sudden says that they're a moderator? I dont understand... --teamxxbowser(: :bowser:
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    Design an outfit for your favorite mario character

    Design an outfit for your favorite Mario character. You can describe the outfit or you can post a picture of it. I dont care what you do. I'm just into that kind of fan art.(: -hope to see/read some cool outfits! --bowsersbestie<3 :bowser:
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    Post an awesome Mario story (THE SIZE DOESNT MATTER)

    Havent read a good Mario story in a long time off this website so I put this topic up so people will post some new stories! the story can be funny (NOT RANDOM) or dramatic, i dont care, i lik them all.(: Requirements: --length of story doesnt matter. --has to be appropriate. --has to have...