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  1. Lily x

    Bluestacks problem on Mac

    When I try and open bluestacks app player on mac my mac restarts. I have no idea why it does this and can't find a solution online, does anyone know how to fix it?
  2. Lily x

    Lily Mafia: Signups/Lounge (7 spots left)

    Hi, since I am at a point when I can get involved in forum mafia again I have decided to host again Its going to be a mafia with roles as characters I like (so expect a ton of anime/video game 'husbandos') Its gonna be pretty standard mafia as I just want to host as its been a while I am...
  3. Lily x

    Love Live! School Idol Festival ID share and discussion

    I don't know if anyone else has this game, but I thought I would make a thread in case so people can post id's to add each other as friends and talk about the game List of ID's
  4. Lily x

    Internet errors

    recently my internet has been really inconsistent as sometimes pages won't load and images won't load The most common error which comes up is 'DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET' and I have tried looking online with how to fix it but I have no luck, as the internet is connected but the error still...
  5. Lily x

    help from anyone who understands japanese/has the japanese love live app

    on the japanese love live app i can't work out what a few achievements are asking me to do, as while i can guess most of them with these i am stumped so can someone help translate this one: The top on in this screenshot: and the bottom one in this screenshot:
  6. Lily x

    Windows 8.1 home screen icons not showing up

    On my laptop something has gone wrong with a loads of my applications and the homescreen apps (ie. skype, the news app, calender etc) I have no idea what has happened, on the homescreen they appear as empty boxes and when i try to open said apps it just gives me a blank screen and I have no idea...
  7. Lily x

    Yowamushi Pedal Mafia (Sign-ups/Lounge): 9 Cyclists Needed!

    Hi, while FEA Mafia is ongoing but coming to an end, I thought I would start my next game in the meantime, as I really feel like hosting more and I don't know how long this will take to get signups so might as well start now. The theme for this game is Yowamushi Pedal (as I am a trashcan who...
  8. Lily x

    Lily's cosplay

    Alright, this year I am going to some cons and as a part of it, I will be doing some cosplay. I will use this thread to post photos of my cosplay (both at home and at cons), please tell me what you think of my costumes. Also, to start the thread off, here is my Rin Matsuoka costume I wore last...
  9. Lily x

    Flash Actionscript 3: Can't access action panel for buttons

    I a trying to make a game in flash actionscript 3, and I cannot seem to add the script to a graphic which is converted to a button, as whenever I open the action panel when it is selected, instead of a space to add text this comes up: Can someone please help
  10. Lily x

    Fire Emblem Awakening Mafia: Era under the Fell Dragon- Plegia+ Glitchy Won!

    Yes, lets get this started Rules 1. No cheating 2. No revealing information after you die 3. No quoting role pm's or any other game related pm's 4. Lily will be in charge of the lounge during the day so send nightroles to her 5. Epic Nitwit will be in charge of the game thread in the day so...
  11. Lily x

    The 'Lily attempts to art' thread

    I know I used to draw a lot, and I don't so much now, but as of recent I have started to get back into drawing. For Christmas I am hopefully getting a graphics tablet, and I have promised myself I will start drawing a lot more regularly to practise at getting good at digital art, and I will use...
  12. Lily x

    Help! My forum has been hacked!

    Ok, I could be in deep shit. I go on my forum and apparently it has been hacked by the syrian electronic army. I have no idea what has happened and I am really scared at what could happen. Do you have any advice? EDIT: Ok, the message which comes up is 'you've been hacked by the syrian...
  13. Lily x

    Free! Mafia: Endgame- For the Future

    Here is the game thread for Free! mafia, I hope you are all ready Rules 1. No cheating 2. No revealing information after you die 3. No quoting role pm's or any other game related pm's and send all game related pm's and quicktopics to the host 4. No Lynches are allowed, but lose in a tie 5. To...
  14. Lily x

    Tables on smf

    I have seen people talk about the use of 'tables' to organise photos and text in posts and stuff on here, how do you use them/get them to work?
  15. Lily x

    Free! Mafia (Lounge): Now Serving Grilled Mackerel

    Hello it's me again. FEA mafia is still on track to happen, but as it needs another signup and possibly more replacements for people who have gone innactive, I thought I would host this smaller one in the meantime, plus I kind of need something to de-rust my hosting skills before I take on a big...
  16. Lily x

    Character's you think are overrated.

    Just say characters from games/books/films/tv/etc who you believe are overrated. Please try and keep your opinions civil though (ie. don't go into great detail in bashing a character just to piss someone off) As for me, I think Yoshi from Mario, Shadow the hedgehog, Levi from SNK (I like him a...
  17. Lily x

    Hurt and Heal: Free! Characters

    Hopefully the other free! watchers will join in I think I have all the named characters on here (add any if I forgot them and I included the guy who is due to appear in next weeks ep) Haruka Nanase: 21 Rin Matsuoka: 21 Makoto Tachibana: 20 Nagisa Hazuki: 20 Rei Ryugazaki: 20 Gou Matsuoka: 20...
  18. Lily x

    Ad banners appearing on screen

    Whenever I go on most sites, an unwanted ad banner appears at the side of the screen for some reason I had the issue on my old laptop to, does anyone know how they might have ended up on there.
  19. Lily x

    Lily Mafia (Signups/Lounge) [CANCELLED]

    Hi, it's me again. As you know I did try and do this before but I decided to go with a risky gimmick which nobody cared for which resulted in me cancelling. I have decided to try and do this again. However this time there the whole 'no reveal of roles on death' gimmick is gone, its not...
  20. Lily x

    My next mafia

    I don't know if this is the right place to do this but while I wait for nitwit to ready himself for FEA mafia, I thought I would get on with another solo mafia as I haven't done so. However, before I do so I thought I would ask you for opinions on the theme. I currently have two in mind, Lily...
  21. Lily x

    Fire Emblem: Awakening Mafia: Lounge- Ratings Up

    Hello Lords and Ladies. Welcome to Fire Emblem: Awakening mafia, which will be hosted by me. However, my solo one will be rebooted some other time and the other co-hosted one hasn't been prepared yet. I had loads of ideas for this one already and so decided to get this going. There will be some...
  22. Lily x

    I need ideas for what to draw!

    Recently, I have wanted to get back into arty stuff, like drawing. However, I have no idea where to start. That's why I want you guys to give me some/requests and ideas. The drawings will mainly be scanned pencil sketches but any really good ones might come in colour. Rules and regulations 1. I...
  23. Lily x

    My roster

    This is my first attempt at making one. Please don't get mad if the placement is all wrong on it as I haven't made one and I tried my best. Please comment but no being rude. If I missed anyone really obvious, please say so as if I did, it was an accident. EDIT: Added in ones I forgot as I am...
  24. Lily x

    Lily Mafia: Signups/Lounge (9 SPOTS LEFT)

    Lily’s Mafia Welcome to my next solo mafia. I know I mentioned by co-hosted mafia before so you may be confused to why I have made this game. Well, currently my Co-host has been busy and we have a lot of preperations to make and sort out, which will take time. As this is a big game and will take...
  25. Lily x

    Super Smash Bros Brawl Mafia: A Brighter Future- Innocents win

    Welcome to the game thread of SSBB Mafia, I hope you enjoy playing and if you have any questions, ask me or RY. Rules 1. No cheating 2. No revealing information after you die 3. No quoting role pm's or any other game related pm's 4. Lily will be in charge of the lounge during the day and the...
  26. Lily x

    Super Smash Bros Brawl Mafia: Lounge- Ratings!!!!

    Welcome to my next mafia! I know KIU is only just done but I might as well start sign ups for this. For this game, you can vote a theme. I know there are only three themes down right now, but I will be adding more based on ones you suggest, and I like, or ones I think up and add. I will also be...
  27. Lily x

    Kid Icarus: Uprising Mafia: Underworld Army win. Game Over.

    This is the game thread Rules in the lounge Player list 1. Rin Kagamine (Pokemon Trainer Rin Kagamine) Lolcrawler(Steve) 2. Epic Nitwit: Aurum troop, poser. Hung night 6. 3. Smasher: Chaos Kin, independant serial killer. Decapitated night 1 4. Nabber: Viridi, forces of nature roleblocker, god...
  28. Lily x

    Lily Troof: Ace Attorney (Case 2 Chapter 5 is up)

    Le shitty logo by moi Ok. I know I haven't had a great track record with user fics/ comics as most rot quickly. I will try not to make this the same as long as you co-operate. I mean, when I force something into my head (eg, my last two) I lose interest, but this one just came to me. It could...
  29. Lily x

    UBB Week 4 HOH: Mafia (Endgame)

    Welcome, this week will be a special challenge. EVERYONE will be partcipating. Basically, the HOH will be the MVP of the game. It will be a very basic mafia with basic rules. I do believe that all of you have played mafia. Roles will be sent out tonight. Roles will be characterless. Player list...
  30. Lily x

    Ipod help

    I have the software update avaiable on my ipod touch. You need 2.3GB free to update and I only have 500MB! I have tried deleting all the apps I don't use but I still have nowhere near enough! How can I make room?
  31. Lily x

    Image upload sites?

    Is it me or are they all really weird today, the sites are broken and there are a load of broken link avatars and stuff that worked fine before. Is anyone else having the same problem.
  32. Lily x

    Kid Icarus: Uprising Mafia- Stream of Souls (Lounge): MVP's have been announced

    As Promised, this will be based on the game Kid Icarus Uprising for 3DS. It will contain lots of roles. All Parties will be hidden at the begining of the game, however, I will tell you that innocents will be split into 3, two of which are normal innocent parties, the other a Mason party. When I...
  33. Lily x

    Ace Attorney

    Thete isn't an active thread for this so... Anyway, epic series, I cannot wait for more info on AA5.
  34. Lily x

    Song Summoner: The Unsung Mafia: *Insert Victory music here*

    MG1 said I could start it after Tuesday, I was a bit unsure weather to get it started but I did but if MG1 wants me to hold on I can lock it until he wants me to start it. Anyway Welcome, rules in the lounge and enjoy. Also those who level up using Pitch pearls refer to the list in the lounge 0...
  35. Lily x

    Lily's request thread. (Reopened)

    Hi, I'm taking requests for the following things Banners Avatars Recolours (Artwork not sprites) Please only request one at a time and I will make one for you a day so if you request one, I make it then you request another, the second will be made the next day and give as much detail as you can...
  36. Lily x

    Good news, bad news.

    Good news! I made this game Bad news! It might die. Basically, you have to turn good news into bad news then bad news into good news for example Cake is tasty > But it is not good for you > Carrot cake is healthy too > Chocolate cake tastes better etc. I start with good news Bananas are healthy
  37. Lily x


    [url=]SOOO HAPPY! This news just made my day <3!
  38. Lily x

    Vote to Win:Professor Layton: Finished, Dimitri Allen wins.

    Ok, I'm going to make one of these, I'm going to start with 50 contestant but might have more or less, add any characters, but try and get more main characters on the list before more minor ones. I'm going to add a few to start
  39. Lily x

    Have you been compared to a famous person/ character? (Are you a-look-a-like?)

    Just a question. I don't really look like anyone. However, someone recently said I looked like Rosalina.
  40. Lily x

    UBB 4: Nabber won!

    Same as the rest of the times, I'm making it so damn early to prevent anymore attempted steals. 14 signups, no cheating and teams will be sorted closer to the time. 1. Nabber 2. Vinnie: Evicted week 2 3. NSM: Evicted Week 9 4. Toad85 5. Reverenator: Evicted week 4 6. Yoshiwaker: Evicted week 5...
  41. Lily x

    Song Summoner: The Unsung Mafia- Hip-o-Drome(Lounge)- Serving wwhatevver

    Ok, I am hosting yet another mafia. Idealy, I would love 30 signups, no I am not mad as I will aim to get all 30 and maybe some replacements. This mafia will include some new roles and alignments and the concept of rating up, of which depending on your role you will have a differant condition to...
  42. Lily x


    Ok, rules are in the lounge Players 1.Fireevee: Bombed by quizmo day 4, was Ferrus the inspired innocent but had cop powers from Nabber. Hidden power meant he could find out roles of people who visited him but not the player. 2.Bop1996: Eaten alive night 2, was postman a normal innocent. Hidden...
  43. Lily x

    The Quest of the Wikimen

    I have decided to make a sprite comic, it will be about a group of people, thinking they are on an adventure game show, but in fact it is a trap set up by villains who try to sabotage our heroes, I will be the 'game show host.' I would like 7 main heroes and 4 villains then others can be minors...
  44. Lily x

    An idea for MKWU.

    I had a recent brainspark. I think that MKWU could be a double dash game. It would be simular to the original but have 12 racers a race and use wi-fi introduced in later games, character wise I was thinking... Mario and Luigi Peach and Daisy Wario and Waluigi Bowser and Bowser jr Baby Mario and...
  45. Lily x

    V2W: Lily's Favorite things edition: ROUND 1- Noodle vs Rose

    Ok, this edition is about characters I like, expect lots of homestuck, gorillaz, Zelda and MLP Ok, here are the first 5 rounds I plan to have ROUND 1 Noodle vs Rose ROUND 2 Rainbow Dash vs Dave ROUND 3 Link vs 2D ROUND 4 Gamzee Makara vs Happy mask salesman ROUND 5 Starla Galaxio vs...
  46. Lily x

    Count until someone who has/had a homestuck name posts

    Pretty self explanitry, count untill somebody who has a homestuck name currently or has in the past posts, fantrolls themes/names count. No toxbox, you don't count. Oh, I was both Lilyan and Rose so I cannot start >:D.
  47. Lily x

    GIMP help

    I suck at recolouring, advice?
  48. Lily x


    I got a book, by me, sitting next to me, its gonna be available to buy in a week or so YESSSSSSS!!!!!!
  49. Lily x

    Random Bumps

    It's really annoying me, why are people bumping long dead MJ topics that nobody has posted in for 2 years, people just say 'random bump' so they aren't even bumping for a reason, its really annoying me and can you PLEASE STOP!!!
  50. Lily x

    Weird and Weirder

    Ok, Its going to be some unrelated comics about me and Nabber, If you want a part, please sign up and post an image of your OC, the comics will be unrelated and a few users will be in each comic, the comics will have lots of meme faces and stupid and some rude humour. 1.OJ 2.Pokemon master...