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    Nightmare Fuel

    Apocalytic demons? Pthpt. I granted kids to Hell? oh please. Some people..... . Flurrie...... o.k, shes kinda creepy, though I odn't really hate her... Those little baby abductions, yeh that was weird.... Crocodile Isle, 100 % agreed.
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    Worst character in the Mario series

    Toadsworth: Replaced a beloved character that had been in the series sinxce SMB2. Can't do ANYTHING: he's not fast like Toad, not smart like E. Gadd..... Talks Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy worse than Toad does (Toad's voice is barely ever hears...... it was three friggin lines in one...
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    Worst character in the Mario series

    . . . :x :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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    Worst character in the Mario series

    Kammy's o.k...... I'm gonna have to say..... Toadsworth.
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    a new character revealed

    Hyper Mushroom and Max2 are right..... Detailed and Fairy-tale-ish.
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    Will Japan-Only characters in Brawl?

    Could this mean that.... AKITO SOHMA WILL FINALLY BE IN A VIDEOGAME!!!!! (you get a cookie if you know who Akito Sohma is...)
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    a new character revealed

    Hmmm.... she looks... unlike all other Mariop characters. Like something out of a disney movie..... no that thats a bad thing.
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    Max2 left? Why? And whats the user wiki... (rhetorical, i'll find that out on my own)
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    Soshi's Story-Fan Fiction by Monty Mole

    Yes Monty....
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    If Mario stopped

    Theres still Sony and Microsoft. Yes, I said it. Flame me if you will.
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    Hi everyone! :D I've been gone a while, and I'm here to say I might be gone another while very soon. I'm losing interest in the wiki, and while I will still be on occasionly, I wont be super-active/helpful. Don't let this stop you.... I still want to be in the fan game/comics, and would like...
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    Mario: Better now or then?

    I think Mario will always live on, but the astonishing number of sports knockoffs has cheapened him, somehow. (not that they arent good....)
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    Worse TV Series Eva

    Not ALL Anime/Manga is bad.... FURUBA FTW!!!
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    Social Grouping

    I'm an outcast/nerd. I don't talk to anyone, I consider most of the kids at my school to be inferior life forms, etc.....
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    Nobody loves a DK

    Yup. I was watching that epsiode when I made that post....
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    I have one.... I got it because of a certain Spyro game I was obssesed with, but soon found out about the other great games for it(Kingdom HeartsFTW).
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    Favorite Spirit

    This game is sounding cooler by the minute....
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    Creepiest/Ugliest boss.

    "Looks under bed! " AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! MONSTERS!!!!!!!!! ....o.k. everyone OUT. GO TO YOUR OWN BEDS.
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    Conker's Big Change - Good Choice or Bad Choice?

    I don't like the fact that they seem to be trying to use sex and drugs to make people buy the game. To idiot teenagers, a game is instantly good if it's got the word Damn in it. Sega tried to feed us the same crap with Shadow the Hedgehog...
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    The Official Marioverse Battles Topic

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    Nobody loves a DK

    Plumber said: The Bongo games seem gimicky. Not that I've played 'em. If you've never played, you can't have an opinion. No soup for you.
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    The Official Marioverse Battles Topic

    It's going!!!! Give me time!!!!!!
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    The Stupidity of Peach.

    You've gotta put yourself in Peach's shoes to fully understand the whole Sunshine/momma thing.
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    Favorite Villain *Unabridged*

    Really? I thought only two Deses....
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    Whose your favorite Kremling?

    It's Skurvy I tels ya.
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    Who's Smarter- Daisy or Peach

    We all seem to be forgetting that Peach has hatced major plots of her own, in PM and SPP. Defeating Bowser has to take some skill, and skill takes smats.
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    ? Blocks

    Maybe they float because Nintendo wants them to float.
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    Official SPM Thread

    It's...It's frikkin Mario... you must be joking.
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    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

    I think that was his point. I don't know why everyone's worrying so much, if it's good, great, if it's bad, oh well. Another crossover/flop. And I like Sonic Team, but I don't like the new direction they seem to be heading in. They need to pull a NSMB on us and have Sonic return to his roots...
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    Creepiest/Ugliest boss.

    Just saw this game on wikipedia... MUST HAVE!!!! "drools"
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    ? Blocks

    I KNOW!!! "forgets" And define "Dark Magic"
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    Worst videogame.

    Just because a game is easy does not automatically make it bad..... I'd rather play an easy game and beat it in a day then play a hard game, lose my temper, break my controller, etc. etc..
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    Should Bowser get his own game?

    WHAT!! THATS WHAT I SAID!!!! grrrr... you non-listeners.... And YY, for saying Toad deserves a platformer your coolness points have skyrocketed.
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    Separate Planet

    Ummm.... so? Separation of game world and real world here people....
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    The ironic thing is, during thw whole thing there actually in Hawaiia in real life.... "WE'VE GOTTA ESCAPE HAWAIIA"""
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    Official SPM Thread

    What I want to konw, how do you all feel about the game? Is it any good? Most people thought it would suck...
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    Shy Guy Poll

    Shy Guy's are coo, Snifits are also cool,.... (don't know WHO apprentices are)... I like Bandits best, but he's not on your poll. I'm gonna go with Shy Guy.
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    Who's Smarter- Daisy or Peach

    Peach. Defintily Peach. I hate Daisy........ and, as said by Jay Resup, Peach's religion forbids security guards or locked doors.
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    Il Piantissimo: New Shadow Mario???

    "excels at making sure our fans get character backstory information"?.... yeah riiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggght.
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    Funny Mario Role-playing

    (i'll be... ummm.... toad!) Toad: "walks in, kills everyone, eats waffle, takes chocolate"
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    Animal Crossing Wildworld

    "sigh" does anyone actually agree with this guy?
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    Mario Strikers Charged Goalies

    Whats wrong with Kritter? "sniff"...... Mouser(s?) would make a good goalie(s?).
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    Should Bowser get his own game?

    Or maybe a game where Bowser tries to start a war with a fellow villain and ends up accidentaly saving the world.
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    Should Bowser get his own game?

    Bowser is the ONLY big 8 character who has not yet got a game. He deserves one. As for plot, well, I'm sure that before SMB, people thought creating a plot around a mustachioed italian plumber would be hard...
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    Should Bowser get his own game?

    Definitly. A Bowser game would be teh awesomeness
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    Bah. Mines closer. (and I have a boat).
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    Do you think there will be a Mario Party DS?

    Mario Party DS They MAY make one, Max. This is for suggestions. I have none.