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  1. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    KO a Character: BIS(+BJJ) enemies

    After doing Superstar Saga and Partners in Time, it is now time to go to Bowser's Inside Story. Chuboomba Borp Toothy Drillbit Crab Pendril Treevil Trashure Scutlet Sockop Flifit Sneed Lakitu King Chain Chawful Fawfulcopter Fawful Guy Choomba Coalbit Nooz Fawflant Beehoss Crawful Glam Lakitu...
  2. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    Wii Black and White

    I can’t figure out why the Wii is black and white. But I do know it is on the TV end, as the VCR is also black and white. However the TV still shows the actual TV just fine. Is there any way to fix this? Or would I need to go downstairs to have a colored Wii?
  3. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    KO a Character: PiT enemies (2020 edition)

    Since there were 4 yes's and 0 no's on my KO a Character: SS(+BM) enemies poll, I am doing this. Yes, there was one before, but that included bosses. These are only the enemies. Shrooblet Goomba (past) Boo Boom Guy Koopeleon Boo Guy Elasto-Piranha Spiny Shroopa Lakitufo Dr. Shroob Pidgit...
  4. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    KO a Character: SS(+BM) enemies

    As a follow-up on the Mario & Luigi bosses series, I am doing all Mario & Luigi enemies in a series. Although, PiT was once done back in 2012, but it included bosses. So, I will put a poll up to determine whether or not I should do it. Goomba Fighter Fly Bill Blaster Beanie Dry Bones Rex...
  5. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    Hurt and Heal: Donkey Kong Country 3 bosses

    Bosses from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble. Belcha: 30 Arich: 30 Squirt: 30 KAOS: 30 Bleak: 30 Barbos: 30 Kroctopus: 30 Baron K. Roolenstein: 30 Notes: Kroctopus is GBA exclusive. KAOS includes both the fight in KAOS Karnage and Kastle KAOS. Baron K. Roolenstein includes...
  6. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    Hurt and Heal: Donkey Kong Country 2 bosses

    Bosses from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest. Krow: 30 Kleever: 30 Kudgel: 30 King Zing: 30 Kreepy Krow: 30 Kerozene: 30 Kaptain K. Rool: 30 Notes: Kerozene is GBA exclusive. Kaptain K. Rool includes both the final boss fight and the secret boss fight.
  7. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    Hurt and Heal: Donkey Kong Country (1) bosses

    Very Gnawty: 30 Master Necky: 30 Queen B.: 30 Really Gnawty: 30 Dumb Drum: 30 Master Necky Snr.: 30 King K. Rool: 30
  8. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    Save/Swap a Character: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bosses (winner: Antasma)

    After doing the bosses for all the Mario & Luigi series, we finally come to the last one: Dream Team. And this one combines Save a Character with Swap a Character. So here are the rules: 1 (save). In every post, one from Danger goes to Safe e. Once there is one left in Danger, it immediately to...
  9. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    Heal & Hurt: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam bosses (Winner: Paper Petey Piranha)

    Welcome to the first elimination thread of 2020. Today, I am continuing the trend of Mario & Luigi bosses with Paper Jam. Why Paper Jam before Dream Team? Well, that is because Dream Team's bosses are certainly more interesting, and there are more bosses in Dream Team. Another reason is a Paper...
  10. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    Vote to Win: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time bosses

    Now that the Superstar Saga and Bowser's Inside Story bosses are done, we now move onto Partners in Time. And this time, it is a Vote to Win game. Standard Vote to Win rules apply, so only one vote for each set. A set, in this case, is two characters going head to head. A Round consists of one...
  11. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    Swap a Character: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Bosses

    Welcome to Swap a Character: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Bosses. This is a continuation of Hurt & Swap: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Bosses, but decided to not do the same Hurt & Swap. Just a regular Swap a Character. And I am doing Bowser's Inside Story before Partners in Time because...
  12. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    Hurt & Swap: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Bosses

    This combines Hurt & Heal with Swap a Character. This idea came from Hurt & Save: Alphadream Characters, but decided to do it differently. This game uses all the bosses from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (+Bowser's Minions). Although, the only new boss is the Elite Trio in the side mode. I am...
  13. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    Vote to Win: Mario Tennis Aces Playable Characters

    Please don't confuse this with This KO a character game. First, this is a Vote to Win. Second, this is only the playable characters and not any non-playable characters like Lucien. It also includes some other characters not in the list like Dry Bowser. A few days ago, the final playable...
  14. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    KO a Character: Mario Golf Courses (Winner: Seaside Course)

    In the same vein of KO a Character: Mario Golf (characters), I decided to create KO a Character: Mario Golf Courses. And it won't have any conflict with Smash Utlimate coming up. I am doing every single course from the main series, removing any duplicate names, combining N64 courses in Word...
  15. Paper Yoshi the SSM

    Mario Kart 7 tournament - Out of Gas (canceled)

    Low on Gas Welcome to the 2018 Mario Kart 7 Tournament! Stargazing can't host this year, so I, Yoshi the SSM, am hosting in Stargazing's stead. Information: Racers will be in groups of 4. But, 5 and 6 are also possible. The top 2 (3 in the case of 5 and 6) will move on to the finals. This will...
  16. Paper Yoshi the SSM


    It's happening once again. This time Mario Kart 7. The web site gives more details, but I should post some important parts. Happens (finals) in New York City the day after Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions releases. Will be in a few cities before New...