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    Nintendo should go back to using a standard controller for their next console...

    They're kind of digging themselves in trench with the whole wii remote and gamepad thing. There next console can absolutely not be backwards compatible with the Wii U or Wii because it's simply not gonna work anymore with all their fancy controllers. I think it'd be best if they go gamecube...
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    Official Town of Salem Game Thread

    Let's play Town of Salem! I'll put people's names here: NSM - Spyro2
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    Come play Town of Salem!

    I honestly find it better, mostly cause it's shorter and there's more interaction between the players. Plus cute animations. Link: OFFICIAL MARIOBOARDS THREAD:
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    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

    I just saw it and it was AMAZING! Go see it if you haven't already. and the music is SO GOOD.
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    Can I get amazon alerts sent to my phone?

    I have set an alert on amazon to notify me when the Smash Wii U bundle becomes available again. It says it will send it to my e-mail (but I never check that). Is there a way to make it send the availability message to my phone instead?
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    We got the first snowfall today...

    way too soon. Does anyone else have snow?
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    Les Misérables Mafia! [CANCELLED]

    I finally have time to do things yay. I'm hosting a Les Miserables mafia! And since I have time to actually do things it will y'know, ACTUALLY GET UPDATED as opposed to some of my other mafias. This mafia will be a bit smaller - I am only in need of 14 players. Anyone can sign up but at the...
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    so how are people so stupid...?

    So some dumb freshmen kid beat another student in the beginning of school today with a wrench (there were quarters taped to the end too to make it stronger I guess). and the kid that was injured had a head laceration and was basically bleeding all along his jawline and through his ears and...
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    If anyone has 3 hours to kill

    I definitely recommend you watch The Last of Us if you don't plan on playing the game ever! Even if you're not into this kind of game, it basically IS a movie and definitely worth a watch if you have nothing better to do (or if you want to watch it in chunks) There is also a 6 hour version if...
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    Did Google Chrome like update or something?

    All of the sudden the search bard and everything up there looks big and annoying. (and just the general layout of sites feels.... off...) For other users - Did Google Chrome update or something, or is it just mine being weird?
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    Countdown until Smash 3DS's release (October 3rd)

    Get hyped More so for your enjoyment. ;) Let's start counting the days!
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    NSM plays Civilization V! (interactive LP) - Part 2: More Exploring

    Yay. I may be taking this idea from some other users, but I think it'll be fun, mostly because you will have lots of freedom over what I'm doing so you could either make me suck, or make me amazing. You'll control my path with things like diplomacy, religion, and stuff like that. Let's begin...
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    Can someone who's good with computers help me?

    I currently own Civ 5 and want to get the Complete Edition. However, according to the Can I run it website, I don't meet the requirements for G&K and BNW, only vanilla. And it's because of the section under Video Card titled "Dedicated Video RAM" (which on this site doesn't appear for vanilla...
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    How can I save a png (or anything really) image as a dds one?

    Does anyone know a (free) way to do this? I tried getting a GIMP plug in but it didn't even work.
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    There will be more newcomers announced other than the ones in the Gematsu leak

    So this is my theory. A lot of people are just saying the gematsu leak it true and that they will be the newcomers. But I still think there will be a few more (maybe 2 or so). Because, if you think about it, we have Rosalina. Rosalina was NEVER mentioned in the leak and was revealed before...
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    User Big Brother 0 Week 2: Nominations

    Yep, I'm reviving this thing since I think it died. We got Season 16 making me hyped and I just want it to happen. I'm calling it User Big Brother 0, just to get the ball rolling. (stolen from BMB hehe) Rules & Standards ~ Each cycle of the game goes by week-esque phases, with 14 houseguests...
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    Dueling Network Tournament (Hosted by NSM and DF) (Crackin wins - token counts)

    Welcome to the first ever Awards Dueling Network Tournament! For more info, check this thread. We just wanted to get the thread going to encourage sign-ups. There will be tokens, and even if you suck horribly you still should be able to get a decent amount. The official token counts will be...
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    Civilization V

    So I've been looking at this game. AND IT LOOKS SO FUN. I might get it on steam soon (or if I can snag something from the awards :P ), since I guess my computer meats the minimum requirements (hoping it doesn't freeze or anything though!). But definitely my kind of game. So what I'm...
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    Big Brother 16

    Big brother begins in just 14 days! Pretty excited. The cast should be revealed soon as well so I'll post it here once they do
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    Pacman is in Smash! (CONFIRMED BY NOA)

    Gamexplain just tweeted about it EDIT: He's apparently modern and throws fruit (awesome) And also has an arcade style stage.
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    Naked and Afraid

    Haha, ok, seriously if you haven't seen this show you have to see it now. I find it hilarious.
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    Tangled! (spoilers)

    It was go good! I still can't get over that there was BLOOD in a disney movie. The whole stab flynn scene and just the conclusion overall was so epic. Also the healing incarnations song is stuck in my head lol
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    Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Maptiles?

    I'm looking for an oragnized sheet of map tiles from The Sacred Stones. All the one's I've found are just so unroganized and terrible I can't tell what goes with what or have the black border on them. If anyone could find one and give the link here, it'd be most appreciated. And preferably...
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    Smash Time: Assist Trophies You Want to See

    So I'm going to be responding to this question for the next Smash Time, so please answer! :D What assist trophies do you want to see in the next game? Why? What would the assist trophy do?
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    Official Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Network Thread

    I want to duel people I actually know lol. EDIT: and if you have no experience I can totally teach you :P Here is the link to the website. Make an account, create a deck, and let's duel! Duelists: NSM ~ SongOfStorms2 MM15 (Vocal Beat) ~ Vocal Beat DragonFreak ~ DragonFreakgm68 Icemario...
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    React to the Daily Post just how a person on Miiverse would react to it.

    I think this will be kind of funny. Just post here daily reacting to the daily pic as if you were one of the annoying people on Miiverse, lol. This image should change daily, so just quote it and react to it lol.
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    I just got Sims 3 on steam, but every time I play it it just gets frozen in create a sim. I've been playing it for like 4 hours and haven't even really started the game. what's the big deal? I used a site that compared my specs and it said my computer if fine and should be able to handle it...
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    Is the Vita worth it?

    I can't decide if I might want one, maybe later this year. I mean, are there enough good games on it that would make it worth a buy? Dangan Ronpa (like how do you even pronounce this lol) peaked my interest (I mean, I couldn't stick with reading it but the actual games looks really interesting)...
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    Is anyone picking up the game this month? I was iffy at first, but the new trailer sold me. I'm so going for a more ghost approach. Trailer:
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    So, I'm watching the Pokemon X/Y anime now.

    Yay. I started watching on saturday (which, from what I can tell is basically the first episode). I didn't really even know it existed until the day of. But yeah, I watched a lot of 5D's in my days, so we'll see how it compares to that. ;)
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    Best Starter Pokemon of each Generation?

    Just a bit curious on what everyone likes. I've only played X, so this is merely hypothetical for me. Gen 1: Tie between Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Gen 2: Chikorita! <3 Gen 3: Torchic Gen 4: Piplup Gen 5: Oshawott or Snivy Gen 6: I original chose Fennekin, but not I wish I had chosen Froakie...
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    Am I the only one who usually only plays through a game once?

    I just never have the time to do second runs. Which sucks since I always do the "normal" modes first in games, so I never really get to try anything much after that. I mean, most of the time I start second playthroughs and never finish them (or never get back to them in forever)
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    Sochi 2014

    Olympics! :D I decided that I'm going to watch it all this year, not just bits and pieces like I usually do. My sister and her curling team got to meet Debbie McCormick (one of the curlers for the US team) so that's going to be especially cool watching that.
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    Accent Challenge!

    Pronounce the following words: Aunt, Roof, Route, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Pajamas, Caught, Naturally, Aluminium, GIF, Crackerjack, Doorknob, Envelope. What is it called when you throw toilet...
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    Don't Starve

    Has anyone played the game? It's coming to PS4 for free in January and I just want to know people's opinions on it. I saw some gameplay and it looks really fun!
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    I need responses.

    For Smash Time for next month! Yes. If you would, just answer this question and maybe give a reason why. What Zelda character should be a newcomer for the game? Thanks people.
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    Metroid Prime Trilogy

    I might be getting this for Christmas (maybe, I really don't know yet). So how good it it? Please no spoilers I just want to know what people think of it.
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    What would/will you name your children?

    What are your favorite names? For boys, I like Hayden, Isaac, and Mason. For girls, I really like Lucina. <3 Don't know other than that. Maybe Lara? hehe
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    Has anyone played this game? We play it at our school using plastic spoons lol. I missed out on the current round, but I'm so playing the next round. There's like over a 100 people playing right now. :D
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    Spike VGX

    Anyone going to watch them? I am going to see if I can, since I think Nintendo is appearing as well. :D Smash Bros. maybe? Plus I want to see Awakening win best rpg please
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    Why do so many people like the Galaxy series?

    I mean really? It's not a bad series or anything, but it's not like 10/10 worthy. I mean, you're floating on generic platforms in space set on a fixed path in a boring environment. I'm just wondering what some of you may see in it, because I clearly don't see much in it. (and the music...
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    I hope I'm not the only Hunger Games fan going to it. :D Not right away though, I have pep band that day, but I will for sure see it sometime after that.
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    The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses!

    So yes. I'm going to the one in Milwaukee on Saturday. Just wondering if anyone other than BMB has been to it. It's going to be awesome. :D
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    What Zelda Games have you played?

    I've played the original, Zelda II, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Four Swords, The Wind Waker, The Minish Cap, and Skyward Sword (in a matter of three years, actually). Out of those, I've completed Ocarina of Time, Four Swords, Skyward Sword (and soon The Wind Waker!). My goal is to at...
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    What's your favorite Zelda species?

    ^^^ Mine is definitely the Kikwi. They're just so adorable <3
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    Twilight Princess: Wii or Gamecube version?

    So for Zelda, this is basically the last game I really want to try (other than a Link to the Past maybe, but I'd only pick that up if I get some eShop stuff or something), and I was wondering which version is better in terms of controls. And in case you want to convince me to try some of the...
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    I start Driver's Education Sunday

    Woot woot. Well you know. I just want to drive to gamestop and stuff.
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    What are the "gamers" like in your school?

    Just a question I want to ask, because it seems like about 3/4 of the people that do like Nintendo at my school are just kinda weird. I only have like one friend (maybe two) who I can actually play Nintendo with. Other than that, my school consists of the call of duty fanboys, minecraft...
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    What games does Nintendo need to bring to the Wii U in order for it to sell?

    Title question. I think that if Nintendo can get Mario Kart, Smash, and Zelda U out, that'd boost sales a lot. Also, considering how much New Leaf sold, Animal Crossing U needs to happen.
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    Which character will you play as in Super Mario 3D World?

    I'm so doing Peach because she looks interesting. Plus I can float if I am about to fall off. My sister and I are gonna do a Peach and Toad adventure ^_^