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  1. Crypt Raider

    Awards Smash Keeping it simple cause I'm busy this time Details Smash Bros for Wii U. Swiss-style tournament, meaning you play every round against someone with a similar win:loss record so far. Starting July 1st and ending by early August; you will have 1 week...
  2. Crypt Raider

    Awards Retro Smash 2015 --- GAUGING INTEREST

    HOW? This thread is for gauging interest for an emulated online tournament for the original Smash Bros. We will be using a variant of the emulator Project 64 that will be issued sometime before the games start if the event passes. If you are interested but have never played emulated...
  3. Crypt Raider

    Game Event Calendar

    Here's a calendar for confirmed dates to work with. Overlaps should include details of match frequency and length, and leniency on other events taking place at the same time. June July Overlaps Smash Bros Wii U Singles Date —- June 1st - July 15th (maximum) Round Time...
  4. Crypt Raider

    Award Smash 2015 --- 2V2 GAME 4 / 4

    3DS DOUBLES WII U DOUBLES 3DS SINGLES WII U SINGLES Singles have concluded! Congratulations to Timmy for a flawless run on 3DS and Cirdec for a flawless run on Wii U! Doubles will begin late tomorrow- find a partner! GAME 4 / 4 DUE AUGUST 26TH Join us in IRC at #awardsmash...
  5. Crypt Raider

    Terraria PvP: Trigem Arena

    Poster by Toadbert Trigem is our very own home-made Player-versus-Player format for the game Terraria. We ask that you be familiar with at least the basics of the game if you want to play it, though the PvP is mostly unrelated to the rest of the game. The game's goal is simple; there are...
  6. Crypt Raider

    Hosts Getting Tokens

    Lakitu and Pyro asked for tokens because they were unable to compete in MK7. I think compensating hosts is fair, but here we need to discuss how much. This should apply to other tournaments with the same scenario (Is Packy actively playing in the Pokemon event?). For events where the host is...
  7. Crypt Raider

    TF2 PUG Player Tiers

    Made separate from the Xephfrag topic so the tiers can be updated without being in a weird spot. This is gathered from the average picking turn for players when a game is at least 5v5. For games higher than 5v5, multiple turns count for one picking turn. Please note that this should not be used...
  8. Crypt Raider

    Tournament Token Distribution Rates

    Let's make a thread to keep track of and discuss token rates for each tournament so it is fairly consistent this year. In addition, share how long the event will be. Tokens for winning a match should be lower for events with multiple days than an event with only one. Team Fortress 2 Attended...
  9. Crypt Raider

    Team Fortress 2 Tournament #2 (RESULTS UP) [FINISHED]

    And that's all, folks! This event has finished; it took place on July 28-30, from 6PM-1AM American EST. Thank you all for playing! Despite some annoying technical difficulties regarding game setups, SourceTV, mini-games, and even some people's connections or computers, it was still very fun...
  10. Crypt Raider

    TF2 Awards Match II

    I'll take Stooben's pleasure of hosting a tournament away and make the thread myself half a year early. The Awards game last year actually had a good number of people present (20 was the max, I think). The Calamity event which was about a month ago had 15 players, but I think more players would...
  11. Crypt Raider

    Team Fortress 2: Christmas Calamity 6v9 Event

    (credit to toadbert for cool drawing) Thank you all for playing! Watch it from my POV here! Pugilists, bartenders, and Santa Claus all agree one thing; the best way to celebrate the holidays is to violently maim your dearest friends in more ways you would probably care to think of. At Xephfrag...
  12. Crypt Raider

    what happens now

    i say we play blackjack to pass the time until next year
  13. Crypt Raider

    Prize limits

    The TF2 tourney has given out around 1400 tokens. However, it costs 1170 tokens to buy every prize available right now (On the side note, Stooben, is this literally everything, or does it not include e-shop cards and such?). This is a mistake I helped contribute to by persuading Stooben to lower...
  14. Crypt Raider


    Some game I am making that is told and trying to be like Half-Life. It is coming out pretty good so far, and I am releasing a demo soon. For those who bothered enough to play the Alpha version, the demo is going to be a remake of that original level, with more content. I am trying to add some...
  15. Crypt Raider

    You have stupid questions, we have stupid answers.

    Here are the rules. Ask some random question. Then another user will answer it in a stupid answer. HAVE FUN :lol: Muh question: When will pie be couned has pasta? :twisted:
  16. Crypt Raider

    Snicker Commercials

    Have you seen the new ones? They're hailrous! It's about characters from various times in a car doing random things on they're trip to Asgard. Pay attention for them! My dad downloaded most of them on his laptop :D
  17. Crypt Raider

    Sony says "The Wii is a Fad": Do you agree?

    Sony said that the Wii is a fad. Do you think they are magic hudenie and telling the future or do you say they're just worried about them failing the console war to do the PS3's high prices? I think it's not a fad, but that's my opinion.
  18. Crypt Raider

    A NEW Mario TV Show?

    I'd just like to think of it, how about a new TV show, not has weird enemy looking, incorrect like the old ones? I mean it could have Mario & Luigi's real voice!
  19. Crypt Raider


    I was just thinkin'. Wouldn't be awesome if there was a NSMB2? But I got my brain stuck here. Would it be based on Super Mario Bros. 2 or just like another NSMB? Also, I came up with some transformations (some are weird) if they were just anotehr NSMB: 1- Dry Bones Mario: Works like Shell...