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  1. Stargazing

    Spacing Out

    Spacing Out A Shroom Section by Stargazing *to be added, I'm not currently home* Sections to Date Most Recent Coming Next May 2019: Black Holes July 2019: ??? Your Ideas Pulsars Rogue Planets Nebulas Aliens
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    The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Tournament (Signups!)

    Coming soon to a basement near you... Hello, everyone! My name is Stargazing. I'm here to bring a tournament for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth! How To Play This tournament will rely on the Daily system in Afterbirth. If you have Afterbirth, there's nothing else you have to do, just hit tab...
  3. Stargazing

    The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth - Gauging interest!

    Coming soon to a basement near you... Hello, everyone! My name is Stargazing. I'm posting this thread to gauge interest for a tournament for The Binding of Isaac. I'm going to open a poll for people who are interested in the tournament to vote on. I'd like to thank DragonFreak for passing on...
  4. Stargazing

    Doki Doki Literature Club

    GET IT HERE! YOU CAN ALSO GET IT HERE! Please tag all spoilers about the game! Doki Doki Literature Club is a free visual novel by Team Salvato. It features writing poems and trying to win the hearts of four girls. Sayori: your sweet, optimistic childhood friend, Yuri: the shy, timid one who...
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    Star Mafia (END)

    STAR MAFIA PLAYER LIST Player Role Status 4td0 The Sun, Mafia Godfather / Pyro Won Freakworld Waluigi, Innocent Waa Lost Luigi 64DD Stargazing, Innocent Stargazer Killed Night 4 Magikrazy Isaac, Innocent Jack of all Trades Lost Mariofan169 Misaki Okusawa, Innocent Disguised / Jinx...
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    Running a Steam game gives "fatal error"

    I can't seem to run the Danganronpa V3 demo. Here is a screenshot of the issue.
  7. Stargazing

    What are your preferred study habits?

    My favourite way to study is being alone in a quiet room, rewriting every page of the source material (even if I had previously made notes on it) while listening to music. How does everyone else like to study? no i didn't just make this topic because i'm upset how exam week hasn't even started...
  8. Stargazing

    Star Mafia Lounge

    Somewhere in the cosmos, a voice calls your name... Signups Red Barchetta Lord Bowser Meta Knight Roserade Mariofan169 MsRetroGeek Tucayo The Pyro Guy 4td0 Freakworld Ninelevendo Fantanoice Raven Effect Magikrazy MrConcreteDonkey Mister Apple Replacements Luigi 64DD Shadowshy
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    Music says "Purchased" but I can't download it

    Hello! I have run into this weird problem and wanted to know if anyone had a fix?
  10. Stargazing

    Mario Kart 7 Tournament - TOKENS

    RACES FINISHED! THANKS FOR A GREAT YEAR! Welcome to the Mario Kart: Awards (7) Edition! My name is Stargazing, as always. Information Racers will be pooled in groups of 4-6. The top 2-4 will move on to the next round, and the final 4-6 will face off in the finals. This will take place over...
  11. Stargazing

    New Nintendo 2DS XL
  12. Stargazing

    Vanilla Mafia GAME THREAD (Fin)

    Vanilla Mafia Two scoops, please! Players . Username Alignment Status 01 Fantanoice Innocent Dead (Endgame) 02 Freakworld Innocent Dead (Night 1) 03 GBAToad Mafia Victorious (Endgame) 04 GSYoshi Mafia Victorious (Endgame) 05 Lord Bowser Mafia Victorious (Endgame) 06 Mariofan169...
  13. Stargazing

    Vanilla Mafia - Lounge

    Vanilla Mafia Two scoops, please! Hello, everyone! Welcome to Vanilla Mafia! I'm your host, Stargazing, and let's get to work reviving the Mafia board. So, how does this work? Besides the Mafia Godfather, everyone is a Vanilla. No one has any powers. Thus, this game relies solely on activity...
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    Twitter Thread

    post your twitters here. here's mine.
  15. Stargazing

    Laptop is being very strange...

    A little while ago, I got a weird startup screen on my computer. It was kind of white and neon-y, which is unusual to my usual Windows startup screen. Nyrie told me that's the screen that rendered her laptop completely unusable, so I force shut down my computer in a panic, but it still worked...
  16. Stargazing

    Stargazing's Art

    I haven't really gotten many chances to draw lately, so hey, why not change that? I drew a picture of Eli to start off with. EDIT: I'm going to archive this drawing.
  17. Stargazing

    Laptop refuses to start up unless it's plugged in

    Recently, I took my laptop in after Windows corrupted, and got it back. It was fine for the first few days, and now it just won't turn on unless I plug it in. I unscrewed the back and everything seems to be fine.
  18. Stargazing

    If you have ever changed your username, how do you feel about your old one?

    Me personally, if you called me by my previous name I would have a problem. However, this may not be the same for everyone and I'm curious.
  19. Stargazing

    What's your preferred browser?

    For me, it's Firefox.
  20. Stargazing

    I think I broke an old program

    I went to download the newest update, but the download failed. When I tried to uninstall the program by myself, I got this: What do I do now? I have no idea where to find the installation package...
  21. Stargazing

    Christina Grimmie dead

    A man shot her 3 times and then shot himself. She was rushed to the hospital, but didn't make it. Her last tweet was made 20 minutes ago, probably by a relative, saying "The end."...
  22. Stargazing

    Mario Kart 7 Tournament - THE FINALS

    Welcome to our Mario Kart 7 tournament! Again! My name is Stargazing, as always. Information Racers will be pooled in groups of 4-6. The top 2-4 will move on to the next round, and the final 4-6 will face off in the finals. This will take place over the span of tbd (probably 5 days again). The...
  23. Stargazing

    Star Mafia - Cancelled, sorry.

    STAR Mafia because idk, more user mafias i guess Welcome to my 4th Mafia game, my 3rd on my own. Let's hop right into it! This Mafia is gimmickless. Players 1. Magikrazy 2. Nabber 3. Pi 4. Freakworld 5. NSY 6. BMB 7. Gabby 8. Mariofan169 9. Tucayo 10. Dragonfreak 11. Shadowshy 12. Packy...
  24. Stargazing

    Miitomo Nintendo released their mobile game on iTunes and Android in Japan on March 17. Everywhere else is...
  25. Stargazing

    What's your New Year's resolution?

    Mine is not having one.
  26. Stargazing

    How do you add a background to a video?

    I want to know how I can have an image as a background, but have a video playing as the "foreground", per say. I don't want any illegal answers.
  27. Stargazing

    UNDERTALE Mafia - Lounge (Game Over)

    Hosted by: Stargazing and Nysic Welcome to Undertale Mafia! We’re your hosts, Stargazing and Nysic. Before we move on, we would like to address spoilers. In order to actually have any Mafia members, there will be spoilers. Neutral, Genocide, and a really tiny amount of True Pacifist will be...
  28. Stargazing

    Biogenik Wii Motion Sensor Bar doesn't work

    It doesn't detect my movements and the batteries aren't going in properly (it's still on, though).
  29. Stargazing

    Mario Kart 7 Tournament 2015 (Tokens - Thank you!)

    Welcome to our Mario Kart 7 tournament! I'm posting the thread now so I can see which numbers I can work with by the time everything's all set up. My name is Stargazing, and I will be hosting this year's tournament. Information Racers will be pooled in groups of 4-6. The top 2-4 will move on...
  30. Stargazing

    TBOI: Rebirth Mafia - Lounge (1 replacement needed/confirm roles!)

    Hi, welcome to the lounge. This Mafia will be gimmickless, with roles, stories, and powers being based of settings and characters in the game. The reason that this Mafia is gimmickless is because I feel I would incorrectly pull one off and mess up the game, which I don't want to do as I want an...
  31. Stargazing

    ACNL Party Thread

    Because every day is a party day in ACNL. ((yes this is a multiplayer thread to set up times))
  32. Stargazing

    New 3DS Transfer Preperation (resolved)

    I am so lost and confused it isn't even funny. I can't find 8gig microSD carde anywhere so I'm stuck with the 4gig. It comes out Friday, and here are the games of importance I want to take over: - Fantasy Life ((6853 blocks)) - SSB4 ((9105 blocks)) I know Awakening won't fit, which is very sad...
  33. Stargazing

    Target plans to close all Canadian stores Welp.
  34. Stargazing

    resolved, please lock

    I can't seem to do anything without the part that holds up the art falling off. I can't seem to find any instruction on how to set it up. Not in the box nor on the internet. I've already physically hurt myself enough opening this box and getting it up, so help at this stage would be...
  35. Stargazing

    Have you had any corrupted save files?

    My save file in City Folk was corrupted. I put the disk in, and 5 seconds into the loading screen it said "Game data could not be found", forcing us to the home screen. We couldn't make a new file or anything. We bought a new one and everything was fine, we made far more progress in the newer one.
  36. Stargazing

    3DS will not connect to wifi

    My school uses a "Username: Password:" sort of password system. Whenever I type both in, it will not work. Is it flat out not supported? And, for the record, my 3DS has the latest system update.
  37. Stargazing


    Guess how many times I typed this today? Too many. This'll be updated every time a new chapter comes out. FUN FACT: I was going to make this a comic, but I got way too lazy. Main Page Chapter One
  38. Stargazing

    Do you prefer consoles or handhelds?

    Me, I prefer handhelds. While both preform games to the best of their ability, handhelds have a portability bonus.
  39. Stargazing

    Partners in Time Mafia: Endgame- Ice Cream and Buddies

    Rules are in the lounge, also where you should be if you're dead. Also, the Innocents are the Mushrooms and the Mafia are the Shroobs, respectively. Players: Past • BMB Shot himself Day 1 (Past): Not so jolly. - Baby Peach: Princess/Public Speaker • Chibiki Daisy Shot in the heart Day 2...
  40. Stargazing

    I should know this about themes, but I don't.

    How do I use one on the boards?
  41. Stargazing

    Which game should I choose?

    I have honestly no idea which one to pick. May someone help me?
  42. Stargazing

    Netbook refuses to connect to the Internet

    Hiya, I'm having some troubles out of my control. First of all, the mode, of netbook I have is an MSI Wind U120. It runs Windows XP. Now, whenever I go to connect my netbook to wireless Internet, no networks will show up! It says that the wireless switch has to be on, but it is on and I don't...
  43. Stargazing

    Partners in Time Mafia: Lounge

    Partners in Time Mafia Because time travel is totally not dangerous at all Hoo boy, compared to the disaster of my first Mafia, this'll be the calmest game from me... Oh, hi! Didn't see you there. I'm Stargazing, and I'll host this Mafia even though we're in the middle of an apocalypse. There...
  44. Stargazing

    What languages do you speak?

    I haven't seen a thread like this. English- Yes, I speak Canadian English. Canadian English exists, it's how we have mostly American words but we also add "u" to different things. Ugh, it took me a while to get used to the tag. French- Canadian French for me. Canadian French and French are...
  45. Stargazing

    Super Smash Bros 4 Mafia: Endgame- Out of love...

    Rules in lounge. We are polishing up the town and revonating, in 12-20 hours it'll be done. Please confirm in the meantime. Guide Alive Innocent Mafia Independent Revived Players 1. NEXandGBX (It's the Great Pumpkin, NEXandGBX!) Killed Night 2- Pikachu, Silencer 2. DragonFreak (Seto Kaiba)...
  46. Stargazing

    Quick SD Card question

    I wanted a bigger SD Card to fit all of my digital games (I can't fit Pokeyman without deleting Awakening, and I will never delete my Smash). Is there a way to transfer the data from one to the other? BTW, I couldn't find it on Google, and it seems too minor for HelpDesk, so here I am.
  47. Stargazing

    Stargazing's Art

    This will involve simple backgrounds and little to no shading because that honestly takes way too much time at this point. When I'm used to it, I'll begin using it.
  48. Stargazing

    Super Smash Bros. Help Thread

    If you need help with anything Smash Bros. related, just ask here and someone will answer. So, uh, how do I get a combo more than 6 in Training. I need a 10 combo to pass, and I have no more hammers.
  49. Stargazing

    Super Smash Bros 4 Mafia (Lounge): Endgame

    Super Smash Bros. 4 Mafia A twisted imagination filled with trophies come to life brings us Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS and Wii U (or Super Smash Bros 4, SSB4, and Sm4sh). The trophies fight and blah blah blah like every Smash Bros. So, naturally, we had to make a Mafia game out of it. The...
  50. Stargazing

    Which Virtual Console Mario Game should I get?

    3DS only. I have $8.32 CDN, tax is 13%, and I will probably buy multiple games if I have enough