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  1. Smg2daisy

    Project: "Jump UP, Super Star" Cover (Asking for Collabs!)

    Now most of the people are aware of Nintendo's E3, Super Mario Odyssey, and the theme song. That song which have lyrics. That song which is a big band jazz. That song which won E3. (Where's Pauline's Emote? :-\ ) And I want to make a cover of it. And I know it's hard since no instrumental...
  2. Smg2daisy

    Pokémon GO!

    Today people in my college told me this since they know that I play Pokémon a lot, and I was like "Isn't the latest thing Pokken?" This is real. Not another April Fools event, but a real thing that you can use through your phone. Facebook and Twiiter are sharing this like wildfire, people...
  3. Smg2daisy

    A Pokémon A Day Showthread!

    Due to demand, a place which I can draw Pokémons are here! However, this is special and yada yada, I will draw a Pokémon per day, and the dex numbers are not following accordingly. So which Pokémon will be our first guest? Look at this motherfucker. How the hell this can get two Mega...
  4. Smg2daisy

    For The Love of Smash Online and Anything else (018-0515)

    This appeared, then I followed its instructions. This then appeared, then I followed as well. Then when it comes to Step 2, about the DMZ thing, what the heck should I do? Enter IP address at the internet browser address bar? Where is it? I am using a Mac! Rawr anyone help me tysm and why I am...
  5. Smg2daisy

    The World Of Magic Mafia - Sign Up Thread [CANCELLED]

    Welcome to my fourth mafia: The World Of Magic Mafia! This mafia won't be too complex and I need around 12 players. For your information, The World Of Magic is a RPG game for mobile users, which is wonderful for a person who always use the phone like me. The are two factions in this game, Lanos...
  6. Smg2daisy

    I Need Help About Music...

    I thought I don't need help, but I tried too much times and failed... So, I am currently practicing this and there are a lot of problems tat I am facing. First, my left hand is almost always louder than my right hand. Then, is it a must to follow those rubato (Irregular tempo)? I know it sound...
  7. Smg2daisy

    Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

    This is coming in September aaaarrghhh I think it needs a topic, so And I am okay with their reveals until Okay, seriously, who the hell are they? I thought for a long time, and I have no idea at all. And that Sunset Shimmer is odd ::) If anyone know who they are, tell me thanks.
  8. Smg2daisy

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf Mafia Endgame - Peace In Caligo

    People were arriving to Caligo from the train station. All of them were familiar. The wisest, the smartest, the mysterious character… everyone's here. My secretary, Isabelle was registering their address and stuff for them. Everyone arrived and the train station was closed. They seemed to be...
  9. Smg2daisy

    Lend Me Your Address Please

    Tomodachi Life is too awesome. I wanted it. Cirdec said he will pay for me but by eShop doesn't work because of my country doesn't allow me to do that. So I tried to set my location to Canada before, and everything was fine until it asked for postal codes for sending the invoice. So we need...
  10. Smg2daisy

    Do You Ate Instant Noodles Before?

    So! Who never ate instant noodles before? Or... do you even know what is an instant noodle? I like them. They are yummy.
  11. Smg2daisy

    Tomodachi Life-Finally For American, Europe !

    I laughed a lot from this. Just, epic.
  12. Smg2daisy

    Anyone Can Edit This Pic? The comic: The Adventure For Us I accidentally crashed the pic after finished it. If anyone can get rid of those wrinkles, I will gladly appreciated it.
  13. Smg2daisy

    Nintendo 3DS Guide Louvre

    Discovered it when skyping and we discussed about it with my darling. There is even a boxart for it...
  14. Smg2daisy

    Citizen Of The Country You Want To Be

    I remembered one day my family except my dad were heading to our new home (In construction) my brothers and I were criticized about our country and bad stuff. Then I suddenly ask both of them: "If you can choose not to be a Malaysian, which country you are looking for?" We have the same answer...
  15. Smg2daisy

    Punishment When You Were A Kid

    I stay in this place and so far I only heard that people get grounded if they do something. I feel like "Eh, that punishment is kinda like... put your hair down." So as the topic title, what kind of punishment you get when you were like 6-12 years old?
  16. Smg2daisy

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf Mafia

    Okay. This is coming to you, Animal Crossing New Leaf Mafia! Sign ups: 1. Baby Mario Bloops 2. Nabber 3. Cirdec 4. Street Goomba 5. Hideyoshi 6. Lily 7. Iggy Koopa Jr. 8. DragonFreak 9. Toad85 10. NEXandGBX 11. Icemario11 12. Smasher 13. Mario4Ever 14. Gonzales Kart Irc. Replacements: NSY...
  17. Smg2daisy

    Mystery Murder Case In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    So this is like NSM's game, basically you need to find the murderer in a case. Today we will arrive the game of Animal Crossing: New Leaf! So everyone can discuss their stuff here. I need at least two people from you all play this game because you will use your Dream Suite to investigate the...
  18. Smg2daisy

    Mafia Of Me: Day Nine - The Role Has The Same Name With The Character

    Players: 1. Smasher 2. Lily Killed, Night Five (Shy/Silencer) 3. Cirdec Stabbed by the host, Day One (Prefect/Miller) 4. FireEevee Executed, Night Three (Super High School Level/Cop) 5. BMB Threwn into the bottomless pit, Day Three (Musician/Granny) 6. RockerFell into a bottomless pit, Night Two...
  19. Smg2daisy

    Five Red Stars

    Blah Thoughts can be discuss here. And I will improve the appearance of the main page later.
  20. Smg2daisy

    The Adventure For Us

    So I decided to draw a comic but there is something I wanna to ask. Can I use Pawnmon in my comic? Edit: The Adventure For Us is running!
  21. Smg2daisy

    Userpedia Forums Post Problem

    I have an account for UP forums. But Then, This causes me cannot post anything, making the account useless And I wonder how you all can post there…
  22. Smg2daisy

    AFS Program

    I wonder you all heard about this. Yes, and I am gonna to give it a try! But which place should I go? Suggestions are welcome. I will choose the Intensive Program because it is just for a couple weeks only. All the choices are available except...
  23. Smg2daisy

    Smg2daisy Decides To Make Requests With Themes

    List: Human Forms Yourself with your favorite Pokémon Lemme cosplay as [insert stuff here] User An album cover of users
  24. Smg2daisy

    Mafia Of Me Lounge

    I know my mafia game is still go on, but I want to get players and make sure that the game will start just the time I want. [size=10pt]Sign Ups are open. But! I only need 16 players. And even you sign up, I will maybe not choosing you. Those who have a greater chance to get it: Have good...
  25. Smg2daisy

    MLP Friendship Is Mafia…again? Game Over-BMB Wins More Than Innocents

    My Little Pony Friendship Is Mafia…again? Yes, its the Pony mafia again. I am so excited so excited so excited……YesYesYesYesYesYes! My first mafia game finally starts! So the rules as below: 1. Everyday, you can choose either vote or not. Vote by typing Vote: DT. If you wish to change or remove...
  26. Smg2daisy

    Killer (Is it aka mafia in internet?)

    Note: If everyone feels this topic suits in mafia, mods are feel free to move it. Did anyone played 'mafia' in real life? The excos (Seniors) in the camp play this game. They say there will have killers, agents, cops, doctors, snipers and villagers in the game, which lets me feel like mafia. Is...
  27. Smg2daisy

    Sent It, Hope I Can Get It

    Hmm can I get this job I sent to Funky But she's not active here Those Shroom' Staff Members Just inform me if I get, ok? P.S: Tucky, I sent the pic to you, does the pic count as Sketch Related With Mario?
  28. Smg2daisy

    I Am The Super High School Level_____

    As the topic. Tell us that what suits you the most. Super High School Level Artist
  29. Smg2daisy

    My Little Pony Friendship Is Mafia... again? Lounge-Canterlot

    To all pony lovers! I will make my first mafia, My Little Pony Friendship Is Mafia. I know this theme was used, but I wish those who lost their opportunity to involve in this have a second chance. I promise I will do my best and this time, more characters will involved and the roles be more...
  30. Smg2daisy

    You Tube Link Error

    Everyone knows I use my phone. When I try to post You Tube videos, it will become Why
  31. Smg2daisy

    Do You Know How To Cook?(Instant Noodles Not Count)

    Speak here. I can cook rice, porridge and some easy dishes.
  32. Smg2daisy

    School Uniforms

    Those who are in university have nothing do with this.
  33. Smg2daisy

    Suggestions For Pony Songs

    I am finding the songs about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Any suggestions? I mean, any nice songs? Because I just watch Season 1, Episode 11
  34. Smg2daisy

    I Like......

    Post what you like, anything, what or who. I like Super Mario Galaxy.
  35. Smg2daisy

    Your Buddie List

    How many buddies are in your list? Say out if you like. I have thirteen users in my buddie list.
  36. Smg2daisy

    Smg2daisy's Gallery

    These are my drawings, I prefer sketch drawings. Hope you guys dont hate it!
  37. Smg2daisy

    What Do Your Friends Know About Mario

    Because I live at Asian Countries, not much people know about Mario here. I once asked them what do you think about Mario, they said "Oh, a mustache guy hit blocks, kick turtles and save the princess and the music is naive" I think users at western countries are well-known about Mario. Am I right?
  38. Smg2daisy

    Your Holiday Trip

    This topic is for anyone who wants to share your holiday experience . It is just like the topic wrote by Rat, which is in the Mindless Junk. I will share my holiday trip here. This Thursday, I went to a place called Gotong Jaya,which is near from Genting Highlands. Genting Highlands is a famous...
  39. Smg2daisy

    Mario Wall Poster Suggestions

    I will move to a new house and have a room for myself . My parents say that I can put a big wallpaper in my room. So I decided to put something about Mario. Have any suggestions? Thanks! :)
  40. Smg2daisy

    Your home screen wallpaper in phone

    What do you use as your home screen wallpaper of your handphone? (If you have a phone) Mine is same as my avatar here
  41. Smg2daisy

    Who is the best video maker of Mario in You Tube?

    Chugga and supermariologan made many videos about Mario. Who is better ?
  42. Smg2daisy

    Do you play instruments?

    I play piano for seven years and start learning violin this April.
  43. Smg2daisy

    Your Favourite Mario Music

    Tell us. What is your favorite ? Mine is............ The all options above. :D
  44. Smg2daisy

    Mario's Orchestra Game for Wii

    Maybe the Wii series can make a game called Mario's Orchestra Party.I always think about that Mario and other charaters should make a big team and play the music from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2.It should be great if this game exist . :mario: :luigi: :bowser: :daisy: Music For...