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    This is awesome. This is awesome.
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    2011 Stanley Cup Final - Boston Bruins Vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Vancouver because it would be nice to see Canada win for once and I despise the city of Boston.
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    Banjo-Kazooie and Conker games

    If Rare intends on making Banjo games like Nuts and Bolts, they might as well just not make any more. The first two were masterpieces.
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    Super Mario Wii 2

    Then that means "Super Mario Wii 2" already came out if Galaxy is Super Mario Wii. :P
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    I curse about the average amount for a teenager. A little "yeah i got a fucking awesome car" and some "you're a fucking dipshit."
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    What school are you attending?

    12th grade next year. Wow I can't believe I went through 11 years of school without killing myself.
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    Gender and Hand

    A male who jerks with his right hand.
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    Wii ____

    Wii Sports I suppose. Wii Play was not as good and Wii Sports Resort, while having more options to play, was also not as enjoyable to me. And there's a Wii Chess? Wow...
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    Super Mario Wii 2

    There was a Super Mario Wii 1?
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    can Peach retire from damsel in distress ?

    I wish Mario would step his game up, there are better woman out there.
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    Worst Mario Game Ever

    What? I hate Strikers even on Wifi lol. Everything about that game just spelt madness and sometimes too much madness has a negative effect. Between a bunch of weird items, on field gimmicks such as disappearing characters, and character rating system that favored having a team of a heavy...
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    Mario Kart Wii discussion

    Other than Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Dry Bowser, and Funky Kong the list was ok for Mario Kart Wii. As big as it was at least it was more broadly appealing.
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Thread

    Seriously? A lame gimmick sports game a 10/10? I hope this is a joke.
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    Donkey Kong Country Returns 2

    Donkey Kong Country Returns was surprisingly a good game, I hope they come out with a sequel. It was good for a game that had no Kremlings.
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Thread

    Re: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Like or Hate I liked it. Unfortunately it was too easy (minus Grandmaster Galaxy) but I loved how unique every world was. The original felt like it had repeating concepts constantly but this game was so diverse.
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    Mario Kart Wii discussion

    Hackers are hilarious on Mario Kart Wii, I like racing with them as long as they're doing it to have fun and to not mess with people and then hack their way to 1st at the end cause that's just dumb. Like a race like this is cool
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    Worst Console to Handheld Remakes

    Diddy Kong Racing DS. I loved Diddy Kong Racing, that was one of my favorite childhood games. But what the hell happened? Taj turned from a funny Indian to a lame Brit. Wizpig actually looked intimidating in the N64 version. And you can race as both of them for some reason. The game feels like...
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    Worst Mario Game Ever

    Super Mario Strikers Charged was a real work...of garbage. I can't think of a Mario game that I played that's worse. It's unbelievable how they managed to turn a decent game in the prequel into such a terrible game. The Mega Strike is so dumb. Some of the on-field gimmicks are too bizarre. Daisy...
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    Mario Party 9

    I hope something shows up at E3. It's hard to believe a game that sold over 7 million won't get a(nother) sequel. I may be stubborn but I find it hard to believe the franchise is done.
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    Mario Sports Mix

    Classic Mode is alright, but it's too bad the power characters have a real clear advantage since they can rip shots from anywhere.
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    Your Real Name

    It isn't that long, but no one I know can take the time to call me Jonathan, they always have to call me Jon or Johnny. They make me feel like my name is really long.
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    Mario Sports Mix

    I wasn't a huge fan of Strikers Charged, the Mega Strike was by far overdoing it as wel as the special moves. And not to mention the Daisy & Dry Bones cheap move. I can't play online in that game without seeing someone take one of them. -_- And even when you take the ? panels off in Mario...
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    Nintendo should sue Microsoft

    Well Sony can't get sued for trying out motion control stuff, Nintendo didn't trademark it or anything. But the Move is a rip-off to get cause you have to get the Eye thing Sony had (forgot what it's called) for the move to work. Besides the controller looks really weird with that ball, unless...
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    The next generation Nintendo console.

    Yea like Madden for the Wii is a complete joke, heck even the Need for Speed series seemed worse on the Wii than on the PS3 or 360. And Burnout Legends was a cool game for the PSP, but on the DS it's complete shit. But back to Madden, I think the Madden Arcade game for the 360 and PS3 is better...
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    App Gaming

    I have a lot, but most were stuff I got over a year ago. I don't really play the apps on my phone anymore for no reason really. They're cool, I just lost interest in them I guess.
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    Easiest Boss

    The big Whomp in Super Mario 64 at Whomp's Fortress. But for a boss in general...Bowser. :P
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    Are you left or right handed?

    Right handed and I can't write with my left hand for my life. My handwriting is sloppy enough with my right hand my left hand is beyond illegible. :P
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    New characters for the next Mario Kart?

    I meant the main 8 good guys. Bowser is part of the 8 villains I guess (Bowser, Bowser Jr, Koopa, Goomba, Hammer Bro, Kamek, Boo, and Dry Bones). Well I just made up that main 8 villain part but hopefully my point still goes across. :P And I don't get the Daisy hate either, she's sure as hell...
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    The next generation Nintendo console.

    I'm not a nostalgic fanboy I just don't dig the motion controller stuff. Part of the reason why I don't even play my Wii that much is cause of the controller, I just don't personally dig it. Not everyone's gonna like the new fad in town or whatever motion control gaming has become.
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    "A revelation?" Super Mario Galaxy 2 Editon

    I didn't get how in SMG2 whenever you fought Bowser he'd be big but when you beat him he'd shrink. But then when you fight him again he's big again. I got excited that we'd actually get to fight Bowser in different forms or something, but instead we get the same lame fight from world 2 to world 6.
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    Mario Sports Mix

    I'm just sayin that Mario Hoops was way too gimmicky for me, with the coins and stuff. I thought the original Strikers was a good game and that game had it's gimmicks as well, but they didn't overdue it for me unlike in Mario Hoops. Plus Mario Hoops didn't have the best of controls either.
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    New characters for the next Mario Kart?

    Paratroopa's a she? :o I always thought it was a he. And Waluigi isn't going anywhere, he's part of the Mario universe's main 8 characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, DK).
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    The next generation Nintendo console.

    I hope they bring back a normal controller, I'm sick of this motion control stuff now I wanna go back to the days of normal gaming.
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    Nintendo should sue Microsoft

    Did you guys see the Forza Kintect video? Kintect makes you look like a complete dumbass with no controller.
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    Your Real Name

    No one can take their time to pronounce it, I guess cause this is lazy America. :P
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    New characters for the next Mario Kart?

    Hopefully they don't have too much characters, they overdid it with MKWii having like Baby Daisy and Dry Bowser, hopefully MK3DS can have more like 16 characters or so.
  37. J

    What did you last watch on TV?

    Degrassi...I have no clue why but I've been watching it the past 3 hours even though I never watch it. At first I was like "oh hey look it's Drake" and then I got interested in the show and I can't stop watching simply cause I have nothing better to do right now.
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    2010 FIFA World Cup

    I've always liked Argentina so hopefully they win. But on Japan losing, penalty kicks are a terrible way to decide a game.
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    What did you last watch on TV?

    World Cup Spain vs. Portugal...well I'm still watching it now.
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    I was hoping there wouldn't just be random kids going "mario rulez mario party 9 is gonna come out tomorrow i can feel it" around the place, cause there's no hope for Mario Party 9. :P But yeah nice to meet you Yokuba. :)
  41. J

    First Gameboy game

    Nicktoons Racing, that game was pretty cool when I was 6. :P
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    Which version of the DS do you prefer?

    The DSi I guess, since it's the newest version. But I really wouldn't care whether I had a DSi or DS Lite so I don't really prefer it over the other. Hell I have the DS phat and I'm cool with it, though I'll get the 3DS since it seems to be a Color-to-Advance like upgrade.
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    What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

    Re: What are you listening to right now? Get Away- Hed PE
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    Your Real Name

    Jonathan, kinda long but no one actually calls me Jonathan, just Johnny or Jon for short.
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    What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

    I saw The Karate Kid a week ago, it was alright. And then I watched She's the Man the other day cause I was bored. I wanna see Toy Story 3 though. ;D
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    Mario Sports Mix

    This looks like Mario Hoops...which I wasn't a fan of. But Square Enix isn't making so hopefully this game turns out good and there's no overpowered Final Fantasy characters. :P I just hope the game isn't too gimmicky and unreal like Mario Hoops, I mean you don't ground pound to steal and you...
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    Which Nintendo Consoles Do You Own?

    The N64, Gamecube, and Wii. I got the N64 in 98' I believe and since then I was a Nintendo addict.
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Hey nice to meet you too...uh...horny arab dude. :P Good to see there's not just 10 year olds here lol.