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    Who is cooler,Waluigi,or wario?

    YEAH! She's cool ^^! And she wasn't that difficult to unlock anyway ^^!
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    Who is cooler,Waluigi,or wario?

    I like a bit more Wario (Mainly for the WarioWare games) but, for some reason, my dad loves Waluigi in Mario Kart Wii. I have to admit Waluigi is a cool character, and I believe he'll be a cool character if Nintendo wont try something with him... if Nintendo does it... well.... will see... I...
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    Super Mario-kun Scanlation Proyect!

    I'm spamming every Mario-related forum I know with this thing, so, I hope you guys will forget me for that. Today appears the stupiest thing I did in my whole life: I buy 12 Volumes of Super Mario-kun Manga! SERIOUSLY ^^! Since I was searching for almost 4 years with little to no sucess for...