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    The official Thread about Donkey Kong

    I liked Donkey Kong 64 the most. Haha, sorry this is totally irrelevant. :dk: :bowser: :dk: :bowser:
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    Mario Party 9

    I don't even want to see another Mario Party game. I don't like that series. But if there were another one I'd want these playable characters in them: -Bowser -Tatanga -Baby Wario -and everyone else from Mario Super Sluggers:D.
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    New characters for the next Mario Kart?

    When would they make another Mario Kart anyway? whatever, here's my list: Hammer Bro Dixie Kong Baby Donkey Kong Baby Wario Tatanga, haha. :bowser:
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    New courses for the next Mario Kart Game

    They could make tracks out of the shape of all of the main characters INCLUDING Daisy! (because some people argue tht shes not a main character but i consider her a main character) teamxxbowser
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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    SM64 DS ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    ^IK! ISNT IT EXCITING?! --teamxxbowser. :bowser:
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    Crappy Movies

    I love mockumentories. ;D --teamxxbowser :bowser:
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    The Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy Thread

    loved tht show when I was a kid, sick of it now.
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    The Official Music Thread

    yeah, i like them too. ;D
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    Flowers for Algernon

    My mom watched the movie. she cried. anyone possibly know why? I never read the book or saw the movie so i was just wondering... --teamxxbowser (is feelin' good.) :bowser:
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    The Oprah Show is ending

    I can't handle talk shows, theyre too random.
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    Criticize some Shows or whatever here.

    Dude, I HATE the shows on Disney Channel. It annoys me how Disney merchandises evry f*cking thing dry.
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    What did you last watch on TV?

    Arthur on PBS kids Go! :D --teamxxbowser :bowser: :bowser: :bowser: :bowser:
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    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    ^RIGHT ON.
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    Rate the above user's signature.

    ^thaaanks booman :(
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    New courses for the next Mario Kart Game

    I like the Tiny-Huge Island track idea. They should make a Mario Kart tht only has tracks base off of courses from SM64. Tht would be E P I C ! ...or a track based off of Bowser :D --teamxxbowser :bowser:
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    What's your favorite course in Mario Kart DS?

    Delfino Square, Tick Tock Clock, Wario Stadium, and all the tracks in the Special Cup! OH, and both Bowser's Castles --teamxxbowser. :bowser:
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    World War II

    Can I be India?
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    some sprite I made.

    I admire any artistic-ness. ;D
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    Most annoying person you've ever met?

    Okay, so I've discovered a new most annoying person ever: Alex Knoch/Alex Cock/Swine Flu Boy. He's this crazy kid who dated muh friend and when they broke up he was telling people lies about how he had sex with her and other stuff...and he still says random-ass lies that are really intolerable...
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    Mario Forum Kart: Triple Wiki Dash!!!

    Name: teamxxbowser Appearance: bowser with a blue dress on. ahahah. Special Item: Bowser shell/Red shell Kart: Parade Kart Weight: light Stats: Top Speed - 4/10 Acceleration - 10/10 Handling - 9/10 --teamxxbowser. :bowser:
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    Rate the above user's signature.

    5/10 because idk who the ppl are.
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    Random Question, Random Answer

    because HE CRAZY. Why is Sonic blueee?
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    -NEW PAJAMA PANTS -Mario Super Sluggers -New Super Mario Bros. DS -Wii Sports Resort (I think that's what it's called) -bowser --teamxxbowser. :bowser:
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    The last thing you bought

    Food at school. the star children: :peach: :mario: :luigi: :dk: :wario: :bowser: :yoshi: --teamxxbowser.
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    Soda Pop

    My 2 favorite sodas are Pepsi and Wild Cherry Pepsi. I love really sweet sodas. ;D --teamxxbowser :bowser:
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    Random Question, Random Answer

    Canada's currency. How long has it been since I played Call of Duty?
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    What games have you recently beaten?

    I've recently beaten Diddy Kong Racing just this morning.
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    Virtual Boy

    yeah, that would be pretty cool if they did redo Mario Clash but in color and add it to the Virtual Console.
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    Diddy Kong Racing

    love tht game, would be an awesome addition to the VC.
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    Wii Would Like to Play

    haha, havent seen those commercials in a while. Dont really miss them though... :-\ --teamxxbowser. :bowser:
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    Hardest Boss in gaming?

    WIZPIG ON DIDDY KONG RACING64 ALSO. still havent beaten it bc I forgot about tht game for lik, 2 years... ;D --teamxxbowser , :bowser:
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    Have you ever cried during a video game??

    Never cried during a video game. My brother has many a-times though. haha. Who evr has needs more self-control :D --teamxxbowser. :bowser:
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    Control the Throne

    teamxxbowser has just corrected evrything and is now on the throne.
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    Random Question, Random Answer

    BECAUSE TEAMXXBOWSER IS WEARING IT. Why is my sister super annoying?
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    Rate the User above avatar!

    2/10 hahahahah.
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    Most annoying person you've ever met?

    The most annoying person I've ever met was my Lang. Arts teacher last year. She always made really racial comments and it was so annoying how she favorited a lot of people. >:( --teamxxbowser. :bowser:
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    Donkey Kong Country hacks

    Oh, thanks. Is Donkey Kong Country 3 a fun game? I almost tempted to try that series...I guess its rediculous and fun.(: --teamxxbowser :bowser:!
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    What did you last watch on TV?

    Everybody Hates Chris on BET AGAIN! haha. --teamxxbowser and lik to double sig...sry if it bugs ppl. :bowser:
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    Sponge Bob

    I lik the old Spongebob episodes too. But my sister liks the new and old, she watches them faithfully every morning or whenevr their on these days... :-\ --teamxxbowser :bowser:
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    World War II

    Is anybody Sweden yet? Because I was wondering... can I be SWEDEN?! ;D --teamxxbowser (: :bowser: ( :mario:=arch-nemisis.)
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    Donkey Kong Country hacks

    Havent ever played Donkey Kong Country so I dont know which is a hack and which isnt. interesting though. Is tht the first donkey kong country or is it 2 or 3 ??? :daisy:<dude, thts princess daisy, just noticed NOW! hahah. --teamxxbowser. :bowser:
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    Broken Wiimote

    Dude, Idk wat might be wrong with it but tht really SUCKS! --teamxxbowser:]
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    What games have you recently beaten?

    I've beaten Super Mario 64:DS :D! --teamxxbowserrr<3 8)(<---me) + :bowser: = <33
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    Virtual Boy

    Does anyone have a Virtual Boy or know someone who thought they were cool because they had one!? haha, I remember how lame they were. Major fail on Nintendo's part. hahah. --teamxxbowser, yay! :bowser:
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    Oh wow, cool. Thanks mods :D --teamxxbowser :bowser: :bowser: :wario:?! :bowser: :bowser:
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    How do you become a Moderator? What if a random person all of the sudden says that they're a moderator? I dont understand... --teamxxbowser(: :bowser: