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    Modified Wii Wheel

    W00T! Does it have a B button presser thingy?
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    Best Pokémon girl

    My favorite is Dawn's Ambipom. What? She's technically a girl.
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    What was your first Mario game?

    My first, played AND owned, was MP4.
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    What thingy made you sad in the Mario series?

    Heck, SPM ending literally made me cry! But more of a joy cry, really. Didn't cry till the picture of Blumiere & timpani in field.
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    Mario Types and Evolution

    And let's not forget: Pale Pirahna (Grass + Dark) Oh and also: Blue Koopa (Normal + Flying) into Blue Paratroopa (Normal + Flying) Yellow Koopa (Normal + Ground) into Yellow Paratroopa (Ground + Flying) Blue Koopa is Flying-type because they give Yoshi wings. Yellow Koopais Ground-type...
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    Short Stories

    Here, post your own short stories. I will begin with one I created myself. Luigi: A Turn to Villainy One day, Bowser decided to hypnotize Luigi into becoming evil. Kamek went to Luigi's house and knocked on his door. Being naive, Luigi didn't ask who it was and just opened the door. Kamek...
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    Mario Types and Evolution

    ^ Yes there is. Go to Pinna Park Ep. 5 and you'll see that there is indeed a Green Electro-Koopa in existence.
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    Mario Types and Evolution

    I have some Grass- and Thunder- types for you all. M Bush (Poison + Grass) Piranha Sprout (Grass) into Piranha Pest (Grass) into Piranha Plant (Grass) Electro-Koopa (Thunder) into Blue Electro-Koopa (Thunder) into Green Electro-Koopa (Thunder)
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    Mario Types and Evolution

    In pokemon games, each Pokemon has one or two types and can usually "evolve", or turn into a new pokemon. Let's do that with Mario characters. Goomba (Normal) into Paragoomba (Normal + Flying) Koopa Troopa (Normal) into Parakoopa Troopa (Normal + Flying) Red Koopa (Fire) into Paratroopa (Fire...