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  1. Phantom66

    Mario Game Ideas for Wii

    yeah were brothers
  2. Phantom66

    Mario's Belly

    I havent noticed hes gotten skinnier. U sure about that?
  3. Phantom66

    The Official Marioverse Battles Topic

    Whered you get Chuck Norris from? Well Wario couldnt beat him. Chuck can tear a man in half! (Not really) Gloomtail VS Chuck Norris! Thats a battle right there!
  4. Phantom66

    Wario Or Waluigi?

    If I had to choose Id say Waluigi. Im not sure why but Wario has a fart attack on SSBB which you gotta admit is kinda funny but really nasty. Waluigis not nasty like that.
  5. Phantom66

    The Official Marioverse Battles Topic

    Lets add Gloomtail to these battles! No one could beat him! Lets do Gloomtail VS Bowser!
  6. Phantom66

    You Know You've Played Mario Games Too Much When...

    When Luigi plays an accordion. Just kidding! How do you get those avatars that move anyway?
  7. Phantom66

    ? Blocks

    Just like all the other wierd mario mysteries. Mushroom Kingdom is a strange place...
  8. Phantom66

    Mario: Better now or then?

    All I gotta say is: I LOVE MARIO GAMES!!!!!
  9. Phantom66

    Who's Smarter- Daisy or Peach

    Same probably.
  10. Phantom66

    The Stupidity of Peach.

    You never know. Everyone seems to like Daisy better...
  11. Phantom66

    The Stupidity of Peach.

    Well I wouldnt classify Peach as a real woman. She kinda... psycho.
  12. Phantom66

    The Stupidity of Peach.

    How do you know its sarcastic? Im just saying it makes her sound stupid.
  13. Phantom66

    Mario gets hurt to easily

    Enemies are so ugly it hurts Mario.
  14. Phantom66

    food of the Mushromm Kingdom

    You know itd help if you listed some examples of food in the Mushroom Kingdom. Like mushrooms, Yoshi fruit, stuff Tase T. on Paper Mario64 makes, stuff like that. Anyway I think Ill like some stuff but not mushrooms. Yuck. I think some of the stuff Tase T. makes looks good, like the Yoshi...
  15. Phantom66

    If you were a boss in Super Mario...

    Id have a HUGE castle and make it out in the open where Mario can find it. Then Id have tons of guards that would all attack Mario at once. If he makes it past that, Id have guards lock the doors when he got into the castle and make it where he cant get out. Then hed starve to death! Basically...
  16. Phantom66

    Mario gets hurt to easily

    Ive always wondered why everytime an enemy bumps into Mario it hurts him. It doesnt seem to make much sense. If you run into an enemy it doesnt hurt them it still hurts you. Why is that?
  17. Phantom66

    Mario Game Ideas for Wii

    What kind of new Mario games besides MP8 SMGalaxy and MarioK Wii do you think will be on the Wii?
  18. Phantom66

    Mario: Brooklynite or not?

    I dont like the idea. Marios supposed to be Italian. In the games hes always talked like hes Italian not from Brooklyn! And Ive never seen anywhere on any Mario game that Marios from Brooklyn. Why else do you think hes obsessed with spaghetti and ravioli? Why do you think when he loses on M64 he...
  19. Phantom66

    Mario cartoon.

    They need to put the Super Mario Super Show back on. I remember when they cut off DKC. I was so ticked off! Its true. Theres a Kirby show an FZero Show. Why not Mario?
  20. Phantom66

    Why doesn't anyone like Peach?

    I dont know. Its true. Mario games would be different without Peach. Itd make them feel a little empty and not much like a real Mario game.
  21. Phantom66

    Continue my Story...

    Mario hears him say that, goes home and makes a poisonous pizza. He brings it back to the toad. "Here you go. I made it myself". " Give it to me!" Toad takes the pizza and starts eating it. "Aha! That's a poisonous pizza! I sure fooled you Bowser Jr!" "What? I'm not Bowser Jr." "Don't lie!"...
  22. Phantom66

    You Know You've Played Mario Games Too Much When...

    When you hit your head on a block trying to get money out of it.
  23. Phantom66

    Super Mario Galaxy

    Well its kinda obvious isnt it? Either some space villain or Bowser. Probably Bowser. It always is!
  24. Phantom66

    Bowser? Not scary?

    Bowsers not scary and has never been scary. Even Giga Bowser's not scary. They better make him scary in SSBB though. That would be awesome. I think the point of Bowser is to be funny not scary.
  25. Phantom66

    The Stupidity of Peach.

    I never really thought about Peach being stupid but in Super Mario Sunshine Bowser Jr. said Peach was his mama and she said " I'm your mama?" That seems pretty stupid. Also in Super Smash Bros Melee when she wins sometimes she says "Oh, did I win?" Anyone in Kindergarten wouldve guessed she won...