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    What did you get for Christmas?

    Well, I got 3 new games, a couple of DSi/Wii accessories, a 37 inch HD TV, a Golden Retriever, candy, clothes, and a few gift cards.
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    Another Drawing of Mine

    Here. Since Kieran is my new favorite video game character, I felt the need to draw him. Comments?
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    THIS THRED IS DEEEEEEEED also post chatroom moments

    Re: chatroom posts [21:50] *** Vegeta has joined #palkgiuschat [21:50] *** ChanServ sets mode +o on Vegeta [21:50] <Vegeta> OVER 9000 [21:50] <Packy|FETO> VEGETA [21:50] <Packy|FETO> HOLY [21:51] <Packy|FETO> SH*T [21:51] <Packy|FETO> DONT [21:51] <Packy|FETO> DESTROY [21:51]...
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    Crazy and Crappy Games

    Super Monkey Ball Adventure. That game is plain awful.
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    Hardest Boss

    Shadoo was pretty tough considering what you have to go through to get to him. I made it to his room twice (since you're supposed to) and he beat me in one hit.
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    Who was the easiest boss in the history of the Marioverse?

    Super Dimentio. I beat him in about a minute. I got Bowser stuck on his collar-thing and just kept bouncing...
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    I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.

    New sig...More so, I actually got a sig.
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    There were a lot of people who foresaw the "apocalypse," the Myans being the most credited. (For lack of a better word.)
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    The whole thing is a scam to freak people out. Just look at the end date, 12/21/12 or 12/12/12.....Something with a bunch of 1's and 2's. Basically, I don't believe in this world ending baloney.
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    THIS THRED IS DEEEEEEEED also post chatroom moments

    Re: chatroom posts [18:25] <Palkia47> I g2g for real now. [18:25] <Palkia47> bai [18:26] <P_Y> bai [18:26] <P_Y> D: [18:26] <AnWildAATFC> Bye [18:26] <Neurario> Have fun out there, Packy. [18:26] <Z3r0_Tw0> Noooo [18:26] <Neurario> And don't worry about us. [18:26] <Neurario> :)...
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    What would you do if the user above was the new steward?

    I wouldn't do anything. It's not like he's a different person.
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    The Zombie Apocolypse

    Actually, the rising of the Totalitarian Union of 02 is like a zombie uprising cause afterall, it's an undead turnip enslaving the human race. Eh...Well, I still think a zombie uprising is quite rediculous. It probably wouldn't be too awesome either. I know I wouldn't wanna be infected by my...
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    The Zombie Apocolypse

    Yes it is. Who said I have to listen to a government? Everything, governments, political borders, economic systems, etc can change. So I can ruin my nation and form a totalitarian government. Then you'll see my military power.
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    The Zombie Apocolypse

    I hate to break it to you, but the Confederate States of 02 will conquer the world by military means. If that means nuclear weapons, then pack your radiation masks, folks.
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    The Zombie Apocolypse

    I would rather the apocolypse to be reformation of the Soviet Union and the rise of Communist countries who eventually use nuclear weapons that destroy the planet. .....That or machine uprising. I'd want to battle to death with a bus. But on the Zombie subject, I'd probably blame China...
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    Do you like Barack Obama?

    Yes. His plans on protecting wildlife refuges in Alaska are quite pleasing.
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    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    So Packy wasn't lying. :P Welcome back Stoobs! </late>
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    Post Your...Relaxing Techniques

    I grab a snack and play Wii Music, predominantly. Other times, I just read.
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    Do you like reading???

    I love reading. I'm working on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series currently, though I'm waiting for book 5. I'm also forced to read a book called "Touching Spirit Bear" for school. Yes it's as odd as it sounds.
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    If you can have three wishes, what would they be?

    1. If I screw up a wish, then I get to retry it. 2. Become the youngest governor of Wyoming. (It's a cool state :3) 3. To save this wish for future needs. (Does that mean I used it?)
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    Weird flavors of ice cream

    I was in Maine on vacation once, and I saw two odd flavors at this one place: Lobster and Moose Dropping.
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    Speak Spanish?

    ¿Que tiempo hace? Hace mucho frío y hace viento. That's all I know.
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    In this topic, post your height.

    I re-measured myself and I'm 5' 7 13/16.'' And also I'm one of the tallest kids in my grade, excluding the ones who've stayed back.
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    What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happen to you.

    Let's see....There was one time at school when I was caught off-guard to answer a question. That day was also my birthday. What was worse was that the single best answer to the question was "Birthday." My teacher even forgot about it too. So I tried to think of another answer, but I spat out...
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    I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.

    Now that I've figured it out, I have a (new?) avatar.
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    Control the Throne

    In my first attempt to take the throne on this forum, I get blown up by a bomb. In my second attempt, the bomb blows up you. Throne obtain.
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    I can play Trombone pretty well, and can make sense of how to play a Tuba and Trumpet. And I'm absolutely pathetic on a guitar. I played a single note and my cousin said it was terrible.
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    In this topic, post your height.

    I'm about 5' 7-8'' and I'm 13 :>
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    Your favorite VG music.

    If I'm thinking of the right theme, then yea, it does sound something like it. :O
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    Your favorite VG music.

    Srsly. If you listen at a point, you're able to tell it's a remix of the Gourmet Race theme. :P
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    Your favorite VG music.

    I hope I'm not necroposting, but I like the Checker Knights and Magma Flows music from Kirby Air Ride. I linked to Magma Flows cause it's a more obsure theme.
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    Wii Friend Codes

    Hmm... Mine is: 2840-9137-8189-0666
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    MKWii FCs

    Nick: PaperLuigi (Don't ask) FC: 4597-0006-5971 Main Character/Vehicle: Luigi on the Mach Bike Controller: Wii Wheel Anyone wanna race sometime? I only have Glitchman and Paper Yoshi registered.
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    My Drawings

    Thanks ^_^
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    My Drawings -Dark Matter -Meta Knight Like 'em? BTW, I linked to them because quite frankly, they were huge.
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    I've joined at last (thanks to Stooben!) I've mainly come to ease working on The 'Shroom.