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  1. LuigiLady

    What was bad in Melee, but good in Brawl now? (Characters, Stages, etc.)

    The Subspace Emissary is a lot better then the Adventure mode in melee...
  2. LuigiLady

    Is it just me, is is Ganondorf waaaaaay more powerful in Brawl than he ever b4?!

    He was pretty good in Melee, but he is better in Brawl. But lets not say waaaaaaaay better, that's just extreme.
  3. LuigiLady

    Which is the more powerful?

    I don't think it really matters, but Lanky Kong's arms can give quite a punch...
  4. LuigiLady

    Who treats their minions better?

    Lol, yep, Peach and her always - threatening Parasol!
  5. LuigiLady

    Who thinks they need to make a game where Mario, Luigi Wario &Waluigi adventure?

    As long as Luigi is there, I'm all for it!
  6. LuigiLady

    In the original Paper Mario did anyone ever...

    Exactly what block is this? did you know that in Crystal palace you can get two ultra shrooms? :luigi: