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  1. Ishntknew

    Why are you a Mario fan?

    I've played Nintendo games since I was about one-year or two-years old. At three or four, I could play Super Mario World better than any of my sister's friends (she's over ten years older than me). I've been a Nintendo fan fairly consistantly my whole life. During the N64 era, I became a...
  2. Ishntknew

    Wiki Fiktion

    It was a disgustingly normal day in Yoshi's Village, until suddenly, the newest incarnation of Game & Watch Gallery was released there. But something had gone terribly wrong. This wasn't Game & Watch Gallery! It was portable Mario Party, featuring such minigames as Handcar Havoc! This made a...
  3. Ishntknew

    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Ishnt here. Chris showed me this place, and it actually seems like a fairly good community. Hope I can contribute to it!
  4. Ishntknew

    The Complete Mario Anime Movie (Posted with permission)

    This is probably either the best or second best video game based cartoon I have ever seen. I'd like to see a fansub, but it's actuallly fairly easy to understand anyway. I wonder why it never got very popular? All in all, it actually felt like a Mario cartoon, not just a cartoon with Mario...