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  1. Tokoyoto

    Marvel vs. Capcom... 3?

    Tron Bonne and Zero both have Megaman and Bass colors. Also, Phoenix and Mike Haggar confirmed.
  2. Tokoyoto

    Creepy Movies

    Jacob's Ladder. A little dated, but we wouldn't have Silent Hill without it.
  3. Tokoyoto

    Misheard Lyrics

    Purple haze all in my brain lately things don't seem the same Acting funny and I don't know why excuse me while I kiss this guy Apparently, the lyric being misheard was so prolific, and Jimi Hendrix found it so funny, that he would sometimes sing it that way in concert on purpose--sometimes...
  4. Tokoyoto

    Favorite of Bowser's Children?

    Man, you guys. D: Morton and Roy are my favorites, respectively. LOOK AT THOSE SUNGLASSES. Look at them.
  5. Tokoyoto

    Do you know who Cthulhu is outside of South Park?

    That is not dead which can eternal lie; And with strange aeons even death may die. Seriously, HP Lovecraft was an incredible writer and I pity anybody that's hopped on the apparent "Mythos meme" of late without actually looking into his work. It's become a pretty big internet thing.
  6. Tokoyoto

    Marvel vs. Capcom... 3?

    Taskmaster possibly confirmed, as well as the final boss.
  7. Tokoyoto

    Favorite Band Alphabet

    I know I'm going to look at this list later and smack myself. Also, never realized how many of my favorite bands start with M. # - 30 Seconds to Mars A - Akira Yamaoka B - Brandi Carlisle C - Chevelle D - Dolly Parton E - edIT F - Finger Eleven G - Guano Apes H - Hurt I - IOSYS J - Jewel K -...
  8. Tokoyoto

    Your favorite VG music.

    Gotta give it up to Persona 4. Super Mario RPG has some winners as well.
  9. Tokoyoto

    What Characters Wanted For MK3DS?

    Shyguys have their masks. Also Autobombs, stilts, shaman gear, Nazi paraphernalia...
  10. Tokoyoto

    What Characters Wanted For MK3DS?

    Supposedly, the 3DS's technology is comparable to the Wii. It's only limited by the cartridge format, and that the 3D itself consumes so much of the memory processing. I could definitely see a big roster happening.
  11. Tokoyoto

    What Characters Wanted For MK3DS?

    A bit of a derailment, but on the subject of Miis. I remember Coconut Mall having posters with pictures of your Miis in various advertisement style poses. I think it picked the Miis in question at random from your stock? Or some such? At any rate, I know I'm not the only one that has some goof...
  12. Tokoyoto

    Mushroom Go (A webcomic)

    The scene I posted took place in an abandoned laboratory. I just grabbed a random page to show off, most of the context you'd probably have to read the rest of the comic for.
  13. Tokoyoto

    What Characters Wanted For MK3DS?

    I think I could live with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi being a single character--like, both of them sitting in the same kart, Ice Climbers style. Babies probably need help driving anyway.
  14. Tokoyoto

    Characters in the next Super Smash Bros. game

    I'm up for more villains, to be honest. Specifically: King K. Rool. I don't know if he's caught up in the crazy Rare-Nintendo-fiasco, but seeing him swap gear from his tyrant, pirate and mad scientist eras would be pretty awesome--shooting cannon balls and whatnot. Also, Captain Syrup from the...
  15. Tokoyoto

    The Koopaling's Mother?

    I have two answers that I generally stick to. One: Bowser is king. Chances are pretty good that he, being an old-style monarchic king, has his fair share of... ladies in waiting. Concubines, baby. It's good to be the king. Seriously, though, I can't imagine a beast the size of Bowser popping...
  16. Tokoyoto

    Species as playble "character" ?

    Actually, now you've got me thinking about alternate costumes for everybody--like, full blown outfits. I don't know what I'd do with myself if I could play Mario Kart as Mr. L.
  17. Tokoyoto

    Ugliest Characters

    Japanese is also a widely followed language, and the origin of the content itself. And to be fair, Yoshi's a boy that lays eggs. They're both a little on the gender confused side. When at least two characters in-game state that the character is male in both Japanese and English versions, I...
  18. Tokoyoto

    Mushroom Go (A webcomic)

    Hey there. I run a webcomic at It's... sort of a Mario comic. Kind of. It takes place in the Mario universe, but isn't actually about any canon Mario characters. I'm also looking for feedback/criticism/what have you, so feel free to comment. It's nearing 50 pages now, updates...
  19. Tokoyoto

    Favorite Mario Character

    Geno, Rosalina, Wario. Can't decide.
  20. Tokoyoto

    Ugliest Characters

    I'm not gonna lie, I prefer Daisy to Peach. There. I said it. I've got a little Daisy figure next to my monitor. I don't like Daisy as much as I like Rosalina, however. Ugliest character, I gotta give it up to any number of Kongs. Chunky Kong is probably the winner, but Candy Kong comes in a...
  21. Tokoyoto

    What Characters Wanted For MK3DS?

    Hey, we've had Funky Kong. If DK's getting extended members of his cast, I say Wario should too.
  22. Tokoyoto

    Favorite Comedian?

    Lewis Black, hands down. Followed closely by Gabriel Iglesias, Pablo Francisco and Mitch Hedberg (RIP).
  23. Tokoyoto

    Species as playble "character" ?

    Don't forget that New Super Mario Bros had "a blue toad" and "a yellow toad" as playables. I honestly don't mind it, though I would far prefer specific representatives--King Boo is a good example of that. I'd rather see King Boo as a character than a regular, generic Boo. For characters that...
  24. Tokoyoto

    What Characters Wanted For MK3DS?

    Aside from those likely to already be in it? Captain Syrup. Period.