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  1. Dardy

    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Nintendo Switch)

    I'm beyond happy that this exists and is on my hands right now. I could only play a couple of minutes as I'm at work and it just arrived this morning, but I'm happy what this represents for the series moving forward. First impressions: this looks gorgeous, super guards don't feel much easier...
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    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    I'm not sure if I'm back back, but it's been years since I last done anything in MarioWiki or this boards. In fact, I'm quite fond of the "new" look this board has received. Let's just say that over these years, my life has changed so much that I barely recognize who I was anymore, I'm...
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    Mario vs Donkey Kong Switch

    Mini-Land Mayhem! is my favorite game in this series by far, it might be the nostalgia blinding me tho. I only tried the demo for Mario vs. Donkey Kong and I didn't fall in love with it so I didn't buy it. It makes me sad how much this game is slept upon, I used to create so many levels in the...
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    Input delay in Project 64 with a Switch Pro Controller

    it might be your system's bluetooth power saving fault. Try to go to Device Manager, navigate to your adapter (not your connected device), go to Properties, go to Power Management and turn off "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power."
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    I just beat __

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    General Discussion

    Well, an admin must take this action anyway.
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    General Discussion

    Why is Long Jump a disambiguation page? The move is far more prominent than the event. I believe the disambig page should be deleted and the move should be moved to replace it.
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    Translation request thread

    Not a translation request but I'm bringing attention to this (Talk:Elevator_Key#The_name_of_the_elevator_key_in_the_Japanese_version_of_the_game). The name needs to be added to the article.
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    English Possession s help

    ok this seems silly, I never thought I would ask about something like this. Is "Mike's brother's book" the correct way to reference the book of Mike's brother? Or should it be entirely avoided by saying "the book of Mike's brother"?
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    General Discussion

    OK, it's in effect now.
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    General Discussion

    Quick idea that popped into my mind, should the Template:PArchive have hover text that displays either the color or more conveniently the outcome of the proposal? For the colorblind of us. For example, hovering over the "(ended June 5)" of the first proposal should display "Proposal passed...
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    Adobe Premiere blue screen of death.

    just a few questions to know if it is the same issue I had. Is your Windows 10 an update you installed over existing windows 7/whatever? Is that the only hardware-software issue you had with Windows 10? *odd one* Does a similar screen pop when you use PJ64? I had that issue with my upgrade...
  14. Dardy

    Video game songs that still remain stuck in your head.

    countless hours on my part are not due to playing badly, but rather due to speedrunning, and believe me, 3 hours is not such a long time, especially not for a blind run. I believe my first one was 4ish hours
  15. Dardy

    What were the best years for video games?

    if everything goes as planned, 2017 might be the new best. Considering that BotW is out, A Hat in Time, Yooka-Laylee, the new Splatoon, and Super Mario Odyssey are all announced to be released later this year. who knows, maybe Nintendo will actually release a good Mario Party again.
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    Video game songs that still remain stuck in your head.

    oh damn you're right XD ---- Countless hours spent inside is probably a big factor
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    Shokora is now a Bureaucrat!

    I just noticed! Congrats!!
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    Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

    to be fair Intellivision is the most accurate, I mean look at those vivid colors.
  19. Dardy

    Unpopular opinions about the Super Smash Bros series.

    Mario is the most fluid character to control in the SSB series
  20. Dardy

    Project: Banners

    Mega-approved :) I really like it small complain though, I don't feel that the arrows fit the general design
  21. Dardy

    The official name change announcement thread

    in due time....
  22. Dardy

    Project: Banners

    I like the design, it's too generic though (and too green, too). The spacing on the font is kinda annoying though, It seems like P r oposa ls
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    The official name change announcement thread

    Kazooie because confusing people is my game.
  24. Dardy

    Project: Banners

    Quick ideas for the mix: I'm not sure if we are focusing on keeping the general style the same or not, but a few ideas I had are here: File:MP9_Mario.png looks far better than the suggested one. We could use a recreation of a logo for the text. There are a lot of different styles and most of...
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    General Discussion

    I don't think it is someone's specific job or it would have been mentioned by now. Featured hits me as Mario holding a star with the Mario Party 9 font saying Featured Articles behind him. Proposals on the other hand, no idea.
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    General Discussion

    the jaggy background kinda covers it though
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    General Discussion

    Incredible, we still need to brainstorm ideas for the rest of the banners...
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    General Discussion

    I barely notice the old banner, mainly because it has been there for so long. Regarding the actual artwork I really like it, but what really captures my eyes are the inconsistency in "jagging" between the level that is found on the background and in the font and the artworks. The ring also does...
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    General Discussion

    I thought I would collect some opinion before spending more time on this: I have always despised the glitch pages, no matter how much work we put into them, they just never look as professional as other articles...
  30. Dardy

    Requesting edits for locked pages.

    Can Question Mark Switch be moved to ? Switch. It is the official name from Super Mario 64 DS according to the level name and the official name from New Super Mario Bros. according to the user manual according to Hiccup (User:Hiccup).
  31. Dardy

    Internet disconnecting every couple of hours for a few minutes

    Well it could be a virus, for safety check all your recent installs. Otherwise try to ping test your IP address (usually You can do a ping test by opening the command prompt and typing "ping". If you are not sure what your IP address is, type "ipconfig /all" and check...
  32. Dardy

    Buying a Laptop / PC Tower - send help pls

    Wondering why your experience with HP is bad. But my experience with Dell was far worse. I'm sorry I can't help you much, but if you decide a laptop model to get, make sure to research it online a bit to see if other users suffer from troubles.
  33. Dardy

    my wifi is down help

    you can also use and as supplied by norton. They actually stop a lot of infected sites. A good chunk of them, but not all unfortunately.
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    With the exception of the images in the kickstarter, I haven't seen a single gameplay video of Yooka-Laylee yet. I bet this is going to make the game 10 times better for me.
  35. Dardy

    my wifi is down help

    I tried this one before myself, and it worked.
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    General Discussion

    hmm, sure.. the source should be the place to mention that as well. Not the artist in aboutfile
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    Requesting edits for locked pages.

    I can't recall red mushrooms being used. But I'm pretty sure I saw green mushroom somewhere in a manual.
  38. Dardy

    Requesting edits for locked pages.

    I think these two in particular should be permitted. It's common to call the 1-up mushroom the green mushroom. And the regular mushroom as the red mushroom. No more should be created though.
  39. Dardy

    Paper Mario: Color Splash

    Definitely related. My opinion exactly.
  40. Dardy

    Which Nintendo game has the best graphics?

    I'm pretty sure that if Super Mario Galaxy were made for Wii U, it would have been the best looking game on the console.
  41. Dardy

    What is your pick-up and play game?

    dude you are missing out.
  42. Dardy

    Video game series that should come back?

    Paper Mario, it died with SPM (it was a fantastic game, just more spin-offy).
  43. Dardy

    Your favorite video game music composers.

    Grant Kirkhope, there is not a single piece of music that he composed that I didn't like. My favorites are Jungle Japes (the first location), and Grunty's Industries (inside version, maybe because I just spend too much time there.)
  44. Dardy

    What is your pick-up and play game?

    You know, sometimes when you are bored you want to play something, but at the same time, you don't want to start another playthrough and/or don't want to get immersed in stories. What is the game that can basically play at any time? I think Pikmin 2 might be the one for me. Also Jazz Jackrabbit 2.
  45. Dardy

    Unpopular opinions with video games

    Not sure if i said that before, but Donkey Kong 64 is one of the best collect-athon, thus one of the best games on the N64.
  46. Dardy

    Anybody else curious as to what the kids these days think of Mario?

    why the hell wouldn't you wear one?
  47. Dardy

    I just beat __

    Pikmin 2
  48. Dardy

    Games that you think that pushed a system to its limits.

    Conker's bad fur day. It's so amazing that they managed to fit all that voice acting in this small cartridge.
  49. Dardy

    For you color geeks, I need some help.

    So I'm doing a few calculations here and there. And I want to find a formula for transparency: Let's say I have a 255,127,0 color. With 40% opacity (I think that's 102 in the alpha channel). I put that layer on a 15,15,15 background with 100% opacity (255 alpha). What is the formula to get the...