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    Why do people hate change????????

    Back on topic, change is not good or bad per se. It´s about WHAT they change exactly. Some times there´s some things in games that could use some improvements, as in, it´s right there on everyone´s faces. And instead of fine tuning what needs a fix, they throw everything out of the window and...
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    What Do Your Friends Know About Mario

    My friends do know about Mario. It all depends on your area, and the people you meet which is basically luck factor. It can help, however, if your friends are more open minded. Some of my friends are gamers, but only two of them were Nintendo fans on the first place. The other one was a fantasy...
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    Mario Party 9: Good or Bad

    To me, what kills Mario Party 9 is the luck factor and the rubberbanding. Yeah, I have been playing Mario games all my life and it´s obvious ALL Mario games do this to some degree, but there´s a difference between putting some ways to catch-up and give newbies a chance, and outright punishing...
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    Mario Tennis Open

    I know you weren´t directing the question towards me but I´d say HECK YES. Actual characters >>>>>>>alternate versions of existing characters/generics/random nonsense like queen bee.
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    The next new Mario and Luigi!

    I wouldn´t keep my hopes up, if anything because I´m used to Nintendo sticking to the most barebones formulas possible. In other words, I wouldn´t count on them keeping a sub series of a sub series of a sub series of a series (Mario & Luigi> Mario RPGs > Mario spinoffs > Mario series as a...
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    Mario Party 9

    Well, yeah, I was just trying to prove a point and used your post as an example, New Super Mario. Didn´t mean to be offensive; I was just exaggerating. Of course anyone can have his/her own opinion.
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    Mario Party 9

    I understand, but the "deffense force" is just as annoying because once a complain is said like thrice (and I mean by three completely different users) it´s automatically invalid and any mention of it results in the same kind of comments. Sure, we get that people like the game and can look past...
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    Who will you play as in MP9?

    Because a new game offering less content than a previous entry SHOULDN´T BE. A smaller roster might be excusable if the game doesn´t also excise game modes, customisable options, gameplay variety and many other factors that might round a game depending on it´s genre. Now, it´s true we don´t...
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    Most want five returning and newcomers in MTO?

    I don´t want to get my hopes up because the "leaving actual characters out in favour of generics that are more recognizable to the general audience" is completely intentional on Nintendo´s side but still, in my opinion, characters that have been skipping Mario games lately (as in general, not...
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    Your favourite Mario Wii games

    I really like both Galaxy games, Super Paper Mario, NSMB Wii... er... let´s say all of them minus the first Mario & Sonic (merely a glorified Wii sports: it´s sequels are far better) DKC R and Strikers Charged (way too goddam hard). Can´t say anything about MP9 yet because I haven´t tried it.
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    Mario Party 9

    On the piracy subject, I agree that it is wrong, but there are some instances in which there are no other options, most notably import only games. How are we supossed to play Mother 3 if Nintendo downright refuses to put it in a readable language? There is no other option here: just pirate and...
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    Characters and their 15 minutes of fame

    Exactly. I had my fears because she was suspiciously absent from a lot of recent games, but I think she´s safe now that she has been bought back for MK7. If anything, I´m more worried about Toadette who hasn´t showed up in a game since Mario Party DS and Super Sluggers (can´t remember which one...
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    Who will you play as in MP9?

    I usually main Waluigi and Birdo whenever they´re playable because I tend to root for the underappreciated characters, but... they put in Kamek. Motherbleeping Kamek. That is awesome beyond belief. So yeah, I´ll probably main Kamek.
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    Status of the main toads (Toad, Toadsworth, Toadette) so far?

    While I agree with you on the fact that obscure games sadly don´t count... smb2 sucking... pff...
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    Mario Tennis Open

    I think you guys are going in circles. It´s much more simple. Adding new characters is good and refreshes things. Taking out characters is not good. Going by the "if it ain´t broken don´t fix it" motto, new games shoud offer more of the same, not LESS. A new game having a smaller roster than...
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    Most hated newcomer in Mario Kart 7

    No he wasn´t. It was just a poewered up form of Dr.Mario used in the final battle against an equally powered up Wario (vampire Wario in his case) Granted after that you could choose him separately in free play, but it was just Dr.Mario with a power up (just look at his slot in the character...
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    Mario Party 9

    Why not? she´s been absent from a lot of ames recently. Why not bring her back? she was a cool character. In fact I will be dissappointed if she´s NOT in the game. Even if not playable, I want her as an NPC, but she should definitely be brought back.
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    Mario Party 9

    Game, set, match. Truth has been spoken. Also, considering there´s an even number of characters and that everybody seems paired, I´m really hoping that the last character is going to be Toadette, though I don´t want to get my hopes up as recent rosters tend to suck.
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    Mario Tennis Open

    Re: Mario Tennis 3DS Agreed. Though Toad tends to be playable every now and then while Toadette seems to be demoted to an NPC IF she appears at all. I dunno why but I tend to root for the under-appreciated characters :P In other words: Nintendo, please, give us playable Toad and Toadette...
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    Mario Party 6

    I really like Mario Party 6. Ties with 7 and 4 as my favourite MP. 7 would probably be my favourite if it wasn´t for the fact that you cannot turn off most of the gimmicks. You can work your way around them (for example, knowing every one of Bowser´s tricks during Bowser time so you can predict...
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    Mario Tennis Open

    Re: Mario Tennis 3DS Is anyone worried about Waluigi not being in Tennis 3ds? I know he is in Mario Party 9 and 3ds London Mario & Sonic but those are games from the same development period MK7 was, so I´m a little worried that he´s not going to be in Mario Tennis 3ds. Only time will tell but...
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    Who do you play as in Mario Kart?

    I tend to root for the underdogs with a mixture of which characters I can handle better, so it depends on the game and time period. SNES Mario Kart- Bowser or Luigi MK64- Same MKSC- Same MKDD- Waluigi and Daisy or Birdo and Daisy MKDS- Waluigi. Always. MK Wii- Birdo, Toadette, Waluigi and King...
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    Mario Party 9

    Uhh... guess I´m a bit of a
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    Mario Party 9

    Have you guys seen the latest trailer? It looks cool but according to Nintendo´s description of the game (in the official web) it seems that the car thing will be the only game mode. Classic Mario Party style of gameplay is gone. I won´t lie, the co-op thing seems very good, but, once again...
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    Mario Party 9

    I hope Toadette is in. She hasn´t been in any game since Mario Party DS (I think that´s her more recent appearance) and she wasn´t playable there. I hope they won´t go MK7 all over again and have that this game has her after many absences. PS: Honey Queen rules. More female characters +...
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    Why nintendo? WHY? (Mario Kart 3DS new characters.

    I don´t want to annoy anyone, but nobody answered my question and I would want to know: was that letter/email from Nintendo about the Waluigi topic for real? Can anybody confirm it? I´ll copy and paste it: I´ve read the entire thread and while it is assumed, it is not confirmed if this is...
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    Why nintendo? WHY? (Mario Kart 3DS new characters.

    Is that letter from Nintendo for real? If it is, that makes up for it. You may think I´m kidding but the fact that, assuming it´s real, someone at Nintendo is taking his time to answer the ans and more or less saying "sorry" for excluding a long time character (at least by this point) is pretty...
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    We need a new Donkey Kong game on the 3DS

    It will happen. DK has had at least one major entry per console not counting remakes/ports (before anyone says it, yes, GBA also did with King of Swing and DS too with Jungle Climber). I agree with Returns being a dissapointment, but in my opinion it was not because of the lack of Kremlings. It...
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    Waluigi is being "phased out"

    Oh, sure. I sometimes mistake the punctuation signs due to english not being my first language. And the long rants... yeah, I need to organize them better :P I feel like Cranky Kong, who keeps rambling The "last but not least" was used there because it was my last point about the double...
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    Mario Kart 7

    The question is: is the team option still around or is it a forced free for all?. I don´t like to be forced to play one way or another: both options should co-exist.
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    Waluigi is being "phased out"

    The "Waluigi is meaningless because he hasn´t showed up in a main game" argument is just tiring me. First of all, Mario is no longer just a series of platform game but a whole franchise. If we are going to dismiss the sports and multiplayer games as not that important for justifying giving the...
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    Fortune Street Discussion

    Also, from the gameplay vids I´ve seen, there seems to be a "party mode" meant for quicker matches and a "classic mode" which follows the classic monopoly-esque longer matches formula of previous fortune street games. I´ve only seen gameplay of the classic mode, but the other option is there...
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    Mario Generations?

    I know but there could be unlockable world with their own set of 12 stages, something that wasn´t on generations. Or maybe referencing them any way or another. I made the list just to show that the idea isn´t that far-fecthed and could be possible. Also, I didn´t put a Sunshine level but I DID...
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    Mario games that fill you with rage

    Mario Strikers charged, which can get ungodly difficult. Also, if it counts, Donkey Kong Country Returns, not because it´s bad per se, but because it´s difficulty and stage design are based heavily on memorization, and I loathe having to die over and over to memorize hazards and being able to...
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    How did you first like Mario?

    I´ve always been a cartoons and comedy type of person, so when I first found out about videogames when I was still a little kid (I think it was 1990 or so), the Mario series obviously caught my eye with it´s cartoony and upbeat setting, and funny characters. The gameplay, immensely better than...
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    Mario Generations?

    Considering they´re now friendly rivals, I don´t think ripping Sega´s idea would be bad, just like Sega did to Mario Kart with all stars racing. Also, Sonic Generations is a tribute to the whole franchise, which ignores any "bad era vs good era" fight of sorts. The series is a staple of the...
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    Do you expect Mario games to get better as the years go on?

    Of course Mario games will get better and better over time. In fact Mario games are better nowadays. I´m 23 but I definitely don´t judge on nostalgia goggles, and while I know (and had experienced at their correspondent time) how much each of the Mario big hits mean to the franchise´s history, I...
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    All-Stars in Mario main games possible?

    I haven´t read the whole post but for me, the mandatory roster for the multiplayer Mario games should be at least these: -Mario -Luigi -Bowser -Wario -Waluigi -Peach -Yoshi -Toad -Daisy -DK and depending on the characters needed for the specific game and/or nintendo´s lazyness, it can be...
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    Mario Kart 7

    Yeah, the website not mentioning Waluigi kinda bugs me too, but come to think of it, Mario Sports games usually have an even number of characters (the only exception would be Mario Hoops which has 21, and only because it´s played in temas of 3), and thus far, there are 19 confirmed characters...
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    Mario Sports Mix

    Agreed with this, although I find odd that this game has duplicate characters yet you can´t use more than one on your team (ie: you can´t have more than one Toad) yet the CPU can AND WILL abuse duplicate characters, which can be pretty much overkill (have you ever faced a team of 3 Toads in the...
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    Name Mario games you love that came out before you were born

    It´s threads like these that make me feel old and a bit out of place here :/ Super Mario Bros came out in Europe in 1987, which is the year I was born. So, other than Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and the Game and Watch ones, I have been following Mario pretty much since his early days.
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    It's now been three years...

    To be honest, while I despise piracy (and I like to collect and keep all the games I play), there´s an exception for me: region blocking and unreleased games. And since I´m from Europe, I tend to miss on A LOT of games. I understand if Nintendo doesn´t bother bringing there some extremely...
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    Is any one else tired of the Luigi better than Mario talk?

    I´m pretty much tired of it, yes. Not to mention that with all the "Luigi is a loser" jokes, he gets a crapload of screentime and even some character development whenever he overcomes his fears, whereas there are other truly ignored characters (coughWaluigicough) that don´t get the least bit of...
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    Do you actually play any non-Marioverse games?

    Per. While I usually stick to my favourite genres and series, I play anything. For example, I usually play Nintendo and Sega series but I also play other games like Halo.
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    Polari or Lubba?

    Just to clarify things: Nintendo has retconned the main Birdo´s gender to be female even if it was initially a male in Japan, yes. They still toy around with her gender for some jokes such as that famous mission in Captain Rainbow, but as tv tropes would say, that´s just the rule of funny, or...
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    Polari or Lubba?

    Not just in German. In Spain, Petey and Lubba are also female, and Petey is also named Flora Piranha. To me, I´ve always seen the english versions as the ones that screw the character´s genders, despite being the most played around the world. I mean, I can´t speak for other PAL region languages...
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    The Official "Subspace Emissary" story analysis

    It actually makes some sense. I mean, maybe it´s not that complicated but it´s not that crazy of an interpretation to take Tabuu as the child whose hands are master and crazy hand (as SSB64 somewhat implied).
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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Soul Calibur Legends and Sonic Riders Zero Gravity
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    Most Hilarius Mario Character

    The Wario Bros, obviously. Also, I voted "other" for Fawful