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  1. Captain Man

    I need ideas for a Job I could get.

    This year is my 15th birthday, meaning I can legally get a job (atleast in my state). Anyone got any ideas to help me out?
  2. Captain Man

    John's Fan Creations Thread (Reviews, Sprite Art, and More!)

    Well, I would apply for the 'Shroom, but I don't know to properly do the application. I got hung up when I was deciding whether to use Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Anyway, like the title says, I'm gonna be writing little reviews about different stuff. Games, Movies, Characters, that kinda...
  3. Captain Man

    Competitive counting to 10

    Whoever gets to 10 wins. When someone wins, we reset the game. 1
  4. Captain Man

    Can you change your name back to a previous one?

    Like, if you wanna reuse a theme, can you?
  5. Captain Man

    Mushroom City Car Wash WIKI

    Main Page I should've done this a long time ago. Anyways, this is a wiki for Mushroom City Car Wash. I just started it, so I need some help making all the pages. I hope it'll make a lot of things clearer for people who weren't there at the beginning.
  6. Captain Man

    Hurt & Heal Duel: Drake V.S. Josh [Winner: Josh]

    "Are you calling me a lair?" "I ain't calling you a truth-er!" Drake [30] Josh [30]
  7. Captain Man

    Save A Character: Scooby-Doo! Edition [Winner: Shaggy]

    Only the OG 5 this time, fellas. Sorry, Scrappy. In Danger: Fred Daphne Velma Shaggy Scooby Safe: Out:
  8. Captain Man

    Why can't I edit conversation messages?

    It does this weird thing where I can edit it for a minute or too, but then I can't edit at all. Is that intentional?
  9. Captain Man

    Why I changed the name of the Car Wash

    This might seem out of the blue, so I wanted to clear things up. First, There has been a lot less 'Workin' at the Car Wash' and more of strange and dramatic events that are centered around the Car Wash, so there's that. Second, It sounds a lot more serious, kinda like the Car Wash itself. The...
  10. Captain Man

    Halloween 2019

    I was gonna go as Luigi, but my dad said no. I'm going as Star-Lord this year. What are y'all going as?
  11. Captain Man

    Hurt & Heal Duel: Marchionne V.S. Luciano [Winner: Marchionne]

    Another (Mario) The Music Box related one. Marchionne [30] Luciano [30]
  12. Captain Man

    K.O. a Character: Mario Kart Tour Characters edition (As of 10.8.19) [Winner: Pauline]

    Baby Mario Baby Peach Baby Daisy Koopa Troopa Shy Guy Dry Bones Mario Peach Yoshi Daisy Toad Toadette Bowser Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Metal Mario Gold Mario Peachette Pauline Musician Mario Dry Bowser
  13. Captain Man

    Hurt & Heal Duel: Mario V.S. Marchionne [Winner: Mario]

    If you haven't played (Mario) The Music Box yet, go do so. Can't stress that enough. Mario [30] Marchionne [30]
  14. Captain Man

    "Planned Themes" Thread

    Post upcoming themes you had in mind for yourself. That's about it. Maybe this way we can plan fads ahead of time. October: Robo-Mario November: Miles Prowler December: ??? January: Peter Parker February: Machionne (from (Mario) the Music Box -ARC-)
  15. Captain Man

    E. Gadd's Lab

    If you remember Bowser's Castle, this is like that. Rules subject to change. Story: You've been locked in E. Gadd's Lab. You need to escape in one piece, and before they get you. Characters: You can choose any character you want to play as. However, you can't change your character. If you want...
  16. Captain Man

    Nintendo Switch Online

    Surprised this thread didn't exist yet. Anyway, talk about the Subscription Service that the Nintendo Switch has.
  17. Captain Man

    Hurt & Heal Duel: Robo-Mario V.S. Gooigi [Winner: Gooigi]

    Battle of the humanoid inventions. Robo-Mario [30] Gooigi [30]
  18. Captain Man

    Most Notable Fanart?

    Not just Mario. Any fanart. Of course, nothing NSFW or anything that's controversial.
  19. Captain Man

    Area 51 Raid

    It is time.
  20. Captain Man

    Hurt & Heal: Main Car Wash Protagonists Edition

    Luigi [30] Mario [30] Mr. M [30] Dr. Mario [30] Yoshi the SSM [30] Toadette [30] Oxide [30] Officer Baby Luigi/Officer Dark Light [30] Flora [30] White Lighting [30]
  21. Captain Man

    Melee Tier List

  22. Captain Man

    A Crazy Mushroom World [FanFiction]

    Before we begin, I wanna clear up a few things. First off, I originally intended to end the Car Wash and use this as another Roleplay as a follow-up. I decided that idea was total garbage and I decided that making this a FanFiction would be better. Next, this is my fanfiction, not our roleplay...
  23. Captain Man

    Save a Character: SMG4 Edition

    In Danger: Mario Luigi SMG4 Meggy Tari Sakio Chris SwagMaster Bob Fishy Boopkins Axol Luke Kevin Safe: Out:
  24. Captain Man

    9/11 Remembrance

    18 years ago today, two airplanes were hijacked and flown into the Twin Towers in New York. A total of 2,977 people died. Rest in peace.
  25. Captain Man

    Hurt & Heal: John's Meme Pile Edition

    So, here are some meme characters. Have at it. Vector (Despicable Me) [30] JonTron [30] Ugandan Knuckles [30] Mama Luigi [30] Steve (Minecraft) [30] Steve (Blue's Clues) [30] Thanos [30]
  26. Captain Man

    Hurt & Heal Mini: The Real Ghostbusters Edition [Winner: Peter]

    As much as it pains me to include Slimer, seeing as he was a little s-hole in the later seasons, I suppose I have to. Dr. Peter Venkman [30] Dr. Raymon Stantz [30] Dr. Egon Spangler [30] Winston Zeddmore [30] Slimer [30]
  27. Captain Man

    Hurt and Heal: (Mario) The Music Box edition

    Not sure if you guys know what (Mario) The Music Box is but please go check it out. You won't regret it. Mario [30] Luigi [30] Alice [30] Riba [30] Alfred [30] Rosa [30] Leo [30] Rae [30] Mercy [30] Marie [30] Anna [30] Serina [30] Isaac [30]
  28. Captain Man

    Super Smash Flash 2

    Game I am surprised that this thread didn't exist yet.
  29. Captain Man

    Fight Me in Smash Ultimate Battle Arena

    ID: 8LPT7 Fight me.
  30. Captain Man

    Yah-Hoo [Comic Series]

    Issue 1: Pilot Context:
  31. Captain Man

    Let's refuse to take off our party hats.

    That way we can protest to revive the art contest.
  32. Captain Man

    I'm writing a Novel

    Yep. Long John Spaghetti, of all people, is writing a novel. "See Them Aliens," is going to be about a group of 16 year old friends whose parents are either absent or never around participating in the Area 51 raid. I'll post it here when I'm done with Chapter 3, at least. I hope everyone enjoys...
  33. Captain Man

    I made a website.

    My Website This is kinda self-explanatory.
  34. Captain Man

    Hurt & Heal: Long John Spaghetti Edition Vol. 2

    I'll let y'all decide for me Mister L [30] Paper Luigi [30] Dr. Strange [30] Star-Lord [30] Peter Parker [30] The Ed-Boys (Ed, Edd, N' Eddy) [30] The Engineer (Team Fortress 2) [30] The Sniper (Team Fortress 2) [30]
  35. Captain Man

    Hurt & Heal Duel: Long John Spaghetti V.S. His High School

    To celebrate my first day of high school. Long John Spaghetti [40] His High School [40]
  36. Captain Man

    Hurt and Heal: Guardians of The Galaxy Edition

    Yes, Yondu was a guardian. Peter Quill/Star-Lord [30] Gamora [30] Drax The Destroyer [30] Rocket Racoon [30] Groot [30] Baby Groot [30] Teenage Groot [30] Mantis [30] Yondu Udonda [30] Thor Odinson [30] Nebula [30]
  37. Captain Man

    Hurt & Heal Mini: Smash Ultimate DLC (As of July 2019)

    Joker [30] The Hero [30] Banjo & Kazooie [30]
  38. Captain Man

    4th of July

    AKA Piss-Off-The-Neighbors-By-Shooting-Fireworks-Until-3-AM-Day. So, What you doing?
  39. Captain Man

    Hurt and Heal Duel: LGM Vs BLoF

    May the best sibling win LeftyGreenMario [30] BabyLuigiOnFire [30]
  40. Captain Man

    You haven't felt pain unless ____

    It's fill in the blank. You haven't felt pain unless you've misplaced a pill in Dr. Mario
  41. Captain Man

    Hurt and Heal: LJS Edition

    As with Neptune's, whoever wins will be my next theme. EDIT: Whoopsie forgot to add BroBot EDIT 2: Unfortunatly, I won't be able to use any of these as my next theme. As I will be inactive for a while, and when I come back, I'll probably have another theme in mind. Mr. L [30] Dr. Mario [30]...
  42. Captain Man

    Hurt and Heal Duel: PewDiePie V.S. T-Series [Winner: PewDiePie]

    I swear if PewDiePie loses PewDiePie [30] T-Series [30]
  43. Captain Man

    Super Mario Boards Roleplay

    Since my other Roleplay is going so well. . . Rules: 1. You roleplay as yourself. Not yourself in real life, but Yourself as your profile. If you get what I mean. 2. No godmodding. I don't want this roleplay bogged down with millions of narrators. 3. There is no one main character. 4...
  44. Captain Man

    Make a polite comment about the above user.

    I figured this would be a nice game to have. Also, It would help me with. . . Excuse me for a moment. . . *Sobs quietly in the corner*
  45. Captain Man

    Hurt and Heal Extravaganza! Volume 1 [With Items]

    Alright. Here's what's gonna go down. All the winners from Winners Edition, Loser Edition, and Runner-Ups edition duke it our for the title of "Big Winner". I wanted to do this a a tribute to MCS, who is unfortunately leaving. You will be missed, mi amigo. Items work like this: If your post...
  46. Captain Man

    Hurt and Heal Duel: Texas V.S. Alabama. [Winner: Texas]

    G'day, mates. It's high time for 'nother elimination game, I'd reckon. Texas [30] Alabama [30]
  47. Captain Man

    Hurt and Heal Duel: Woody Pride VS. Buzz Lightyear [Winner: Woody Pride]

    Yes, Woody's last name is 'Pride'. I fact-checked this. Sheriff Woody Pride [30] Buzz Lightyear of Star Command [30]
  48. Captain Man

    The Home Improvement Thread

    Since I have been addicted to this show lately, I'll share my love for it.