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  1. Cloud n Candy

    Children of Mana

    I have not played this game.
  2. Cloud n Candy

    Favorite Mario Enemy/Boss

  3. Cloud n Candy

    Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic

    Never played it, but I love Star Wars. :D
  4. Cloud n Candy

    What inspired YOUR username?

    Mine came from a Yoshi's Story boss. I thought that this name wouldn't be taken since the game isn't very popular.
  5. Cloud n Candy

    Newcomer: Snoopy

    It could use some work, but keep practicing. :)
  6. Cloud n Candy

    DS mario game

    Not in my opinion. They were too pixely. Nintendo should have worked a little more on making them less so, but it's still a fantastic game.
  7. Cloud n Candy

    Birdo: Male or Female?

    Yeah, LOL..... :wink:
  8. Cloud n Candy

    Monday, 6 Years Ago

    A lot of folks lost their lives on 9/11. :( Freedom is never free, as the topic starter put it.
  9. Cloud n Candy

    Rate the User above avatar!

    7/10. It's cute. 8)
  10. Cloud n Candy

    Dojo hates Wario

    What is Dojo??? :|
  11. Cloud n Candy

    Metroid games

    Never played it before. I want to play Metroid Prime someday, and the new one for the Wii looks pretty good.
  12. Cloud n Candy

    DS mario game

    Mario 64 DS, though the graphics aren't as good as they were on the N64.
  13. Cloud n Candy

    Super Princess Peach

    LOL, well, we all have our own preferences. :D
  14. Cloud n Candy

    Super Princess Peach

    You sound like you've never played it. How can you know it's a bad game if you've never tried it?
  15. Cloud n Candy

    Super Princess Peach

    I know I must be the only one my age here that loves this game, but what the heck. :P It was nice to see Princess Peach not being the helpless one this time. Discuss?
  16. Cloud n Candy

    Why is Brawl only for the Wii?

    why braw only for wii? If Nintendo released Brawl for the GC, they would really lose money on the the Wii. That's why.
  17. Cloud n Candy

    Ed, Edd 'n Eddy!!

    I hated that show when I was younger, and I still hate it. I could draw better cartoons, LOL(and I'm terrible at drawing). :P
  18. Cloud n Candy


    I didn't know that. :( I've never played WoW myself, but I've heard a lot about it. Sounds interesting.
  19. Cloud n Candy

    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    I'm new. I love Yoshi's Story and Paper Mario, and I also love spicy food :lol:
  20. Cloud n Candy

    Birdo: Male or Female?

    I believe that Birdo's a male. Remember how Nintendo once referred to him as a "he"? :P