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  1. Sir Hattington

    What would you want out of a new 2D Mario game?

    It seems like Nintendo does not care for traditional 2D Mario games anymore, they just pump out a New! game so they can make a quick buck off of nostalgia and children, all the games after NSMBW feel soulless. I know that Super Mario Maker 2 came out fairly recently, but I don't really care, I...
  2. Sir Hattington

    How did Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros. get re-rated 12?

    It's like how Super Smash Bros Brawl got a T rating. Ratings can be stupid.
  3. Sir Hattington

    What Mario Party games are worth playing solo?

    The only Mario Party game I have played is DS, so I'm not really one to say.