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  1. Mister Apple

    Count to 1,000,000 in binary

    And yes, that title is in binary. 1
  2. Mister Apple

    Annoy the Above User with a Picture

    Julia-BM Came up with the idea, but her thread had an insensitive title. I think it's fairly obvious what you do.
  3. Mister Apple

    Forum level up thread

    This may already exist, but post here when you 'forum level up' (for want of a better term). For example, going from goomba to koopa troopa. I'm a hammer bro now. Yay!
  4. Mister Apple

    What game genres hasn't the Mario series tried?

    I mean, we've got a tactical RPG now.
  5. Mister Apple

    Compliment the Above User

    Let's be nice! No sarcastic compliments.
  6. Mister Apple

    Count until Mister Apple comes along and ruins everything

    People made these with popular forumers, now I made one for a dumb forumer no-one likes. This is pointless, and will never get past 10.
  7. Mister Apple

    Mister Apple's Hideous Drawings

    I am not an artist, and am terrible at drawing. Unfortunately, that hasn't stopped me trying, so I'll share the abominations I create with you wonderful people.
  8. Mister Apple

    State a non-obvious fact about the above poster

    So, you have to say something about the above poster, but nothing obvious. Obvious things include things that can be inferred from their very presence here (they like Mario games), or their avatar, signature, and name (someone called DaisyIsTehBest with a Daisy avatar and a signature saying 'All...
  9. Mister Apple

    Count until someone who's signature has fewer characters than the number posts

    So if someone gets to 22, and then someone sees the thread with a signature of 'Mister Apple is dumb.' (Without the quotes.) This signature, counting spaces and the full stop, has 21 characters. So this person could reset the count. Is it convoluted? Yes. Will it die immediately?, I hope...