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    Cartoon screenshot thread

    Could you get me a Cheatsy Koopa, and Hip and Hop Koopa screenshots? Just individually'd be fine. I'd also prefer from AoSMB3, please.
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    You Know You've Played Mario Games Too Much When...

    When you decorate Easter eggs, you make them look like :yoshi: eggs.
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    Type your username with your toe!

    YOOSHISLLN24 Well, not great, but okay.
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    Two choices

    Neon Genesis Evangelion :mario:| :luigi:
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    Control the Throne

    I choppeth your fingers. You run around, screaming. I clean the throne. MINE.
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    :luigi: Aw, do I even need a reason? They're the same Luigi.
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    Promote the above user to sysop for a stupid reason!

    Promoted because of the use of the devil smiley.
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    Mario Kart DS Friend Codes

    Nickname: YoshiSam24 Most Common Character/Kart Combo: Luigi/Standard Luigi Kart Snaker: No Friend Code: 201988-730421 Status: Sometimes
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    Wario in Live action?

    Ditto. They had live-action in the Super Show. It sucked. They made a live-action movie. It sucked even more. If they make a live-action guy who farts all day long, it'd totally pwn the other two on the terribleness scale.
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    You know you haven't played enough Mario games when...

    When you think that Waluigi is a combination of the names Wario and Luigi. (it may seem like that, but it isn't based off that.) When you think Bowser isn't a Koopa. o_O
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    The Amazing Race: MarioWiki Edition

    I'd volunteer. Do you need a character profile or something? ???
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    Your top ten Mario games list

    10. Super Mario Bros. 2 9. Super Mario Sunshine 8. Mario Kart DS 7. Super Mario 64 6. Super Mario Bros. 5. New Super Mario Bros. 4. Mario Party 5 3. Super Mario Bros. 3 2. Mario Party DS 1. Super Mario World
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    BEST IN MARIO SERIES: Week 4: Underwater levels

    Super Mario Galaxy (3) Super Mario 64 (3) New Super Mario Bros (1) Super Mario World (1) Mario Hoops: 3 on 3 (1) Super Mario Bros 3 (2) Ooh, I'm tied between SMW and SMB3. I'll say SMB3.
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    Petey Piranha's Weight Vs. Bowser's Weight

    Bowser. Just seems with his shell, it doubles his weight.
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    Super Wario Bros.

    Yesh. Partying and sports don't really even out. With some adventure/Action, things even out. :P
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    What Mario games DON'T you wanna see?

    Mario: Chatrooms Pwn You!
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    Favourite series

    Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi!!!!!! :D
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    What Mario sports titles DON'T you wanna see?

    I don't even wanna think of... BALLET! Well, it's not exactly a sport, but close enough. :P
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    Post your sprites here!

    How about you let others judge them? :idea: That'll be fair.