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  1. Teedgee

    Design of WaPeach revealed by Waluigi's creator

    I saw someone point out that she kinda fits the description of "the anti-peach", what with looking much brattier and overall less regal in comparison, what with the more gothic-styled clothing, and I found that it really made the design work for me
  2. Teedgee

    MarioWiki Poll Discussion

    if people weren't sure whether this was martinet or not when the reveal trailer for wonder dropped, then that goes to show that afghani makes a good mario, it sounds a little different, but it's definitely still mario
  3. Teedgee

    all disney-related controversies aside, wish looks like the most generic disney movie you could...

    all disney-related controversies aside, wish looks like the most generic disney movie you could possibly think of, with the only thing that stands out being an ugly filter that tries to do what spiderverse did without understanding what made that style so good I don't think it necessarily tries...
  4. Teedgee

    shit here goes on sale all the time anyway, idk why this particular friday is so special in that...

    shit here goes on sale all the time anyway, idk why this particular friday is so special in that regard
  5. Teedgee

    Issue 200

    good-ass issue, I couldn't really contribute to it because of college work (and other irl things), but I'm happy to see this community hasn't lost its steam during the 2 years or so I dipped out of it. here's to another 200 shroom issues 🍸
  6. Teedgee

    Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2

    it's kinda funny to think all they need to do is change the colour of his hat and all is good although that makes it weirder that they didnt do that already
  7. Teedgee

    I just beat __

    Metroid Dread (2nd playthrough, hard mode) Admittedly, I think I like the game a little less after this playthrough (still a banger don't get me wrong), but that comes from an issue I have with metroidvanias in general, in that I think they're not that fun until you start getting abilities...
  8. Teedgee

    post any random Mario thought on your mind

    he finally got what he wanted 🥲
  9. Teedgee

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder

    that level, as well as many other special world levels, feel like hard-ass mario maker levels, and i mean that in the best possible way
  10. Teedgee

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass - Your Favorite Course(/s)

    I was NOT expecting them to go this hard on wii rainbow road but I'm so happy they have (rest of the wave is awesome too it might actually be my favorite one)
  11. Teedgee

    Live action Zelda movie announced

    Im just hoping it actually has the goofiness youd expect from a zelda game (characters like tingle and groose, and also some games having a cartoony artstyle without that feeling out of place), i don't want this to just be a generic dark fantasy film
  12. Teedgee

    Snow White Theory in WarioWare Move It

    they wouldve at least given her the same tiara if it was meant to be the same hairstyle, but as is, this is a BIG reach
  13. Teedgee

    Warioware: Move It!

    smooth moves is one of the best wii games ong and im so happy that's the inspiration for this new one
  14. Teedgee

    Super Mario RPG Switch

  15. Teedgee

    Super Mario Bros. Wonder

    I haven't beaten the game yet since I've only just beaten world 4, but I can already say that what makes 100%ing it so fun is the sheer amount of variety in terms of the level types like, not just can you do a lot of levels in whatever order you want, but you've got a buncha enemy...
  16. Teedgee

    Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    RIP piranha plant pipeway weird for it to be the only tour tracn omitted, but still a good selection
  17. Teedgee

    yoshi's island is perfecter thou...

    yoshi's island is perfecter thou...
  18. Teedgee

    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    i think the size is good enough, but a lot of kingdoms leave a lot to be desired, specifically the small ones i wouldve loved a big, open cascade kingdom, wouldve meant more wiggleroom for the t-rex too
  19. Teedgee

    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    yes i'm still alive, hello y'all :birdo:
  20. Teedgee

    Make the perfect Mario Nintendo Direct.

    just put a donkey kong game in it and it's an instant 10/10 direct
  21. Teedgee

    wowie zowie

    wowie zowie
  22. Teedgee

    The official name change log

    User Toadgamer has changed their username to Teedgee.
  23. Teedgee

    MarioWiki Poll Discussion

    really just get someone who can do the same mario voice, while also being distinguishable enough, kinda like the contrast between ryan drummond sonic and jason griffith sonic, which is to say, not very big
  24. Teedgee

    What's your opinion on the Luigi's mansion series?

    really only played 3, but that shit does slap so i really need to get to playing the first game, especially since it seems to focus much more on the creepiness, while still retaining the usual mario charm
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  26. Teedgee

    What Super Mario game(s) do you get the most nostalgic for?

    Mario kart Wii, galaxy, and to an extent the og smb, give me that sense of pure nostalgia
  27. Teedgee

    Here, we talk positively about less-liked Mario (franchise) media

    mario movie may be a mess, but its a beautiful mess at that try as hard as you can, illumination, but your movie wont surpass the live-action movie in terms of how enjoyable it is
  28. Teedgee

    Mario Character Opinions and Trivia

    Ive always considered birdo to be female, but that's mostly just talking about the "character", birdos can be any gender they want to be, despite the bowtie theyre wearing making them look female
  29. Teedgee

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    let tg have his choccy milk anyway ill probably make a christmas pfp next week, or ill just add a hat to my pfp if im feeling lazy
  30. Teedgee

    Guilty pleasure games

    yooka laylee is great fight me I mean theres some stuff i really dont like, like the minecart sections and a majority of the bosses, but honestly as a die-hard banjo fan i really liked the experience
  31. Teedgee

    Game era (games and consoles) you grew up with

    Mostly just started with playing on the family's pc, I used to play some like, disney ps1 games like the hercules one and the shitty Tarzan one despite being horrible at them, and theres some other more minor games like hamsterball or some puzzle games i honestly play nowadays from time to time...
  32. Teedgee

    Characters you'd like to see in a new Marvel vs. Capcom

    Cant think of many possible additions that everyone isnt thinking about, but with how successful spiderverse was, itd be nice to idk, have miles be a spiderman alt or something, and hed even have the spiderverse artstyle, kinda like that one filter from spiderman ps5
  33. Teedgee

    What do you think of Snifit’s HD 3D design?

    Looks kinda different than the paper macho snifit from TOK, the closest thing to an 3d snifit beforehand, but i can vibe with it
  34. Teedgee

    Undertale + Deltarune

    génocide is apparently the hardest route so yea id definitely say start with pacifist
  35. Teedgee

    we've reached the part of year where everything passes really quickly but when you look back, it...

    we've reached the part of year where everything passes really quickly but when you look back, it feels like it was quite long, dont ask me why thats how i feel
  36. Teedgee

    Mario pictures

    a story in 2 images
  37. Teedgee

    Poll Talk

    Really depends for me. Some classic songs really dont get the attention they deserve, so it just kinda hits me like a truck whenever they remix it or something i do also like getting new motifs, like, bowsers leitmotif in origami king is great, it feels like its royal and all that yet it fits...
  38. Teedgee

    If Mario could have a crossover with any series you want..

    I honestly just love the kinda crossovers that feel so unfitting together and yet theyre absolutely glorious, like mario sports mix or fortune street look all im saying is make a mario tony hawk game and ill be content
  39. Teedgee

    post any random Mario thought on your mind

    Peach just said "fuck yall this is my territory i do whatever i want with it" and decimated the entirety of toad town oh and now the whole kingdom is just floating in a giant void for some reason
  40. Teedgee

    Name change chain

  41. Teedgee

    In your opinion who is the cutest character in the Mario series?

    the smol mario enemies like shy guys and goobas are cuter than we give them credit for
  42. Teedgee

    post any random Mario thought on your mind

    Well i guess even if he didnt he can just ask bowser to fling him anywhere he wants to go since he apparently has the power to send him from the mushroom to cap kingdom
  43. Teedgee

    The official name change log

    Skeleton in the hit short was barely even active, i mean did you like, expect a corpse to just be active? Toadgamer took his rightful place back!
  44. Teedgee


    sticker star is one of the two paper marios i havent played, so take what i say from an outsiders perspective the mandates are baffling, like, i get that miyamoto wanted to make it simple, but.......why? if anything, since the previous 3 did as well as they did, i dont see the point of changing...
  45. Teedgee

    Name change chain

  46. Teedgee

    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    welp guess i was gone for practically all of october, without even announcing that i'd be inactive, the usual, admittedly it was a mix of me being busy and me just not feeling like posting but welp, i guess I'm here now, in case anyone was wondering where I had gone!
  47. Teedgee

    shrieking skulls will shock your soul seal your doom tonight :drybow:

    shrieking skulls will shock your soul seal your doom tonight :drybow:
  48. Teedgee

    I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.

    wanted to make the username muh longer but oh well character limit ill still have the theme by the time novemeber comes around but ill make some changes to the avatar
  49. Teedgee

    The official name change log

    Orbulon got bored of the forum, he instead got a Skeleton in the hit short from a nearby graveyard and put it in charge!