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  1. Level UP

    The Moonlight Kingdom

    I was able to get Hoot and the rabbit in! I also got the raccoon in but as a background character.
  2. Level UP

    The Moonlight Kingdom

    I like the little illustration, I think I can get that mechanic done in a future episode
  3. Level UP

    The Moonlight Kingdom

    I just sprited one possible toad equivalent, a fox 🦊
  4. Level UP

    The Moonlight Kingdom

    Will do! How about a Toad-like supporting character? 🤔 would you rather see a totally different species as a toad equivalent? Or a Toad variant that just looks different?
  5. Level UP

    The Moonlight Kingdom

    I'm loving these ideas! Especially the thwomp/shy guy variants and Hoot. I just sprited the first enemy, a plant based Goomba variant. Its leaf blossoms into a flower when exposed to moonlight.
  6. Level UP

    The Moonlight Kingdom

    Hi everyone! The Moonlight Kingdom was apparently a planned area in Mario 64, with a single painting leading to the "Misty Mountain". What types of characters/enemies would you envision being there? I'm making an animation featuring the Moonlight Kingdom with tons of custom art, and would love...
  7. Level UP

    What'll happen when the NSMB series becomes old?

    Super Mario Bros. Ultimate ;D
  8. Level UP

    Would you ever want the Double Dash style to return?

    I'd love that tbh.
  9. Level UP

    Why is bowser so dumb?

    He has to be dumb otherwise the Mario games would just end before they even begin.
  10. Level UP

    How does toad end up in Bowser's castles?

    I recently realized this after watching a longplay. Also I'm indeed the Real Level UP ;D
  11. Level UP

    How does toad end up in Bowser's castles?

    Ah thank you! ;D
  12. Level UP

    How does toad end up in Bowser's castles?

    In super Mario bros on the NES, if the castles are always guarded by Bowser, how does Toad always end up inside there? Any thoughts guys?
  13. Level UP

    What really happens to super stars when they 'run out'?

    They just disappear so, do they die? They have eyes so they're probably sentient. It's something I've always wondered about.
  14. Level UP

    No WiiU = No SMM!

    I can see SMM Deluxe coming to the Switch.
  15. Level UP

    bowser is the queen

    Same thing I was thinking ;D
  16. Level UP

    What if a Mario game had a character creator?

    That would be amazing! I'd make Wawaluigi ;D there could even be customizable goombas or koopas. Or even bob-ombs. The possibilities!
  17. Level UP

    World 1-1 enemies?

    Ah ok gotcha. Thanks for the replies guys :) In my next video I'm gonna make Bowser send in all the enemies from world 1 at once, instead of 1, 2 or 3 at a time ;D :bowser:
  18. Level UP

    World 1-1 enemies?

    Hi everyone :) I was wondering, all the enemies in World 1-1 (Super Mario Bros. NES) are they minions of Bowser? Or just randomly roaming the world :???:
  19. Level UP

    Niiue's Sprites

    These are quite good.
  20. Level UP

    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Oh hi everyone :D my names Level UP! I make Mario sprite animations on Youtube :mario: I was looking for a forum to join to discuss new Mario animation ideas. Marioboards looks like a fine choice ;D